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    What happens to your house when you're away?

    Planning a vacation? Your tickets are booked weeks in advance, elaborate plans on what you would wear and pack might have been underway for more than a fortnight and the itinerary has been decided after much research.  But, aren’t you forgetting something very important? What about the safety of your home? A robbed house would be the last thing you would want to witness upon your return. Though you will not be able to evade the pain completely, a home insurance can help you a lot. 

    Home Insurance : your key to protecting your home

    Getting your house covered with insurance will mean that you don’t have to worry in case of a burglary and theft, fire break out, and expenses incurred due to the act of burglary and theft like breakage of glass, locks, doors, hinges, and much more. It is always advisable to be proactive rather than repenting over the losses later on. Well, the insurance company may not cover the emotional value and associated sentiments with your dream home and their fixtures and furniture’s, but they can always share the load and lessen your financial burden.


    So it is a wise decision to get your home insured so you can enjoy your vacations carefree.


    Let us take a look at how a home insurance can cover you.

    In an act of Burglary

    The policy will cover the following:


    ·         Furniture and other properties: The home insurance covers all the risk against your expensive furniture. The furnishings and the interiors costs a lot, sometimes almost a quarter portion of our total value of the house. Hence, it is important to keep them protected.


    ·         Damage to the property due to the act of burglary: The home insurance company not only covers losses on the furniture, but also pays for the additional expenses that may  occur in fixing the damages caused by the intruders. In case of such an unfortunate incidence another dent to your pocket comes from repairing the locks, glasses, doors, windows, and other breakage by the burglars.  However, with a home insurance, this will again be taken care of.


    ·         The insurance company covers the stolen cash, valuables, jewelleries and securities and other things declared by the insured.

    Related Benefits of Home insurance

    Other than the burglary insurance, the home insurance also covers the following:


    ·         Damage due to fire, riot, terrorism, aircraft, storm, typhoon, flood, landslide, missile testing, earthquake.

    ·         Domestic appliance and electronics failure

    ·         Public liability

    ·         Workman compensation

    ·         Personal accident cover

    ·         Public liability

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