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    Depreciation Reimbursement

    It is the most popularly recommended add-on feature, which entitles you to claim the full cost of replacing car parts damaged in accidents without having to pay from your pocket. Usually, a Zero Depreciation add-on feature is valid for a period of five years from the date of purchase of the car, up to a maximum of two claims during the policy period. Indeed, receiving a full claim on any part of the car that has been replaced after an accident is a great situation, is it? 

    Roadside Assistance

    This is a very useful add-on that provides certain round-the-clock services such as refueling, towing, change of flat tyre, battery related technical problems, arranging for a mechanic's services and so on, in case of a car breakdown. In a situation like that, the company will send help wherever you are. Also, you will be eligible for taxi service, assistance in arrangement of emergency accommodation and other utility benefits if you are stranded in a remote destination


    Engine Secure

    This add-on is essential for owners of new cars, especially high-end cars, that are up to three years of age. It compensates for even those repairs in engine that are not related to accidents. It could be particularly useful for those living in flood-prone areas where frequent waterlogging during the monsoon increases the chances of damage to the engine. It comes at an added cost but it’s totally worth it.


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    NCB Protection

    You earn a No Claim Bonus (NCB) when you don’t make any car insurance claim in an entire policy year. There are certain slabs of NCB that you reach with each passing year with a max limit of 50%. With this add-on-cover, you can make claims for loss such as windshield glass repair or replacement, accessories or total vehicle theft and also for the total loss of the vehicle. The NCB Protection Cover will take care of your first two claims. Again, this cover is usually not available for vehicles that are older than three years.

    Consumables Cover

    In the standard car insurance policy, small consumable expenses such as screws, nut and bolts, oils, etc. are not covered and you will have to bear the cost if the need arises to repair or replace them. With this add-on, however, your insurer will make a payout for the value of such consumables.  As the cost of consumables is much higher in high-end cars, it is advisable to purchase this to tackle such expenses. Generally, vehicles older than three years are not eligible for this add-on cover.


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    You’re paying a lot of money to insure you, your family, and your car, so why not make sure you’re actually protected? A basic car insurance policy is not enough for you because you need one that’s customized to your unique needs. You might have to pay a little more in premium to get these add-ons but in return you get 360˚ protection and peace of mind- and who can put a value on that?

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