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How Does The e-Challan System Work in India?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/07/2022

With new technological advancements, the traffic enforcement system has overcome the shortcomings of the traditional manual system. The manual regulation of the traffic system in India had several drawbacks.

The high rate of road accidents due to the violation of traffic rules endangered the lives of many road users. The violators could escape the punishments with the help of bribery. Also, the increased traffic made manual regulation of traffic more challenging. But, with the introduction of the e-challan system, efficient detection of violations and more adherence to traffic laws by the public is ensured. The discipline on the road after the e-challan system has never been seen before.

What is e-Challan?

Under a challan system, an official notice is issued by the traffic enforcement authorities to the violator of the traffic rules in written form. The challan notifies the person about payment of a penalty for not adhering to traffic law. According to the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1988, the traffic police have the right to issue challans to anyone seen breaking the traffic rules.

With the growth of digitisation, challan is now issued digitally with the help of the Electronic Challan System. The system was introduced by the government in pilot phases in 2012. It helps to ensure the safety of all. The traffic police e-challan system is a software application that includes an android app and a web interface. The system is integrated with the Vahan and Sarathi apps involving several functions of the Traffic Enforcement System.

The e-challan India has been customised for the following stakeholders:

  • Traffic police
  • Citizens
  • Regional Transport Office or RTO
  • State Transport Office or STO
  • NIC admin
  • The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Violations for which you might get an e-challan in India:

  • Jumping of red lights
  • Driving at speeds beyond the specified speed limit
  • Driving an unauthorised motor vehicle
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving without a valid driving licence
  • Driving without a mandatory insurance policy
  • Not sharing information when asked by the traffic police
  • Not stopping the motor vehicle when asked by the traffic police
  • Not wearing seatbelts or helmets
  • Not carrying proper vehicle documents

How Does the System of e-Challan Work?

The e-challan system has revolutionised traffic management in the country. The system ensures that people follow the traffic rules every time, whether traffic police are present or not. The system works in the following manner:

  • With the CCTVs installed on prominent roads and highways of the country, the e-challan system works automatically. The system instantly captures the violation of the traffic laws like overspeeding, red light jumps, driving a stolen vehicle, etc. The enforcement officer can also click pictures and enter the details of the violations through an e-challan app, after which he or she issues a notice or e-challan fine accordingly. The footage of the cameras is also recorded for future reference.

  • The authorities can detect the violations of traffic rules even if they are not present at the location. Through the CCTV footage, they derive the information about the vehicle and extract other records from the RTO or the Vahan and Sarathi apps. This makes precise detection of the violations possible. The amount of the challan or the e-challan fine is calculated automatically according to the type of violation.

  • After getting the address and mobile number of the rule breaker, the traffic authorities send the RTO e-challan on the mobile number. It comprises the date and time of the violation.

  • With the issuance of the e-challan, the violator has to pay the penalty within a limited period. This ensures the driver can drive the vehicle on the road without any inconvenience.

  • The next step involves paying the e-challan fine, which can be done in two ways: online and offline.

  • The online payment involves some simple clicks on the link given in the SMS and entering the e-challan number. After this, payment can be made.

  • To make an offline payment, the violator can pay the penalty in cash at the RTO.

Benefits of the e-Challan System?

The e-challan system has several benefits listed below:

  • The e-challan system offers an efficient and easy traffic management system resulting in improved traffic behaviour and road safety.

  • The integrated system of e-challan ensures transparency and data reliability. The digitisation at every step helps analyse various traffic violations, number of challans and payments, etc.

  • Traffic rules violations involve bribery and other corrupt practices. With complete digitisation, there is more transparency in the challan system. It has helped curb corruption and loss of revenue.

  • The system allows the citizens to pay the challan anytime and anywhere, saving time and effort

  • The e-challan has replaced the use of paper.


Following traffic rules is essential to avoid challans and ensure the safety of all. With proper seat belts or helmets, speed limits, documents, etc., traffic rules and regulations can be followed. Also, third-party four-wheeler insurance is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Rules, 1988. Ensure to carry insurance policy while on the road.

While traffic rules ensure physical safety, motor insurance provides financial safety. Apart from the third-party car insurance, consider buying standalone own-damage car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance policy. Car insurance provides coverage to the motor vehicle from damage due to accidents, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, riots, etc. With regular premium payment, the insurance provider promises to share the financial losses involving the vehicle. While buying insurance for a motor vehicle, ensure to compare car insurance policies on Tata AIG to make an informed decision.

Tata AIG offers several four-wheeler insurance policies that are tailored to meet different needs. The add-on covers ensure the vehicle is protected in every possible manner. Buying motor insurance is now hassle-free with few clicks online. So, buy a relevant car insurance policy with Tata AIG now!

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