How to Maintain Your Electric Two-Wheeler: A Complete Guide

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  • 26/04/2021

Research reveals that the Indian electric bikes’ market is estimated to reach a value of ₹17.43 billion by FY 2024, with the eco-friendly bike having already established its prominence in several Indian states. As sustainable choices groom Indian demands, questions regarding electric bikes and whether there is a need for insurance for bike are permeating conversations and are subsequently influencing buyer decisions. If you have already purchased your electric bike and want to exercise caution while maintaining it, having comprehensive bike insurance is the first step to ensure protection. Additionally, if you buy online bike insurance, you can enjoy lower premium costs for a higher sum assured.

One of the biggest benefits of buying an electric two-wheeler is that the cost and time spent on its maintenance are substantially lower when compared to its conventional fuel-run counterpart. Maintenance hassles for a regular bike, such as the timely replacement of the oil, battery upkeep, adjusting the valves, and cleaning the air filter, are all eliminated. However, because an electric bike is designed using complex components, their repair and replacement in the event of an accident can burn a sizable hole in your pocket, cementing the need to buy online bike insurance.

How to Maintain Your Electric Two-Wheeler?

While the maintenance for an electric bike is less, its basic and routine upkeep will increase the efficiency of your electric scooter while reducing the probability of major problems. Moreover, because electric two-wheelers are still in their nascent stage in India, the service centres are limited in number, highlighting the importance of DIY maintenance. Aside from getting an insurance policy for a two-wheeler, here are some useful tips to help you maintain your e-bike:

Schedule to clean your electric bike

If you cannot clean your electric bike regularly, at least wash it thoroughly once every week. Ensure that the engine and the chain are free from dust and debris as they can meddle with the smooth running of your bike.

Ensure proper lubrication

To avoid friction between moving parts, ensure proper lubrication. If you are new to maintenance, you will first have to learn the right method of lubrication by taking the guidance of someone who is aware of the technical know-how.

Maintain the battery

A battery is the most important element of your electric bike, and so it is important to impart it with the right care. Maintenance of the battery of an electric bike revolves largely around the right method of charging it. Ensure that you never let the battery drain completely by charging your bike regularly. Even if, for some reason, you would be storing the battery, make sure that it is at least charged to 40% to 70% of its capacity.

Check the pressure of the tyres. If you don’t have access to a pressure gauge, you can observe the sidewalls of the tyres to check whether there is adequate pressure in the tyres. As electric bikes are light in weight, it is difficult to detect inadequate pressure while riding. Low tyre pressure forces the engine to work harder than necessary, harming its health in the long run.

Avoid riding with a heavy weight.

If you wish to prolong the life of your electric scooter, avoid overloading it frequently. When you carry excessive weights while riding, the engine and the tyres of your bike are under pressure and require more power to work. While occasional instances are fine, doing this frequently will lead to a drop in performance.

Observe the brake pads

Observe your brake pads at regular intervals to ascertain they are in good shape. Don’t ignore them if they require replacement, as it could escalate to a serious accident. You can even use your bike insurance to have them changed.

Take care when not using the bikes for longer durations

As e-bikes are sensitive to extreme temperatures, park them in a cool place, disconnect the battery and charge it every few days, and don’t open the battery to try and fix things as this will cause more harm than good.

Two-Wheeler Bike Insurance for Electric Bikes

Aside from the aforementioned, the first step to take care of your new electric bike is to secure it with comprehensive bike insurance. There is a misconception associated with buying insurance for a bike that it would be costly. However, when you check the ongoing two-wheeler insurance rate, you will be convinced that bike insurance is a reasonable investment.

Comprehensive insurance for a bike, especially for an electric two-wheeler is highly affordable and is cheaper than an insurance policy for a two-wheeler that runs on fuel. Moreover, the two-wheeler insurance rate is lower if you buy online bike insurance. The Tata AIG bike policy secures you against all possible road risks and comes with the option of customisation through seven unique riders.

In Conclusion

With the depleting air quality index, electric bikes are a captivating solution. With proper maintenance, you can ensure the efficiency of your e-bike, and the rest can be left to the care of the Tata AIG insurance.

Some frequently asked questions for a quick revision of the blog:

**How do you maintain an electric bike?**

Electric bikes are low maintenance; however, the most important things to look after include:

⦁ Lubrication of moving parts ⦁ Charging the battery correctly ⦁ Checking the pressure of the tyres ⦁ Avoid riding with a lot of weight

**How do you maintain an electric scooter?**

Aside from looking for two-wheeler bike insurance, take extra care of your electric scooter by:

⦁ Parking them in a cool and dry space ⦁ Disconnecting the battery when not in use and charge it every few days ⦁ Charging the battery correctly ⦁ Checking the tyres, lubrication and weight limit when driving

Do electric bikes need servicing?

Although the maintenance for an electric scooter is lower as compared to a conventional scooter, it still requires basic upkeep.

Where should I store my e-bike? As electric scooters are sensitive to extreme temperatures, they need to be parked in a cool and dry place.

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