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    Why every home needs a home insurance

    ‘Home is where the heart is’. Indeed any place that we call home has a lot of our emotions invested in it. If you are a home owner, not only have you made memories in this special place but it is also one of the priciest and worthiest assets you have. Considering the associated emotions and the fact that it has cost you a mammoth amount of money, it is imperative to keep your home safe and secure. And this is why, it makes sense to spend a little more to get a home insurance and secure your home against most eventualities.   

    Benefits of Home insurance

    A home insurance policy will protect you in following scenarios:

    ·         Fire: In case of a fire breakout, the insurer covers not only the property, but also the furniture.

    ·         Burglary or Theft: In case of a burglary or a theft, the policy covers the contents and the objects which are stolen along with covering for damages like breaking of locks etc.  

    ·         Domestic Appliance Failure:  If the dent in your pocket due to damaged domestic appliances is a constant fear, home insurance can help you out. It protects against Mechanical &/or Electrical Breakdown to domestic appliances in your home.


    The Instachoice Home Insurance from TATA AIG will provide you all above mentioned benefits along with cover for public liability and personal accidents too.


    Numerous natural and man-made incidents could be a concern for the safety of your home, depending on where you live. TATA AIG Home Secure Supreme offers cover from damages from a plethora of causes ranging from explosions, impact by rail/road vehicle, damages due to overflowing tanks, lightning, storm, cyclones, landslides, floods etc. Worried about your possessions when moving to a new city? The Home secure supreme policy has you covered against loss or damage during transit too.


    Right from covering additional rent in case your house is severely damaged and rendered uninhabitable due to fire/ other perils or an injury to a  third party or a guest in your premises, a good home insurance will help you tide over a tough circumstance without a huge drain on your financial resources. 

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