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When summer holidays are around the corner, there is one thought in everyone’s mind: what are some of the best places for summer vacation? Whether you want to get away from the sweltering heat or relax in summer, the world has something in store for every kind of summer vacationer. However, before exploring the best summer holiday destinations, travellers must check to ensure that their travel insurance is updated and ready for an enjoyable and unforgettable summer.

Let’s look at some of the best summer destinations outside India that can be explored this summer vacation.

Factors to Consider Before Planning a Summer Vacation

Before we explore summer vacation destinations, travellers must first spare some time to determine what kind of vacation they are looking forward to. Each destination will have its unique offering, and travellers might get confused if they explore summer holiday destinations with unclear expectations.

Here are some factors to consider before researching the best summer destinations for a vacation:

  • Are you travelling internationally or domestically?
  • Are your travel essential documents ready: passport, travel insurance plan, etc?
  • What is the budget for your trip?
  • Preferable destination: warm or cold?
  • What kind of a trip do you want: adventurous, relaxing, spiritual, visit to historical destinations, etc.?

Once you have an answer to the aforementioned questions, you shall better be able to plan the perfect summer getaway.

Best Summer Holiday Destinations

Summer is one of the best times to plan a vacation, and here’s why: the days are longer, giving you more time to explore a new destination. With that in mind, here are some of the best places for summer vacation:

1. Thailand

If you are looking for the best cheap summer holiday destinations, Thailand promises a unique experience. This “Land of Smiles” is blessed with regal temples, exotic islands, vibrant cities, and unforgettable events and festivals. It is one of the best summer destinations outside India for travellers looking for relaxation and unmissable entertainment. Here are some things you can do in Thailand for a memorable summer vacation:

Visit Bangkok and explore the opulent shopping centres, renowned palaces, and temples, and enjoy a boat trip in the Chao Phraya River. Go scuba diving in Koh Tao (turtle island) for unforgettable coral reefs and vibrant sea life. Visit the Khao Yai national park to spend some time in nature’s scenic offerings.

If you are concerned about COVID-19 interrupting your plans, it is prudent to invest in comprehensive international travel insurance.

2. Greece

What makes Greece one of the most amazing summer vacation destinations is its tantalising mix of picturesque islands and bustling nightlife. Here are the activities that make Greece one of the best summer holiday destinations in Europe:

  • Enjoy a magical sunset in the white and blue town of Santorini
  • Unwind at the picturesque cove of Shipwreck beach, located on the southern Greek island of Zakynthos
  • Explore the lush landscape and splendid resorts at Corfu Island.

You can even enjoy Turkish baths, explore the surreal caves of Greece, and sail and snorkel, for a perfect summer escape. If you plan on engaging in adventurous activities, check with your insurance provider if they are covered by your international travel insurance.

3. Portugal

If you are seeking a rejuvenating holiday, then Portugal is one of the most fantastic summer holiday destinations. It is best known for its seasons and scenic nature. Here are some things to explore in Portugal during your summer vacation:

  • Enjoy the spectacular gardens and explore the world’s biggest libraries in Coimbra.
  • Visit the Azores to be stunned by volcanic islands in the deep Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the hot springs and stunning views.
  • Indulge in delicious foods and be captivated by the beaches and historical sites at Aveiro.

For an active trip, you can even go hiking or surfing. The sheer range of activities makes Portugal one of the best summer holiday destinations in Europe.

4. Turkey

Enchanting ancient ruins, grand monuments, and unforgettable food: Turkey is a dreamland in summer. Its scenic beaches and mouth-watering kebabs make all your travelling dreams come true. Here are some things you can do in Turkey for an enticing summer vacation:

  • From Istanbul to Ephesus, Turkey is a land of enchanting stories that lovers of history will truly enjoy.
  • Head to the scintillating beaches for the perfect summer tan, cocktails, and street delicacies.
  • If you like to trek, you can explore the picturesque landscape at Cappadocia. You can even enjoy the famous hot air balloon ride here.

To secure your trip to Turkey against unforeseeable scenarios, you can secure it with comprehensive travel insurance. From delayed flights to lost passports – a comprehensive travel insurance plan is equipped to deal with various travel-related contingencies.

5. Iceland

The rugged landscape and the unforgettable scenery of Iceland will leave you wanting more. The “land of fire and ice” is named as it is for its contrasting landscapes. It is one of the best summer destinations if you want a trip like no other. Here is how you can make the most of your trip to Iceland in the summer:

  • Tour the scenic highlands that are impassable in winter months.
  • Enjoy a memorable ice cream date at Reykjavík.
  • Greet the cute Puffins that return to shore for the summer to nest and reunite with their mate.
  • Experience the midnight sun.

Aside from the aforementioned, you can enjoy activities like hiking, whale watching, sailing, etc. in Iceland. As Iceland can be an expensive getaway, it is advisable to secure your trip to the country with international travel insurance.

6. Croatia

The stunning pebble beaches and the crystal-clear waters of Croatia are what invite travellers to the country from across the globe. Croatia is also one of the best cheap summer holiday destinations, and the scenic coastline, harbour, and beaches make it an unmissable experience. Here are some things you can enjoy in Croatia in the summer:

  • Wander in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik through its labyrinth of alleys and iconic red-roofed houses.
  • Plan a hiking trip to a national park in Croatia.
  • Experience the thriving food scene in Zagreb.

You can even choose to enjoy unique activities such as soaking in natural hot springs and surfing.

7. Peru

Peru is the perfect blend of adventure, food, and culture. It offers some of the world’s most beautiful vistas, and summer is the ideal time to explore its wonderful offerings. Here are some incredible experiences you can enjoy in Peru in the summertime:

  • Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience of trekking through Peru by choosing the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Experience the floating islands of Lake Titicaca
  • Indulge in some fresh ceviche and local beer
  • Canoe through the Amazon River

Peru is a colourful region brimming with ancient archaeological structures, unique textiles, and a rich, vibrant culture.

Wrapping Up

Summer is the perfect time to unwind and get a refreshing travelling break. But before you start packing, don’t forget to invest in comprehensive travel insurance to safeguard your trip from unpleasant scenarios. The comprehensive travel insurance plan by Tata AIG comes with a host of benefits to protect your trip from unforeseeable situations. These include delayed flights, trip curtailment, loss of passport, misplaced luggage, medical emergencies, and more. If you find yourself in unpleasant situations, you can raise a travel insurance claim.

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