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    “What appeals to me the most about the company is that I look at our role in society as a whole – how we can positively affect the lives of our customers in their moment of need. Then consider the kind of knowledge and expertise that it takes to achieve this in diverse risk environments and scenarios. It is truly remarkable how each person working in this company does his or her part to fulfill our promise to the customer. It is this human aspect of being part of the Tata AIG tribe that one can look forward to. In this journey we are growing in terms of the responsibilities as well as the empowerment that management gives us to do our jobs. In my role specifically due to the independence I have in my domain I feel a sense of ownership in contributing to the larger objectives of the company. Having served for 6 years I have grown to value the benefits of enjoying your work, improving your skills and having the passion to achieve your goals. I can tell you for a fact Tata AIG provides a conducive environment where diverse people from various professional disciplines work together to create true value for our customers and stakeholders. All in all you end each year wiser and more mature than you started it".



    Cornel Cabral  Associate Vice President - Marketing Manager 

    I am honoured to say that I completed 10years working with TATA AIG and proud to tell people I work here. TATA AIG has enabled me to recognise my top strengths and how to engage more and better so that I can continue to excel as a leader. This organisation has allowed me to understand how to best utilise and direct my team as an Manager. TATA AIG has provided excellent platform for knowledge development''.



    Mrudul Murthy  – Associate Vice President - Tata AIG Combined

    "I have been working here for nearly 14 years (gulp!) which is nearly all of my professional life and the thing which amazes me is how much things have changed and yet how they have stayed the same. The core values of the company have stayed strong and my friends and colleagues exemplify this on a daily basis. Tata AIG is larger and stronger than when I first started and today there are so many smart, competent professionals working at all levels which makes the environment more productive. I have had the pleasure of growing along with this company and being challenged on a daily basis and it is the main reason why I would always recommend people to work here".



    Neha Kalani  – Associate Vice President - Marine

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