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    Mr. Sharad was excited! He was going to travel abroad for the first time! Travelling is so exciting! You got to meet new people, embrace new cultures… Mr. Sharad couldn’t wait to get going! Just then he caught sight of Mr. Gonsalves, who had recently returned from a trip abroad himself. Who better to discuss his upcoming trip with! Mr. Sharad ran up to Mr. Gonsalves and started chattering about his holiday preparations. When he was halfway through his list of essential holiday items, Mr. Gonsalves interrupted him. “I hope taking a good look at the senior citizen travel insurance policies is also on your list of holiday essentials?” asked Mr. Gonsalves.

    Mr. Sharad was surprised by the question. “My daughter has been telling me to get travel insurance, but I don’t see the point. Don’t tell me you think I should get it too? Such a waste of money! Insurance is a joke!”

    Mr. Gonsalves laughed. “You know I thought exactly the same way! But if I hadn’t taken insurance, the joke would have been on me.” He paused and then said seriously, “I thought it was a waste too, until my son forced me to get it. I only learnt the benefits of senior citizen travel insurance during my trip.”

    Mr. Sharad still looked doubtful, so Mr. Gonsalves pressed on.

    It is important to travel safe:

    “Travelling brings with it some chance of unforeseen events,” Mr. Gonsalves explained. “Most people buy travel insurance for common reasons like baggage loss or theft. But you could also find yourself in a foreign land with no documents to prove your identity. Insurance can help you at least retrieve your documents and get home. It can even help you purchase medications lost along with your bags.”

    “Is that what happened to you?” asked Mr. Sharad, “You lost your baggage?”

    “No, thankfully I didn’t lose my baggage. But I did fall very ill while I was abroad.”

    It is important to stay safe:

    “That’s something you have to remember, Sharad. We could fall sick while we’re away from home. It was unexpected, you see, because I’ve always been quite healthy. So when I fell ill and had to be hospitalised, I panicked. After all, when you’re abroad, medical expenses can be very costly. I didn’t know what to do, or how to pay for the expenses! Thankfully, I was insured.”

    “How did your insurance help you?” asked Mr. Sharad curiously.

    “The company took care of my hospitalisation fees. There were some medicines that I needed which weren’t easily available, so they would’ve cost me a bomb if I were paying for them myself.”

    It is important to return safe:

    "Hey, I remember hearing something about you returning early, Gonsalves,” said Mr. Sharad. “You must have paid a high fare for changing your flight.”

    “Not at all, Sharad. It was a medical emergency, and I needed to be evacuated. Thankfully, my insurance covered that as well. I was, and am still glad that I got such great insurance! It covered me for everything from sickness, accidental death, and medical evacuation, to emergency assistance and even repatriation! Can you imagine if I had had to stay in a foreign place with expensive treatment and not enough money to get home? It would’ve been a nightmare!”

    It is important to research well:

    “You’re right, Gonsalves. It would’ve been a nightmare!” declared Mr. Sharad. “And I’m determined to avoid such a nightmare myself! Thanks to you, I now see the importance of senior citizen travel insurance. I’m going to get myself insured before I leave for my trip, I can promise you that!”

    “Don’t go rushing into just any senior citizen travel insurance now,” cautioned Mr. Gonsalves, “You should understand the basic of travel insurance well. Luckily, you’ve got enough time to look up all information on travel insurance before you leave. Look carefully! With a little effort you can find policies that are tailor-made for your needs!”

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