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How to Apply for Reissue of Passport?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 14/07/2022

If you love to travel abroad, there is one document you always need to have. That document is a passport. A passport is a mandatory document you must have when you are going to another country. The passport has all the details about you and is proof of your citizenship. Most Indian passports have a 10-year validity, after which you have to get them re-issued.

If you wish to know all the details related to the passport reissue application, then read ahead. But, before we get into the details of the passport reissue process, there is another important document you need while you travel abroad. This document is a travel insurance plan. An international travel insurance plan can help you overcome financial liabilities when you face emergency situations in a foreign land. These situations are loss of your baggage, passport theft, hospitalisation because of illnesses including Covid-19, etc.

With Tata AIG, buying a travel insurance plan is a simple, easy, and quick process. You can simply go to our website, compare plans, and choose an international travel insurance plan that you think is appropriate for your needs. The process of filing a travel insurance claim can also be done online, and if you have any questions, you will be fully assisted.

Read ahead to know everything about the reissue of the Indian passport.

What is the Reissue of the Indian Passport?

The process of reissuing a passport refers to the circumstances under which the holder of the passport needs a new passport booklet. The reissuance of the passport can be required under specific circumstances. The circumstances are illustrated below.

When Do You Need to Apply for Reissue of Your Passport?

Below are the circumstances when you need to apply for a reissue of your passport:

  • If your passport is due to expire in the coming three years or if it has already expired.
  • Your current passport has been damaged or disfigured.
  • You have exhausted all the pages of your current passport booklet.
  • If you want to get information like your address, birth date, etc., changed.
  • In case you misplace your passport, you need to get it reissued. Along with other documents, you also need a copy of the FIR stating the loss.
  • If your passport expired 3 years ago, you need to get it reissued.

How to Apply for Reissue of Passport?

Below are the steps that you need to take for the passport reissue process.

  • Online Process
  1. On the Passport Seva portal, get yourself registered if you have not done so already.
  2. Once the registration is done, click on Fresh issue/re-issue of passport.
  3. The form will open. Fill in all the details on the form and then click on Submit.
  4. After this, click on Pay and then schedule an appointment. Here you will clear any appointment fees that you need to pay. All the payments will be made online to schedule an appointment.
  5. Now, visit the Passport Office with all the necessary documents to get your passport re-issued.
  • Offline Process
  1. Go to the forms and affidavits section and find the form for the reissue of the passport.
  2. Download this form, and also you have to download the form for PCC. Now, print the PCC and the reissue form.
  3. After this, get all your documents, fill in the form, and submit it to Passport Seva Kendra.
  4. Pay the fee online to complete the whole process.

Documents Required for Reissue of Passport

Here is the list of the passport reissue documents that you must have:

  • Age proof
  • Residential address proof
  • Proof of identity
  • Two passport-size photos of the applicant
  • Copies of the last and first two pages of the current passport booklet
  • Original passport booklet
  • The receipt of the application appointment printout. This is proof that you have paid the fee and scheduled an appointment.

Thus, these are the documents required for the reissue of the passport and always keep these handy when initiating the passport reissue application.

What are the Application Fees for Reissue of Passport?

Here are the application fees that you need to pay for the reissue of the Indian Passport:

Category Normal Fee Tatkal Fee
Passport that is reissued and has 36 pages ₹1500 ₹2000
Passport that is reissued for minors and has 36 pages ₹1000 ₹2000
Passport that is reissued and has 36 pages if the previous passport is misplaced, stolen, or damaged ₹3000 ₹2000
Passport that is reissued and has 60 pages ₹2000 ₹2000
Passport that is reissued and has 60 pages if the previous passport is misplaced, stolen, or damaged ₹3500 ₹2000

How Much Time Does it Take for the Passport Reissue Process?

In most cases, the standard procedure for reissue of the Indian passport takes about 15 days from the beginning to the end. In the case of the tatkal application, the time taken can range from 7 to 10 days. The time can differ depending upon the need for verification, like pre and post police verification.

How to Check the Status of Reissue of Passport?

There are several ways one can check the status of the reissue of passport -

  • Passport Seva Website

Visit the Passport Seva website and follow these steps -

  • Tap the Track Application tab.

  • On the next page, choose the type of application, your date of birth, and the file number provided to you.

  • Now, tap Track Status to check the status of your application.

  • mPassport Seva Application: Download and register on the mPassport Seva Application, and then enter your file number and date of birth to know the status of your application.

  • SMS: You can send an application from the registered mobile number to 9704100100. The SMS should read ‘STATUS FILE NUMBER’.

● National Call Centre: You can call 18002581800 for an automated voice response status.


Now that you have all the information about the reissue of your passport, you can initiate the process with ease. You must keep all the passport reissue documents ready so that you do not face any issues at the time of application. Also, after getting your passport reissued, when you travel to another stunning country, do not forget to get a travel insurance plan from Tata AIG!

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