You decide to take a stroll down the local market for a quick look-around and pick up a few stuffs, in case something catches your fancy! Cut to 5 hours later and you’re barely managing yourself with hands full of shopping bags.


Sounds familiar? Happens with all of us but the pain of stuffing those extra items into our already loaded luggage can get the better of us. Use these hacks to have a hassle-free packing experience on your next trip!


1. Prepare in advance


a. You know this is going to happen, so pack an extra collapsible bag

b. Pack light. It’ll be easier to carry, and you’ll have more space


2. Baggage basics


a. Hard-side bags are meant for better protection for things inside with two halves for neat organising

b. Soft-side bags are easier to fit in overhead storage having capacity to accommodate a few extra and far more resilient against airport damage

c. Collapsible compartments are to unzip extra compartments when needed

d. Smaller compartments required for organising miscellaneous items

e. Hefty zippers are a must for durability when travelling

f. Luggage with wheels makes carrying easier


3. Go for a lighter-weight bag


a. Backpacks can expand to pack more things compared to a suitcase

b. These can fit anywhere and within size limitations


4. Play Tetris with your luggage


a. Roll up your clothes and stack them like puzzle pieces for lesser space

b. Pack a lot of multi-purpose clothes

c. Pack heavier items closer to the wheel to keep the bag from toppling

d. Put all your medicines and toiletries in a transparent zip locks


5. Avoid extra packaging material


a. Stow away fragile objects in a pair of socks to keep it safe

b. No point in wasting space on bubble wrap and such


6. Consider buying excess luggage allowance


a. You can also purchase extra luggage allowance for your haul

b. It works best when you’re going a little overboard than the specified limit


7. Ship the extras


a. Consider shipping to yourself in India

b. Often shipping charges can be cheaper than buying extra baggage allowance


With these easy tips, shop all you want but don’t forget to keep your luggage safe with Tata AIG travel insurance.


Have a great trip!



Disclaimer - The above information is indicative in nature. Please read policy wording/sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. 



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