4 Best Weight-Loss Plans To Stay Fit

If getting your health in order is your topmost fitness resolution, make it happen. All you need is determination and perseverance to change things and to stop being complacent.

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4 Best Weight-Loss Plans To Stay Fit

Sudeep and Sunanda are siblings who like the idea of being fit. They make elaborate diet and exercise plans. But their love for food is the reason they fail to stick to these plans.

They lack the motivation needed to make a change in their lifestyle. Are you like them?

If getting your health in order is your topmost fitness resolution, make it happen. All you need is determination and perseverance to change things and to stop being complacent.

Like most people, you may have your heart in the right place but not know what constructive steps to take to live a healthier life.

So here are four simple yet effective tips you can follow to become fitter and stay healthy:

1. Say no to processed foods

Processed foods are full of preservatives, salt and/or sugar. They contain refined carbohydrates and trans fats that are extremely harmful for the body. Such foods are also low in nutritional value. Fresh food over packaged food should be your ideal fitness route. Transform your diet to include leafy vegetables, sprouts, chicken, seafood, salads, and fruits.

Home-cooked meals are better for you and also easier on the pocket. Make eating in restaurants a rare affair. This way you have full control over the amount of oil, salt, and spices that go into your system and this, in turn, will help you lose weight. Ensure a balanced diet of proteins, fibre-rich foods, and good fats.

2. Say yes to water

Water makes the perfect drink to accompany your food. Choose water over colas or iced teas as the latter contain a ridiculous amount of sugar. The importance of water in your body cannot be overstated. You need it to maintain the balance of fluids in the body, control junk eating, build energy, help digestion and kidney function, and make your skin healthier, among many other benefits.

While increasing your water intake, it is critical to cut down on alcohol and caffeine. Apart from their addictive nature, they can create havoc on your body. Not to forget how expensive the drinking habit can be. Instead, opt for antioxidant-rich green tea and healthy fruit smoothies.

3. Don’t be a couch potato

As soon as fitness resolution clocks in, many of us rush to buy gym memberships but never end up seeing the inside of the gym. Don’t be that person. There are many other things you can do if the gym is not the right place for you. The idea is to lead a more active life. Yes, you can get fitter without shelling out thousands at the gym!

So stop slouching in front of the TV and pick an activity you enjoy. You could exercise at home, go for a walk, run, dance, do aerobics, cycle, etc. Pick something that does not feel like a task. This will ensure you enjoy the physical activity and hence are more likely to stick to it.

4. Make the right lifestyle changes

Losing weight the right way is part of the larger picture. You will have to make a lifestyle change to shed weight and (more importantly) keep it away. This includes being active, choosing sleep over partying, not abusing your body with alcohol and drugs, eating the right foods, and leading a disciplined life. Once you follow this, you will see your health improving.

A disciplined lifestyle will help you build a strong immune system, stronger bones, and ward off age-related issues when the time comes.

A healthy body and mind will also mean that the premium for your health insurance comes down, saving you big bucks. Investing in a good health insurance policy is absolutely critical today.

With Tata AIG MediCare Premier (UIN: TATHLIP18005V011819) you can avail benefits like High End Diagnostics and Bariatric Surgery that helps treat people suffering from obesity, taken upon the advice of a doctor.

To ensure peace of mind, build a safety net and stay on top of your health. Invest in the right health insurance policy such as Tata AIG that provides a comprehensive health cover.

Think Ahead. Don’t be like Sudeep and Sunanda. Make the required lifestyle change today. Be smart and ensure you and your loved ones are covered!

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