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    Umbrella Liability Policy

    Covers legal liability of the insured arising out of bodily injury, property damage . personal injury or advertising injury.


    Why Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited?


    Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited brings to you one of the most extensive worldwide network, with presence in more than 130 jurisdictions.

    Our form is a duty to defend form which means client will not have to bear the brunt of litigation as under the express terms of the policy we will defend the client in any lawsuit.


    Key Features


    • Duty to defend form
    • Acting like an umbrella it sits over multiple primary policies, in addition to providing broader coverage
    • it provides excess limits when the limits of underlying liability policies are exhausted by the payment of claims
    • Umbrella comes with a drop-down feature, narrowing coverage gaps


    Key Exclusions


    • War
    • Asbestos exposure
    • Any obligation of the Policyholder under Workers Compensation Law

    NOTE: Please refer policy wordings for detailed coverage, exclusions and conditions.

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