How to File a Two Wheeler Insurance Accident Claim

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As a responsible bike rider, you are very careful about your on-road behaviour. You are also rule-abiding about riding with the right kind of bike insurance policy which is valid. Despite your greatest precautions, sometimes a mishap might cause severe physical and emotional trauma in the form of injuries, damage to the bike etc. With a bike, it is even more pronounced because of the less sophisticated level of safety for the rider.

How Does Bike Insurance Help in an Accident?

Insurance for a bike is a legal and financial safeguard. A two-wheeler insurance policy with third-party liability coverage protects any third party from the damage to their vehicle and any bodily injury caused by your insured bike. A third party who has suffered damage under such conditions is entitled to claim reimbursement for the expenses they would meet to repair their bike back to fit for the road.

The insurance company would pay the amount on your behalf subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Therefore, you, the owner-driver, is spared a large outflow of funds in an unexpected manner.

Additionally, if you have opted for an own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, you can file a claim for the damages incurred by your bike. In case of total damage, i.e., damages beyond repair, the fixed IDV or the policy sum assured is paid out. The Personal Accident Cover also allows you to claim for the medical expenses arising from treating your injuries sustained in the accident.

Does Bike Accident Insurance Claim Cover Damage to the Bike?

The extent of coverage depends on the type of policy on the bike. At the minimum, a third-party liability coverage policy safeguards the vehicle for damage to third-party vehicles and passengers. It does not cover damage to the insured bike. To get coverage for the insured bike in addition to third-party coverage, a comprehensive coverage policy is necessary.

The coverage for own damage can also be obtained as a standalone own damage policy. In the comprehensive policy, a number of add-on riders can be included so that the coverage has a wider scope. To get the right coverage in bike insurance, compare two wheeler insurance policies of different companies before choosing the one for your bike.

How do I Make an Insurance Claim on My Bike?

For Third-party Two Wheeler Insurance Accident Claim:

In the case of a third-party bike insurance claim, there can be two circumstances. First, where you are driving the bike and cause third-party damage. Second, someone else damages your property or injures you with their two-wheeler. Let us look at how you can file a claim in both these cases:

Scenario 1: Filing the claim if you cause the damage:

  • When you fill a two wheeler insurance accident claim, make sure you collect all proof of the damage caused to the third party person, vehicle or property with relevant videos or photos.
  • Make a note of all the necessary details of the third party - their names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • See if there are any eyewitnesses. If yes, take down their names and contact details as well.
  • Inform us about the accident at 1800 266 7780 or go to the Claims process page.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station.
  • File a formal plea with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Court.
  • Follow the due process and submit the essential documents.
  • Inform the insurance company of the court's response and let the insurance company determine the compensation.

Scenario 2: Filing the claim if you are affected by the incident:

  • Make sure you collect all proof of the damage caused to the third party person, vehicle or property with relevant videos or photos while filling two wheeler insurance accident claims.
  • Make a note of all the necessary details of the third party - their names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • See if there are any eyewitnesses. If yes, take down their names and contact details as well.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station.
  • The case will then be taken up by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Court.
  • Be present for the court sessions and submit a copy of the FIR, required document, details and proof of the incident.
  • Present the eyewitnesses to help you further present and prove your case.
  • The tribunal court will assess, authorise and compensate the applicable damages.

For Own-Damage Two Wheeler Insurance Accident Claim:

We saw how you can file for a third-party bike insurance accident claim. However, in the 1st scenario above you damage your vehicle or you simply damage only your vehicle in the accident, you have to file a claim under a standalone OD policy or a comprehensive policy.

If you have a Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance policy, you can make an application and complete the claim process online. Our two-wheeler accident insurance claim procedure is as follows:

  • Get in touch with us at our toll-free number – 1800 266 7780 or go to the Claims process page of our website to initiate your claim.
  • You should fill out the form on the screen.
  • You will receive a link on the registered mobile for self-inspection of your bike. You can use the link to submit the details of damage through your mobile phone including videos and photographs of the damaged bike.
  • Next, a surveyor will inspect your bike and submit the damage report.
  • You have the option to choose cashless claim settlement through network garages or reimbursement claim settlement through the non-network garages.
  • Submit your claim with supporting documentation such as policy document, driver’s licence, police report, photographs of the bike and third party details.
  • Once you file your claim request, a claim registration number is allotted which should be used for further correspondence about the settlement.
  • We will verify your claim subject to the conditions set out in the two wheeler insurance policy and make payment accordingly.

How Can I See When My Claim Will be Settled?

If you have purchased a Tata AIG bike insurance policy and you have lodged your claim online, you can track the progress of your claim by visiting the Claims process page and clicking on ‘Track Claim’.

How Much Will be Settled on an Online Motorcycle Insurance Policy Claim?

The amount of claims settled depends on several factors. For example, third-party liability is paid according to the amount adjudicated by the Motor Insurance Claims Tribunal. In the own damage policy, the claim is subject to some items called deductibles. These are borne by the bike owner as the policy specifically excludes such items. Therefore, the higher the deductibles, the lower the amount of claim settled under the policy. The claim amount also varies if add-ons have been chosen by the bike owner.

How Much Can I Claim for a Bike Accident Death?

  • Third-Party Insurance Claim: Under the bike insurance policy, the amount of claim for liability towards injury to the third party varies between ₹5 lakhs and ₹7.5 lakhs. The liability for death remains unlimited.

  • OD Cover or Comprehensive Insurance: The accidental damage claim under the standalone OD or the comprehensive insurance policy is subject to the total sum assured selected at the time of the policy purchase/renewal. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the prevailing market value is the ceiling for damage claims, especially for total loss claims.

How is a Comprehensive Policy Better than a Third-party Cover Policy

A comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy covers damage to third party property as well as the insured bike. Besides, the insured bike is safeguarded from damage due to theft, flood, riots and other natural and man-made disasters. A number of add-ons provide an additional layer of security to the bike. Therefore, it is better to choose a comprehensive bike insurance policy as compared to a standalone third-party cover policy.


In the event of an accident, you should file a claim with the bike insurance company by following the proper procedure. You should keep adequate documentary and photographic evidence of the loss sustained. The claim settlement process is completely online nowadays and can be a seamless one if you have the documentation available handy. Thus, always remember to ride safely but not panic in case of an accident. With the support of your Tata AIG bike insurance policy, you can tide over the stressful situation with minimum difficulty.

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