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Two Wheeler Insurance

Let’s get you started on your two wheeler insurance journey!

Bike insurance, also known as two wheeler insurance policy is an agreement between a bike owner and a bike insurance provider where the insurer covers the cost of damages to the bike, third-party or in some cases even the bike owner. It essentially protects the bike owner financially on occurrence of any unforeseen accident such as accident, theft or natural disaster. What’s observed is that with the increase of bikes and other types of two wheelers on the road, the probability of an accident also increases, click for steps on how to file an accident claim on your two-wheeler . This is precisely why it's so crucial to own a good bike insurance policy.

While you may wonder, what are the different kinds of bike insurance policies and which one will best suit your needs. Let’s understand each of them briefly; one is the third party bike insurance which covers legal liabilities caused to any third-party or third-party property damage. This means the two-wheeler insurance policy will compensate for the damages caused by your bike to a third-party person or property. As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, motorcycles plying on roads must be covered at least by a basic third-party insurance policy.

Secondly, if you are looking for complete protection for your bike, yourself and third-party then in that case you should opt for comprehensive bike insurance policy. This two wheeler insurance provides financial protection against accidents, natural disasters such as storm, cyclone, fire and man-made causes such as riots, acts of terrorism, vandalism etc. along with any liability to third-party. This helps keep your bike safe from damages so that even scratches on the bike need not become an added expense for you. Tata AIG offers quick and easy-to-buy comprehensive, stand alone own damage, and third-party online bike insurance policies crafted to keep your bike safe and you free from stress!

When you buy online bike insurance, you can choose from all the different types of bike insurance plans based on your requirement. Also, there are 7 add-ons to top up your comprehensive bike insurance policy to get extra protection for your bike. You can get an instant quote to check the premium and buy your ideal bike insurance policy.

Long Term Circular

Third party rates are revised in accordance to IRDAI circular which came in force from 01/June/2022. Please click on link to check the attached circular of IRDAI.

Two wheeler Insurance Online

Key Features of Bike Insurance By TATA AIG

Key FeaturesBenefits of Tata AIG Two wheeler Insurance

Savings on Premiums

Get up to 75% off on your two-wheeler premium payments . Learn more about our discounts while you buy bike insurance online

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

We offer a No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount starting at 20% on your bike insurance premiums if your previous year was claim-free.

Easy Claims Process

With a dedicated team of 650 claim experts, experience a seamless claim process online with us in a few easy steps.

Own Damage Cover for the Bike

Our comprehensive two wheeler policies cover Own Damage cover to your bike caused by accidents, natural or man-made disasters.

Third-party Damage Cover

Tata AIG’s bike insurance policies protect you from damages caused to third-party property or injuries to third-party persons.

Choice of Unique Add-ons

Our range of 8 add-ons enhances your two-wheeler insurance policy to offer you a 360-degree protective cover.

High Claim Settlement Ratio

With a 99% claim settlement ratio (FY 2022-2023), Tata AIG offers a high claim settlement ratio for your vehicle insurance claims.

Cashless Repair and Reimbursement

With over 4200+ network garages all over the country, we help you avail of cashless service on your bike’s repairs.

Quick Buying/Renewing Process

Buy a new Tata AIG vehicle insurance policy online on our website or renew your policy online with us in a few quick and simple steps.

Why Is Bike Insurance Necessary?

There are a range of situations where your bike insurance policy can protect your bike and you from avoidable expenses. In accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is compulsory for every bike owner in India to have at least a third-party bike insurance policy. But apart from that, a two-wheeler insurance policy can be beneficial in different situations -


Protection from legal fines

It is illegal to ride your bike without a valid third-party two-wheeler insurance policy. You could attract hefty legal and traffic fines for not carrying a bike insurance policy along. Even within the city limits, it is advisable to always keep your two wheeler insurance policy with you to avoid the hassle of getting into trouble with the law.


Protection against third-party liability

A third-party bike insurance policy provides financial protection should your bike cause damage to a 3rd party property/vehicle or injury to a third-party person. As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandatory to have a third-party liability cover to ride your bike on the road. In case of not holding an active third-party two wheeler insurance policy can attract serious penalties and heavy fines.


Financial coverage against theft

While the theft of or severe damage to your vehicle could be an emotionally disturbing event, the financial implication of the act is even more grievous, considering the cost of a two-wheeler. With a two wheeler insurance policy, the cost of replacing your vehicle or repairing the damage caused by it can be covered without you spending heavily out of your own pocket, thus reducing your mental and financial stress.


Cover against natural and man-made disasters

In the event of a natural disaster in your area, the financial plan of your two-wheeler insurance policy will cover your bike against damages caused by floods, lightning, cyclones, storms and other natural phenomena. Similarly, the bike insurance plan also protects your two-wheeler against damages caused by man-made acts of violence such as terrorism and vandalism.


Personal accident cover

While riding your bike, if an unfortunate road accident leaves you with major or minor injuries, your two wheeler insurance can cover all kinds of personal injuries you may have suffered. While the injury itself can be a cause of mental grief, the financial protection offered by the personal accident cover can considerably mitigate the inconvenience!

Types Of Two Wheeler Insurance By TATA AIG

Tata AIG offers different types of two-wheeler insurance policies that cater to your bike’s needs and the type of coverage needed to protect it under various situations:

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

Our comprehensive bike insurance policy has been designed to offer protection against third-party liabilities, coverage for damages or loss caused by theft and natural as well as man-made disasters and a personal accident cover for the owner-driver. However, the policy does not offer damages if the bike owner rides the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or is outside the pre-defined geographical area. We recommend a Tata AIG comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy to ensure complete protection for your bike.

Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy

Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy

Our Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy is beneficial in cases where an unfortunate accident can leave your bike damaged. While the Own Damage cover cannot handle third-party liabilities, your bike can receive financial protection against damages to the bike caused by natural and man-made disasters and fire. This two wheeler policy also offers reimbursement in case of theft of the bike.

Standalone Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy

Standalone Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy

Third-party Two Wheeler Insurance is a legal necessity if you want to take your bike out on the roads. Our standalone third-party two-wheeler insurance policy will help you if, in the event of an accident, your vehicle ends up causing damage to a third-party vehicle or injuries to a third-party person. However, your bike cannot receive the same protection under this policy. Damages to the bike and theft of the bike are not covered under a third party policy.

Third-party vs Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Motor insurance companies in India offer two-wheeler insurance online in two popular variants - comprehensive bike insurance and third-party bike insurance. Let us look at the differencebetween comprehensive and 3rd party bike insurance:

ComprehensiveThird Party

What does it mean?

An all-round two wheeler insurance cover that protects you, your vehicle and a third party person/property from the financial damages caused.

Basic two wheeler insurance coverage that covers the legal and financial liabilities arising from the third-party damages.

Extent of coverage

Covers the damages caused to your bike, theft of your bike, third-party liabilities and a personal accident cover for the owner-driver.

Covers the third-party liabilities arising from damages to a third party, damages to third-party property or death of a third party caused by your vehicle.

Is it a legal mandate?

Not a mandatory requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988

Is mandated under the Act

How much does it cost?

Due to the wide coverage of this type of insurance is more expensive than third party two wheeler insurance

Third party insurance is cheaper than comprehensive two wheeler insurance, due to targeted coverage

What is excluded from the coverage?

Does not cover deliberate damage, damage caused by driving under the influence of drugs/intoxicants, damage caused by illegal racing, etc.

Does not cover own damage to the vehicle or injuries to the owner-driver

Can you include add-ons?

Coverage can be enhanced with two wheeler insurance add-ons

Add-ons not available

What Is Covered In Our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Our two-wheeler insurance policy covers a range of circumstances, such as:

custom list

Damages and Loss to the Bike

Your comprehensive bike insurance policy offers an own damage cover which will cover the damage and loss caused to your bike due to:

  • Natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, snowfall, etc.
  • Man-made damages from terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, other malicious activities, etc.
  • Damages by fire caused by self-ignition, lightning, explosions, etc.
  • Damages caused by accidents and in transit by air, waterways, railways, roadways, etc.
custom list

Theft of the Bike

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy will reimburse the current market value of the bike if it is stolen or in case of the ‘total damage’ of the bike (damaged beyond repair).

custom list

Third-Party Liability

Third-party bike insurance, as well as comprehensive bike insurance, cover 3rd party liabilities. Any damages caused to third-party property, death of a third party or bodily damages caused to a third party by your vehicle are covered.

custom list

Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver

Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy offers a Personal Accident Cover of ₹15 lakhs to the owner-driver. Under this cover, any medical expenses arising from the injuries caused in an accident are reimbursed. Additionally, the appointed beneficiary will get the amount if the owner-driver passes away due to the accident.

custom list

Specific Coverage Under the Add-ons

Tata AIG comprehensive two wheeler insurance offers a choice of 8 unique add-ons that further enhance the insurance cover and offer protection under specified circumstances. Such as a Personal Accident Cover to any unnamed person driving or riding the bike. Or a Consumables Cover, which will reimburse the expenses of repairing or replacing certain components of the vehicle, such as oil, grease, lubricant, screws, nuts/bolts, washers, bearings, and so on. Or even a Depreciation Cover that will protect you from the reduced value of the parts and components and ensure the claim payout does not account for the depreciation in the costs.

What Is Not Covered In Our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

There are a few things that we’re unable to help with. Here’s a look at some general exclusions under our car insurance:

  • General wear and tear, consequential loss and mechanical/electrical breakdown of the bike due to age.
  • If the bike is used outside the determined geographical borders, i.e., outside the boundaries of India.
  • Damage caused due to war, war-like operations, mutiny and nuclear perils.
  • Damage caused to the bike when used for racing, reliability trials, speed tests, etc.
  • Own damage cover for the bike in case of a third-party liability-only cover.
  • Personal accident cover for the owner-driver in case of a 3rd party liability policy.
  • Riding a bike without a helmet or valid driving license.
  • Driving a bike under the influence of intoxicants and narcotics.
  • If you use the bike under restricted usage conditions, such as driving in a flood-prone area (contributory negligence).
  • If a private bike is used for commercial purposes.
  • Damages caused due to breaking and entering and burglary if the bike is not stolen.

Two Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers

Enhance your Tata AIG comprehensive two wheeler insurance by choosing from a list of 8 unique bike insurance add-on covers:

Depreciation Allowance


This add-on, popularly known as Zero Depreciation or NIL Depreciation or Bumper-to-Bumper Cover, helps you beat depreciation. If you file a claim for the replacement/repair of your bike’s parts and depreciation is deducted from the claim amount, we will reimburse the depreciation with this add-on. However, note that you can avail of this benefit only under the first two claims.


Return-to-Invoice Cover


This add-on helps you get the invoice cost of your vehicle as reimbursement in case of theft or total damage. In case of total damage, constructive total damage or theft of the bike, you get the current market value, i.e., the Insured Declared Valuee (IDV) of the bike. With this add-on, we will pay you the purchase cost of the bike, which is the on-road price of the bike (inclusive of road taxes and registration).


Emergency Medical Expenses


Get reimbursement of emergency medical expenses and ambulance costs for the damages caused in an accident. If an accident leaves you or the pillion rider injured, this add-on will help you avail of reimbursement for the medical expenses incurred in the medical treatment at any hospital or nursing home. It also includes the cost of moving you/pillion rider to the hospital.


Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver


This add-on is an additional Personal Accident Cover to safeguard you and your family in case of serious injuries or fatality caused by an accident. We recognise the additional risk of accidents involved when riding a bike. With this add-on, we will pay a predetermined amount to your family in case an accident proves to be fatal. The amount provided under this add-on will be over and above the standard vehicle insurance sum assured.


Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover


Get additional 3rd party cover reimbursement with this add-on. Third-party liabilities are already included in both comprehensive and third-party two wheeler insurance cover. However, you can buy this add-on if you wish to avail of an additional cover for the 3rd party liabilities.


Consumables Expenses


If an accident damages or leads to the loss of certain bike consumables, we will reimburse the costs of replacing/replenishing/repairing them with this add-on. The covered consumables include screw, nuts/bolts, washers, bearings, clip, engine oil, gearbox oil, brake oil, grease, lubricants, distilled water and such other consumables, excluding fuel.


Roadside Assistance


There is nothing worse than an amazing bike ride marred by the breakdown of the vehicle in the middle of the road. Don’t worry; roadside assistance is on the way! With this add-on, we will send immediate breakdown assistance to your location to take care of a variety of issues such as flat tyre, dead battery, fuel requirement, mechanical/electrical repairs, etc. We also offer on-the-spot repairs under certain circumstances so that you are up and zooming through your journey in no time!


How Is TATA AIG Different?

When you purchase a bike for yourself, we know the amount of research you put in to get the best vehicle for yourself. Not only do you consider the beauty of the make and model of the bike but also the mileage and speed it can offer on your rides. It is much the same with your online bike insurance policy. Here is what you should consider when you get your two-wheeler insurance policy with us:


A TATA AIG Promise

When it comes to all our insurance policies, the Tata AIG promise has always been true to its word for the last 20 years!



Our dedicated team of 650 claim experts believe in serving you better each time.


High Claim Settlement

During FY 2022-2023, we have successfully settled 99% of the claims that we received.



We believe that you, the customer, are a part of our 5-crore member family.

Why Choose Two Wheeler Insurance?

These days, two-wheeler insurance policies are packed with features to provide complete protection not just to your bike but also to you, the pillion rider and third-party individuals and vehicles. Here are the top features of two wheeler insurance online:

custom list

Comprehensive & Liability only coverage

You can choose between a third-party (liability-only) or a comprehensive bike insurance policy. While the former covers only third-party damages, the latter offers more extensive coverage. As per the Motor Vehicle Act in India, every bike owner must have at least a third-party or liability cover. In contrast, a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy also covers damages to the policyholder’s vehicle, along with a personal accident cover for the owner-driver and a basic third-party cover.

custom list

Personal accident cover

If you have a bike insurance policy, you can be covered under the inbuilt and mandatory personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs, according to the IRDAI.

custom list

Optional Coverages

Optional coverage or an add-on cover cost an extra premium but help provide additional cover to your bike over your comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. You can choose from our various unique add-ons like Return to Invoice, Depreciation Reimbursement, Key Replacement, Engine Secure and more.

custom list

Easy transfer of NCB (No Claim Bonus)

If you purchase a new two-wheeler,, the NCB or No Claim Bonus discount from your policy can be transferred since this discount is given to the policyholder for being a safe rider and not to the vehicle.

custom list

Quick Online Process

Insurance providers enable policy buyers to purchase or renew their two-wheeler insurance policy online through their website or through mobile applications. Not only does this make the purchasing and renewal process smoother, but it also helps the customer access all the information as well as policy documents, through a single channel.

custom list

Discounts on Premium

By purchasing or renewing an online two-wheeler insurance policy, one can avail of different discounts on their insurance premiums. Apart from the No Claim Bonus that offers annual discounts on the insurance premium for every claim-free year, there are other discounts offered online during the purchase or renewal of your two wheeler policy. This is because an online bike insurance policy purchase helps the insurers avoid overhead costs and also save on the use of paper.

Factors Affecting Bike Insurance Premium

Your two wheeler insurance premium is determined and will also be affected on the basis of several factors. Broadly, it is the amount of risk carried by a bike that determines its premium amount. Some of the other factors that affect your vehicle insurance premium are:


Coverage and Type of Insurance Policy

Choosing the type of cover or two wheeler insurance policy is the main factor that determines your two-wheeler insurance premium amount. If you opt for a basic third-party insurance cover, the premium will be quite nominal as the coverage of these policies is not extensive. On the other hand, a comprehensive bike insurance policy will have higher premiums because of its extent of coverage. The premium of comprehensive car insurance policy can further increase if you choose to cover own damage, third party liabilities, personal accident or enhance it with our other add-on covers.


Age of the two-wheeler

The bike’s age and its market value are inversely related which affects the IDV or Insured Declared Value of the bike. The IDV is the approximate market value of the bike and also the amount for which the bike is insured. Since the IDV is the sum insured of the bike, it impacts the premium amount. Therefore, as the bike ages, its market value goes down, the IDV decreases, and so does the premium.


Make and model of the bike

A basic bike model will be less expensive as compared to a designer or sports bike. Again, the market value and IDV of an expensive bike will be higher, which will result in higher premiums and in the case of a more affordable bike, the premiums will be lower.


NCB or No Claim Bonus

The No Claim Bonus is a discount on premiums offered to policyholders by insurers for safe driving and not filing claims during the previous policy year. The discount is applied to the policyholder’s vehicle insurance premium when they renew their comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. The discount starts at 20% and goes up to 50%.


Geographical location

The place or locality where insured two-wheeler plies play a role in determining the premium amount. In low-risk or low traffic zones like small towns and villages, there is less chance of accidental damage to the bike, which brings down the two-wheeler insurance premium. Likewise, the policyholder will have to pay higher premiums if the insured bike is being used in a city amidst heavy traffic conditions.


Age of the Insured & Driver Record

The age of the insured can determine their bike insurance premiums. Young riders carry a higher risk as they are initially new to bike-riding and traffic rules, whereas older riders are considered to be more seasoned and experienced on the road. Hence, a younger bike rider is likely to pay a higher two wheeler insurance premium than an older person. Also, if a driver has a bad driving record, they tend to pay higher premiums than safe drivers.


Engine type/Cubic capacity

When purchasing a third party bike insurance policy, the premium is mainly calculated on the basis of the bike’s cubic capacity. Hence, if the cubic capacity (cc) of your bike is high, then the premiums will also be high.


Safety devices

If a bike is fitted with a safety device such as a burglar alarm, then the insurance provider offers a lower premium since the bike is safe from theft and hence, carries less risk than a bike without a safety alarm.


Add on covers

An add-on cover can be included in your comprehensive bike insurance policy for an extra cost. While these add-ons are useful for specific situations not covered by your base policy, they add to the cost of your insurance policy and hence, affect the premium amount.


Modifications of the bike

A modified bike is more expensive than an unmodified one because it has specialised additions to make the bike more attractive. An embellished two-wheeler is more likely to be robbed than a simple bike, and therefore, their premium is higher since they carry more risk.

How To Calculate Bike Insurance Premium?

One of the key factors that direct the choice of a bike insurance policy is the premium you need to shell out for it. And now that you know the factors affecting the premium let us look at how you can calculate your premium with a bike insurance premium calculator. A premium calculator is a nifty tool that helps you to determine the exact premium you will have to pay to buy the two-wheeler policy of your choice. Here is how you can calculate your two wheeler insurance premium with a two-wheeler insurance calculator:

1.    Enter your vehicle’s details, such as registration details, make, model, etc.

2.    Select the add-ons you wish to purchase and apply any No Claim Bonus (NCB), if applicable.

3.    Click on Get Price.

4.    The bike insurance premium calculator will show the exact two-wheeler insurance premium and help you buy the policy that fits your budget perfectly!

How To Reduce Bike Insurance Premium?

What if we told you there is a way to reduce your bike insurance premium without affecting the policy coverage? You heard that right! Here are a few proven ways to save on your two-wheeler insurance premium:


Keep the No Claim Bonus Intact by Avoiding Small Claims

The No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a percentage discount you get on the renewal premium if you do not file a claim during a policy term. If the value of the claim is lower than the total NCB discount, then avoid filing the small claim and avail discounts up to 50% on your renewal premium for five consecutive claim-free years


Do not Forget to Claim Your Accumulated NCB

As mentioned above, NCB is a discount on the renewal premium. So make sure that you apply the applicable discount when you are renewing the two wheeler insurance policy.


Choose a Higher Voluntary Deductible

The deductible is the proportion of the claim that you will bear out of your own pockets. If you select a higher voluntary deductible, the insurance company’s liability to pay goes down, and you get a lower bike insurance premium.


Install Authorised Safety Devices

Installation of safety devices authorised by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), from a basic handle lock to CCTV cameras in the parking garage, will reduce the chances of theft of the vehicle. This, in turn, reduces the risk component associated and brings down the two wheeler premium cost.


Become a Member of Authorised Riding/Automobile Groups in India

The IRDAI has identified a few riding groups, such as the Indian Automobile Association, wherein you can get a membership and avail of a lower two wheeler insurance premium.


Be Aware of Your Bike’s Age and Engine Cubic Capacity

The bike insurance premium is directly affected by the age of the bike and its cubic capacity. The older the bike, the lower the premium. Similarly, the higher the cubic capacity, the higher the premium. So make sure you mention the correct age and engine cc to avail of lower premiums.


Calculate the Two-Wheeler Premium Before Buying

A two-wheeler premium calculator will help you determine the exact premium you need to pay for your policy. You can make tweaks to the policy, such as changing the add-ons, etc. and buy a policy within your budget.


Avoid too many Modifications and Embellishments to Your Bike

Extreme modifications to the bike increase its Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the market price, which, in turn, shoots up the premium.

How To Buy/Renew Bike Insurance Online?

Step 1

Input the Bike Registration Number and select Get Price (new policy) or Renew (existing Tata AIG policy).

Step 2

Fill up the bike and personal details as prompted by the screen. Also, select the policy coverage and add-ons of your choice.

Step 3

You will get an instant bike insurance premium quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can proceed to pay the premium online.

Benefits Of TATA AIG Bike Insurance

custom list

Buy or renew your bike insurance online in quick and easy steps

Buying a two wheeler insurance policy online with Tata AIG involves few steps and quick processing. Renewal is even simpler, whether you are renewing our policy or migrating from another provider. Just provide some necessary information, choose the policy coverage, pay your premium and voila; we will send a soft copy of your policy to your inbox.

custom list

Customise your two-wheeler insurance with 8 unique add-on covers

Choose from eight attractive add-ons to enhance your comprehensive bike insurance policy. From Depreciation Allowance to Return-to-Invoice and Roadside Assistance, include the add-ons of your choice and ensure protection against all situations and damages.

custom list

Get efficient service at any one of our vast network of garages

4200+! That is the number of our network garages spread across the length and breadth of India. Be it your daily commute to work or a long drive through the unknown terrains; there will be a network garage near ready to serve you. Bring your vehicle to a network garage for a quick cashless claim. And, if you cannot get to a network garage? Just get the vehicle repaired at any garage, and we will reimburse your claim.

custom list

1-2-3; that’s how easy it is to file a claim with us

At Tata AIG, we understand the importance of a pain-free claim process. To claim your two wheeler insurance payout, simply visit our Claim Process Page, provide the necessary information and documents and click on Submit. We will begin the claim verification and disbursal process at the earliest.

custom list

Enjoy seamless settlement with a high claim settlement ratio

The claim settlement ratio tells you the proportion of claims we settled against the total claims we received in a year. And, we are proud of our number! In FY 2022-2023, we settled 99% of our motor insurance claims. So, file a claim without any worries, and we will work on giving you the settlement you deserve!

custom list

Ensure all-round protection for your beloved two-wheeler

Our comprehensive bike insurance policies offer coverage against damages to the bike, theft of the bike, third party liabilities and personal accident cover to the owner-driver. Thus, we protect you, your beloved bike and your finances. With quick renewal, seamless claim, choice of add-ons and extensive garage network, we ensure you get complete protection for your vehicle.


Why To Buy/Renew Bike Insurance Online?

Every bike insurance policyholder has different requirements, and they should choose a bike insurance policy as per their budget and needs. However, that means skimming through different insurance policies to find a suitable one. Fortunately, when you buy two wheeler insurance online, it is convenient to research various policies and make an informed decision. These are some reasons why buying or renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy online is a smart idea:

custom list

Easy Comparison

When you buy or renew bike insurance online, you can compare two-wheeler insurance online & then select the most suitable one. While comparing the policies, you can consider the cost of the policy, the extent of coverage as well as the other features that the plan covers to get an ideal bike insurance policy.

custom list


The online purchase and renewal of your two wheeler insurance policy are quicker as you can avoid the queues and paperwork involved in the offline process. Moreover, we provide a quick and simple online process for buying and renewing insurance policies that help save time.

custom list


Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy online is a great way to go paperless since the paperwork is eliminated and the digital forms are eco-friendly, and can also be downloaded and stored easily. Not only does this online process save paper but also the time involved in organising the documents physically.

custom list

Instant Access to Policy Documents

If and when you need to access your insurance policy documents, all you have to do is log into your insurance provider’s website to access the policy documents. Or, you could also download the documents, save them offline to view them later at your convenience or download them on your phone to maintain a soft copy of the same.

custom list

Coverage Flexibility

With the variety of two-wheeler insurance plans available online, you can browse through plans with varying insurance coverage. While some plans offer very basic coverage, others may offer more extensive coverage and more features.

custom list


Online two wheeler insurance policies are customisable as you can choose the coverage amount and also include add-ons to the policy to enhance the coverage and cover specific situations. While renewing your policy online, you can add new add-ons or exclude some as per your requirement.

custom list

Safe Process

The online process of bike insurance purchase and renewal is quite safe and secure. Not only is your personal information secure online, but also your payment details remain confidential.

custom list

Easy Switching of Insurance Company or Providers

At times, policyholders do not find their bike insurance policies satisfactory and want to switch to a new insurance provider. We enable a smooth transition to our policies so that you can find the two wheeler insurance policy of your choice with us.

What Is NCB In Bike Insurance?

The No Claim Bonus is a discount on premium offered by vehicle insurance companies to policyholders who have completed the previous policy year without filing a claim. The discount that is offered on the Own Damage premium during the policy renewal starts at 20% after the first claim-free year and then increases with every claim-free year if the vehicle owner continues safe driving and avoids filing claims.

The highest discount one can avail of is 50%, and after the 5th claim-free year, the discount on premium remains at 50% until the policyholder chooses to file a claim. If a claim is filed after accumulating a No Claim Bonus discount, then the discount percentage goes back to zero.

The No Claim Bonus discount is given to the policyholder and not the bike. Hence, if the policyholder chooses to buy a new bike, the No Claim Bonus discount can be transferred to the new two-wheeler insurance policy. If you purchase a new bike, you can transfer your bike insurance to your new vehicle and retain the NCB discount.

What Is IDV In Bike Insurance?

The IDV or the Insured Declared Value is the current market value of your bike, which includes the charge of the bike’s depreciation and helps you calculate the premium of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

The IDV being the sum insured of your bike is an important component of your two-wheeler insurance because it also determines the amount of compensation you can receive in the event of “total loss” - complete damage or theft - of your bike.

The policyholder can choose the IDV amount while purchasing bike insurance. However, we would advise choosing a suitable IDV as per your coverage since a low IDV would mean insufficient coverage for your bike, and a higher IDV would call for expensive premiums. As your vehicle ages, the IDV goes down, and so will the premium.

What Is Zero Depreciation In Bike Insurance?

As your bike ages, the parts of the bike undergo depreciation caused by wear and tear. As a result, the value of the bike also depreciates. While filing a claim for damages to your bike, your insurer deducts the depreciation of the parts from the sum assured before settling the two wheeler insurance claim.

However, when you add the Zero Depreciation or Bumper-to-Bumper add-on cover from Tata AIG to your comprehensive bike insurance policy, you can receive the entire claim amount for damages caused to your bike without considering and deducting the depreciated value of your bike. Without this NIL depreciation add-on, you will receive the depreciated value of your bike, and the two-wheeler insurance might not suffice to cover the damages.

To ensure that you get the entire two-wheeler insurance amount, minus the depreciation deductions, after filing a claim, you can add a NIL depreciation cover to your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

How to Renew Expired Bike Insurance Online?

Renewing expired bike insurance has never been easier!

At Tata AIG, we help you renew expired policy – from TATA AIG as well as from other insurance providers, with a quick and easy two-wheeler insurance renewal procedure.

If you miss renewing your two wheeler insurance policy, you get a Grace Period of 90 days to renew your policy without losing out on any benefits, especially the accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB). If you fail to renew even within the Grace Period, your bike insurance policy lapses or expires. You will lose the NCB benefits, and your bike insurance premium might go up.

But fret not; we will still assist you in renewing your lapsed/expired two-wheeler insurance policy. Just follow these steps:



Fill in your vehicle registration number. Click on ‘Renew’ to renew your expired bike insurance policy from Tata AIG. To renew the expired two-wheeler insurance of other providers, click on ‘Get Price.’


Step 2

Provide your bike details and some personal information. Submit the details about any claims made in the previous policy tenure, along with the previous policy expiry date (Tata AIG or other).


Step 3

Select the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and No Claim Bonus (NCB), if applicable.


Step 4

Enter the details as prompted by the screen. Choose from the list of add-ons, such as Roadside Assistance Cover, Depreciation Allowance, Return to Invoice Cover, Consumables Cover, etc.


Step 5

Your bike insurance premium will be generated and displayed on the screen. Click on Pay Now. Make your payment online, and your expired two-wheeler insurance policy is renewed with Tata AIG!

How To File A Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

Tata AIG offers a quick and easy claims process to ensure that your claim is filed and processed hassle-free. To file your bike insurance claim with us, follow the given steps:

Inform Us and Register Your Claim

In case of an accident, ensure that you are in a safe place and get any injuries tended to. In case of theft of the vehicle, make sure to file an FIR with the police and get a No Trace Report before filing the claim.

To file a bike insurance claim, go to our Claims Support page or call us on 1800-266-7780. If you choose to file your two-wheeler claim online, simply fill in all the necessary information as prompted by the screen. We will forward you a link for self-inspection on your registered mobile number after receiving your claim request.

Get your vehicle inspected

Use the self-inspection form to fill in the details of the damages to your two-wheeler through your smartphone. Additionally, we will dispatch one of our surveyors to inspect and prepare a damage report.

Choose between cashless claims or reimbursement

We offer a wide network of garages, and you will find one near you, wherever you are. If you take your bike to a network garage, you can file for a cashless claim. However, if you wish to take your bike to a non-network garage, you will have to bear the expenses and then file for a reimbursement claim.

Collect and keep all the critical claim documents ready

Make sure to keep all the necessary documents ready. The important documents needed to file a claim are:

Get Claim Registration Number

Once you have successfully filed your claim with us, we will provide you with a Claim Registration Number. Keep it safe for any further communication regarding the claim.

You can track the status of your claim

While we ensure quick claim settlement, you can track the status of your claim any time after filing it. Click here to track your claim.

Claim verification and settlement

We will go through your claim details and the documents to verify if it falls under the purview of our guidelines and is within the scope of your policy coverage. On successful verification, we will settle your two wheeler insurance claim.

Self Service Options

claim additional service

A convenient way to register your claim & track your status.

claim additional service
Service request

Make changes to your policy & update your contact details.

claim additional service

Print policy document and view renewal notice

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Things To Know About Two Wheeler Insurance

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The premium is the amount you pay towards your two-wheeler insurance policy to get financial coverage for your vehicle for a defined duration of the policy.

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The coverage is the maximum financial liability the two wheeler insurance company pays to the policyholder if the latter files a claim for damages to their bike.

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Insured Declared Value (IDV)

The IDV or Insured Declared Value is the approximate market value of the bike that is also the sum insured in the bike’s insurance policy. In case of the bike’s total loss, the policyholder receives the IDV from the insurance provider on filing a claim.

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No Claim Bonus (NCB)

The No Claim Bonus is a discount on premium offered to a policyholder by their insurance provider for safe driving and for not filing any claims during the policy year.

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Zero Depreciation Cover

A Zero Depreciation or NIL Depreciation cover is an add-on one can include in their comprehensive bike insurance policy so that the insurance provider does not deduct depreciation on the bike’s parts while settling a claim for damages.

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Own Damage Cover

Own Damage provides coverage against damage caused to the insured bike due to fire, accidents, theft, etc. The Own Damage cover provides financial compensation for the loss or repair of your bike or bike parts. But it does not cover third-party liabilities.

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Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident insurance or PA cover in bike insurance provides compensation for bodily injuries caused to the owner or owner-driver of the insured vehicle.

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Voluntary Deductible

The voluntary deductible is the proportion of the claim that will be paid by the policyholder from their own pocket. The amount is determined at the time of the policy purchase. The higher the deductible, the lower will be the premium. But remember higher deductible also means you will have to shell out a higher percentage of the claim yourself. So choose wisely.

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In two wheeler insurance, consumables are parts or components of the bike that cannot be reused once they are used or consumed. These can be lubricants, brake oil, fuel filter and so on.

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Cashless Claims

Cashless claims are made when the insured bike is damaged and is repaired at a network garage of the insurance provider. Then the cost of the repair is paid directly by the insurer to the garage from the insurance policy, and the policyholder doesn’t have to pay anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Related

Service Related

How do I insure my new bike?

To get two-wheeler insurance for your new vehicle, first find a reputable insurance provider of your choice. If you want to buy insurance for your new bike online, then here is what you can do:

Visit the Tata AIG website and go to the bike insurance page

●Enter your bike’s registration number and click on Get Price

Choose the coverage amount and fill in the necessary details

You can then select your choice of add ons such as Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation and so on

Pay the premium amount and you are now a part of the Tata AIG family!

What is the cost of two-wheeler insurance?

The cost of your two-wheeler insurance can vary depending upon the type of insurance policy you choose (third-party or comprehensive), the make and model of your bike, the age of your bike, the engine’s cubic capacity, the geographical location you live in, the add-ons you opt for and many other factors. Ensure that you choose adequate coverage for your bike’s protection.

You can use our online two wheeler premium calculator for a quick and easy two wheeler premium quote.

Which insurance is best for a two-wheeler?

Tata AIG offers an extensive and customisable third-party and comprehensive two-wheeler plan to choose from. On our bike insurance page, you can use our two-wheeler insurance calculator to find out which policy suits you the best as per your budget and requirements.

Is third-party bike insurance enough?

Third-party two-wheeler insurance offers the most basic insurance coverage for your two-wheeler that is legally mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act. You get a wide range of benefits from a third-party bike cover, such as affordable cover, hassle-free purchase, uniform prices set by the IRDAI annually, meets the legal mandates, helps you avoid fines and takes care of the financial and legal liabilities of a third-party claim. However, third-party two wheeler insurance is NOT enough! If your vehicle meets with an accident, it will only cover the third party damages. The damages caused to your bike and the medical expenses arising from your injuries will not be covered. Moreover, you won’t get any reimbursement if your bike suffers total damage or is stolen. So, to ensure complete 360-degree protection to you and your bike, buy comprehensive two-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG today!

How do you pay for bike insurance?

Tata AIG offers a quick and hassle-free online payment method to buy or renew your bike insurance policy. Once you get your two wheeler insurance premium quote through our calculator, click on Pay Now. Choose from multiple payment choices such as net banking, debit cards, credit cards and UPI to pay your bike insurance premium.

How can I renew my two wheeler insurance online?

To renew your two-wheeler insurance online:

Visit the Bike Insurance page and submit your bike registration number

If you have an existing Tata AIG policy, then hit ‘Renew’. If you are switching from another insurer, click on ‘Get Price’

Next, submit all necessary information and personal details

Is online bike insurance safe?

YES! Buying bike insurance online is a safe and secured process if you follow the following steps:

Stay away from fraudulent offers and claims

Buy only from trusted names in the business

Read the reviews and customer testimonials regarding a provider before proceeding with the purchase

Read the policy document and offer letter carefully

Make sure the payment link leads to a Secured Payment Gateway

Get a receipt for the payment made

What is 3rd party insurance for bikes?

Third-party bike insurance or third-party liability insurance is the basic but legally mandatory two-wheeler insurance policy that every bike owner must have. The role of third-party insurance is to protect the insured bike’s policyholder from the financial and legal liabilities arising out of damage caused to a third-party person or property.

Hence, even though third-party two wheeler insurance does not cover damages incurred by the insured bike, it offers protection against third-party liabilities and helps the owner-driver meet the legal mandate of having at least a third-party policy to drive on Indian roads.

Is it necessary to renew bike insurance?

YES! Bike insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder, and it needs to be regularly renewed to enjoy continued coverage. The frequency of renewal may differ based on the bike insurance policy tenure you have opted for. Irrespective, you will have to renew the two wheeler policy before the expiry date to continue enjoying the benefits.

If you fail to renew two-wheeler insurance, you will get a Grace Period of 90 days from Tata AIG to renew the policy without losing the benefits. If you still fail to renew, you will lose all the benefits, especially the accumulated NCB discounts.

Also, if you fail to carry an active two wheeler insurance while driving, you will be fined or even imprisoned for repeated offences.

What is the policy type in bike insurance?

The policy type refers to the nature of the bike insurance policy with respect to the extent of coverage and the features offered by the insurance companies:

In India, there are three types of bike insurance - basic third party bike insurance, own damage cover and comprehensive insurance policy. While the third-party insurance only covers damages to a third party person or property, the own damage cover protects only the insured vehicle against damages caused due to accident, theft, natural disasters and man-made disasters.

Tata AIG recommends going for the comprehensive bike insurance policy as it not only covers against third-party damages but also includes an own damage cover and a Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver.

What is first-party bike insurance?

In a bike insurance contract, there are three parties - first party (policyholder’s bike), second party (insurance company) and third party.

In first-party bike insurance, the insurance extends only to the damages and theft of the bike. It offers coverage against the damages caused to the vehicle from natural calamities, man-made damages, fire, theft, etc.

Some first-party bike insurance policies also offer a Personal Accident Cover of up to Rs 15 lakhs to the owner-driver.

What is covered under two-wheeler insurance?

Damages and Loss to the vehicle caused by natural calamities, man-made calamities, fire, accidents and transit

Theft of the bike and total damage of the bike

Third-party liability that includes injury/death of a third party and/or damages to the third-party property

Personal Accident Cover of up to Rs 15 lakhs to the owner-driver

Additional coverage under the add-ons

Is insurance mandatory for scooty?

Under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all motor vehicles, including scootys, should have valid motor insurance to ply on the Indian roads. The absence of an active [insurance policy for scooty]( will lead to fines as per the prevailing norms and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months for repeated offences.

Why do I need to get an insurance policy for my two-wheeler?

You should buy a two-wheeler insurance policy for the following reasons:

1. Satisfy the legal mandate under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act

2.Secure your vehicle against the damages caused by natural disasters, man-made calamities and fire

3.Ensure proper reimbursement in case of theft or total damage to the bike

4.Financial protection against any third-party liabilities

5.Personal Accident Cover to the owner-driver to cover medical expenses or death caused by an accident

What are the documents required to buy bike insurance online?

Documents needed to buy two-wheeler insurance online are:

Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicleValid Driving License

Proof of Identity (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License, etc.)

Proof of Address (Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, etc.)

Passport-sized photos

Duly filled application form

What are the benefits of buying bike insurance online?

1.You can easily research and compare multiple two wheeler policies and choose the coverage the suits your specific needs

2.Online purchase of bike insurance is time and cost-saving

3.It is environment-friendly as the entire process becomes paperless

4.You can quickly and seamlessly access all policy documents and brochures in one place

5.Online bike insurance plans offer high customizability and choice of coverage

6.Offers ease of migration from one insurer to another

7.You can enjoy a quick and secure premium payment process\n

Can my NCB be transferred?

Yes! NCB is a reward given by the insurance company to the owner-driver for following safe driving practices and not filing a single claim during a policy year. Thus, when you replace your vehicle with a new one, the NCB stays with you, and you can transfer it to your new vehicle insurance policy.

Can I purchase any number of add-ons?

YES! You can purchase as many add-ons as you deem necessary for your bike insurance coverage. But, keep an eye on the premium, as add-ons are priced separately and increase the total bike insurance premium cost.

What does a bike insurance policy cover?

The extent of coverage for a bike insurance policy depends on the type of policy chosen. There are three major two-wheeler insurance plans in India – third-party, own-damage and comprehensive:

1.Third-party liability-only bike insurance: This policy only covers the financial and legal liabilities arising from the damage to a third party, death of a third party and damage to third-party property/vehicle

2.Own-damage bike insurance: This only covers the financial liabilities arising from damage to the bike caused by natural calamities, man-made disasters, fire and theft

3.Comprehensive bike insurance: This is a 360-degree bike insurance policy that covers damages to the bike, theft of the bike and third-party liabilities, along with a Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver. Moreover, you can further enhance the policy coverage by choosing from a long list of add-ons or additional covers that cover specific damages or situations

How can I calculate the bike insurance premium for my policy?

One of the simplest, quickest and most hassle-free ways of calculating your two wheeler premium is through our online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator.

Simply add the details as prompted by the screen

Choose the policy coverage and add-ons

The calculator will display the exact premium you must pay for the bike insurance coverage of your choice

How do I download my bike insurance copy with the policy number?

If you have a Tata AIG two wheeler insurance policy, simply go to the website and navigate to the ‘Self-Service’ tab on the top right corner. Click on Download Policy. Enter your Registered Mobile Number and Confirm. /p>

You can get a soft copy of your policy emailed to your registered mail ID. The policy number is mentioned in the policy document.

How do I renew my policy after it expires?

To renew expired bike insurance policy:

Go to the Bike Insurance page. Input your bike registration number

Click on ‘Renew’ for the existing Tata AIG policy. For other companies’ policies, click on Get Price

Submit all the necessary bike and personal details. Keep the details of the expired policy handy

Choose the coverage and add-on details

Pay the premium and you have your bike insurance policy renewed

How can I check my insurance policy online?

If you are a Tata AIG customer:

Click on the Self-Service Tab on our home page

Click on Download Policy

Input the Registered Mobile Number and Confirm

You can even get the soft copy of the two wheeler policy mailed to your registered mail ID.

If you are a non-Tata AIG customer, your insurance policy is available on your insurance provider’s website, then simply log in and access your insurance policy. You can download a soft copy of the policy and store it offline on your PC or phone.

You can also visit your Regional Transport Office or the State Transport Department’s website and enter your bike’s registration details to check your insurance policy online on their portals.

Additionally, the Parivahan Portal of the Ministry of Roads and Transport and the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) also keep a database of all the motor insurance policies, linked with the respective vehicle registration numbers.

Can I check if a vehicle is insured?

Yes, you can use your bike’s registration number to check the insurance status of the two-wheeler on the following portals:

Website of the RTO where the two-wheeler is registered

Website of the State Transport Department where the two-wheeler is registered

Parivahan portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Website of the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

Do insurance policies automatically renew?

Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance currently does not offer automatic renewal of policies. You will have to visit the website before the policy expiry to manually renew your bike insurance. But fret not! We offer a quick and easy bike insurance renewal process for you:

Visit the bike insurance renewal page

Add your vehicle registration number and click on Renew

Provide all the necessary details

Pay the premium, and that’s all! Your Tata AIG two wheeler insurance policy has been renewed

What happens to the bike insurance policy if I sell my bike?

You can transfer the two wheeler insurance policy, along with the ownership of the bike, to the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to transfer the bike insurance policy in their name within 14 days of the bike purchase date.

However, you can retain the accumulated NCB benefits and transfer them to your new vehicle insurance policy, if any.

Is it ok not to make a claim if the damage is minimal?

Yes! If the claim amount is smaller than the expected No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount at the time of policy renewal, then it is advisable to pay for the repairs by yourself and avoid filing a claim. This is because if you file a claim, the accumulated NCB will reset to zero, and you will lose out on the renewal discount.

How long does it take for a claim to be settled?

Once you have successfully filed the bike insurance claim, it takes between 7 to 30 days to get the claim settled. You can track your Tata AIG bike insurance claim here.

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