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A convenient way to register your claim & track your status.

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Two Wheeler Insurance

Let’s get you started on your two wheeler insurance journey!

Two wheelers are the closest a man has come to surfing on the roads! Having said that, two wheelers also carry greater risks of mishaps simply because they are lighter than cars more exposed and tends to be treated like flying dragons. There is always that helmet, but you and your beloved bike need more than that. You need a bubble around you to keep you safe. Let’s call this bubble, Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited (‘Tata AIG’) two wheeler insurance Policy. There are many studies that have proven that two-wheelers are more prone to accidents, but what makes it more worrisome is the fact that many teenagers ride them too and sometimes not-so-responsibly. And that makes two wheeler insurance, a necessity. Not only to yourself and to the bike, this poses an increased threat to the 3rd party too; and hence, the legally mandated 2 wheeler third party insurance. Tata AIG has made navigating through your bike insurance needs, supremely easy online. Whether it is buying two wheeler insurance online, your annual two wheeler insurance renewal or a hunt for a third party insurance online for two wheelers, we have got you covered. With one of the most transparent and comprehensive two wheeler insurance online, we also provide you with a bike insurance calculator for you to check the two wheeler third party insurance rates or comprehensive cover rates, before you zero down on what you need.

Let us get you started!

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Two wheeler Insurance Online

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"There is no hidden agenda when it is a Tata group company. Tata AIG’s policy documents cover everything in detail, even the exceptions."
"Whenever we think of good service we think of Tata AIG."
"We take this opportunity to appreciate your positive attitude and practical approach."
"There is no hidden agenda when it is a Tata group company. Tata AIG’s policy documents cover everything in detail, even the exceptions."
Read All Reviews

Advantages Of TATA AIG Insurance

We are from House of Tata and legacy of trust and customer-centricity precedes us
Our processes are transparent, quick and easy to understand
We have no hidden conditions or illegible fine print
Our depreciation slabs are pre-declared
We are from House of Tata and legacy of trust and customer-centricity precedes us
Our processes are transparent, quick and easy to understand
We have no hidden conditions or illegible fine print
Our depreciation slabs are pre-declared

Add Ons For A Unique Plan And Extra Protection

Depreciation Allowan...
Return to Invoice...
Consumable Expenses...
Emergency Medical Ex...
Additional Personal ...
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Depreciation Allowance
Get Depreciation Allowance with Our Bike Insurance Online
A way around depreciation, at last! Under this cover we shall pay you the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of replaced parts under own damage claim. Only the first two claims can avail this benefit. Please read policy wordings for more details,
Return to Invoice
Invoice Difference is Reimbursed to You with Our Bike Insurance Plans
In case an accident leaves you with a two wheeler that is total loss or constructive total loss or in case of theft; under this cover, we shall reimburse to you the difference between the amount you receive and the invoice value of the car.
Consumable Expenses
Get Covered the Cost of Consumables with Our Bike Insurance Plans
We will cover cost of consumables required to be replaced/replenished arising from an accident to the insured two wheeler. Consumable for the purpose of this cover shall include engine oil, gear box oil, lubricants, nut & bolt, screw, distilled water, grease, oil filter, bearings, washers, clip, break oil and items of similar nature excluding fuel.
Emergency Medical Expenses
Get Emergency Medical Expenses Cover with Our Two-wheeler Insurance
In the unfortunate event of an accident, we will reimburse emergency medical expenses incurred for the treatment of bodily injury/ies sustained by you/driver/occupant in a Hospital / Nursing Home and reasonable Ambulance charges for shifting injured from the site of accident to the hospital/ nursing home along with cost of supporting items such as crutches, wheelchair, artificial limbs etc.
Additional Personal Accident Cover to Owner Driver
Our Online Bike Insurance Offers Personal Accident Coverage for Driver or Owner
Owing to the additional risk of accidents when it comes to two-wheelers, our two wheeler insurance policy has been designed to provide additional personal accident cover for the registered owner of the vehicle, if opted for.
Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover
Our Two-wheeler Insurance Covers Third Party Property Damage
Do you think you might need an additional third-party cover? We will not judge you. It provides additional protection against third party property damage which is over and above what is covered under the policy.
Additional Personal Accident Cover to Unnamed Persons
Our Bike Insurance Cover Personal Accident of Unnamed Person
Are you worried about unamed pillion/driver/sidecar passenger in direct association with the insured vehicle? This add-on shall provide that much extra cover for them as well. In the unfortunate event of an accident resulting into death and injury to any person driving the insured vehicle or travelling as occupant, they will get protection for an additional amount in addition to coverage provided under the policy. Add-on covers can only be purchased with base product and on payment of additional premium. Please refer to policy wordings for more details.

What's Covered In Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

Comprehensive Cover

While there are many products available in the market for two wheeler insurance, it is imperative that one looks at not only the policy features, benefits but should also look at other factors such as company’s claim paying capability, service, claim settlement ratio and brand etc. One of the leading two wheeler insurance providers in the market is Tata AIG and it offers two wheeler insurance with a comprehensive package policy for two wheelers. Tata group has a brand heritage and legacy in India and is known for its values and business ethics. Tata Sons partnered with American International Group (AIG), one of the leading global insurance companies in the world and has been providing wide range of insurance products to its customers.

Get Comprehensive Coverage with TATA AIG Car Insurance

Loss of or Damage to the vehicle Insured

Tata AIG two wheeler insurance policy also covers any damage that may occur to your two wheeler, due to any or one of the following reasons:

  • Natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes etc
  • Terrorist activity/ malicious act
  • External accident
  • By fire explosion: self-ignition/lightning
  • Whilst in transit on the road, rail, waterway, lift or air
Our Bike Insurance Plan Covers Damage Caused to Your Two-wheeler

Liability to Third Parties

This is a mandatory policy as per Motor Vehicle Act. It covers the damages against property, bodily injury and death to a third party due to an accident caused by your two-wheeler and Damage to the property belonging to the third party.

Our Bike Insurance Plans Come with Third-Party Coverage

Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver

God forbid if you get hurt! In case of a bodily harm to the insured in the process of getting on or off from the insured two wheeler or while riding as a co-driver or whilst driving etc. (Please refer policy wording for % coverage)

  • Death
  • Loss of limbs or eye-sight
  • Permanent disablement
You Get a Personal Accident Coverage with Our Bike Insurance Plans

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Frequently Asked Question

But what are IDV and Depreciation in two wheeler insurance?


IDV (Insured Declared value) refers to the sum insured and is basically the selling price of the two wheeler as listed by the manufacturer. This is the sum against which this insurance policy for two wheeler is issued. The insured sum does not remain the same throughout the life of the two wheeler, it depreciates with the depreciation in the value of the two wheeler.

Depreciation is the decrease in the value of your two wheeler or its parts due to usage over a number of years and wear & tear. Tata AIG pre-declares the depreciation slabs for its two wheeler insurance policies so that there are no surprises for the investors later.

What do I have to do for my two wheeler insurance renewal?


Renewal of your Auto policy is now very easy; you can renew your policy by opting for below mentioned ways

Online Payment – You can now renew your policy online by using your credit/ Debit card or Net banking; click on renew tab to renew online

Renew your bike insurance policy for which you can call our tollfree 1800-266-7780, visit our nearest branch or buy a two wheeler insurance online from Tata AIG Website.

How much premium do I have to pay for my bike insurance?


You can use our bike insurance calculator to derive an approximate premium to be paid for a two wheeler insurance policy.

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