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    Motor Insurance

    Motor insurance is no longer a formality for your vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance! It is the legal minimum to have your two-wheeler and four-wheeler out on the road. 

    So, while you invest your best in eyeing that perfect car or bike model, we will invest our best to offer you the perfect cover to protect your vehicle against financial liabilities arising out of unforeseen contingencies.


    Be it new buy or renewals, two-wheeler or four-wheeler, the Tata AIG expert assistance is just a call away to get you the maximum benefit in minimizing the risks of your vehicle! 


    So, give your vehicle the care it deserves with Tata AIG Motor Insurance Plans!


    Let’s get started


    • Make Sure you check these regularly to have a happy driving experience

      1) Safety Belts

      2) Wiper: Blades, Fluid

      3) Engine: Radiator, Fluids - Brake, P/S, Oil, Battery/Terminal, Horn, Gas/Air Filter

      4) Lights: Headlights, Signals

      5) Lights: Brake, Signal, Park

      6) Trunk: Spare Tire, Tools

    • Have Us Call You!
      Or You Can Contact Us on Our Toll Free No: 1800 266 1363

    Choose a plan
    • Auto Secure-Private Car Package Policy
      UIN: IRDAN108RP0002V01200001
      Your car gives you independence and freedom of movement. Allowing the whole family to move together, it becomes a part of the family itself. So, let’s give it the care and protection it needs.


      Long Term Two Wheeler Package Policy
      UIN: IRDAN108RP0007V01201516
      Renewing your policy every year can be tedious and forgetting to do so is a real possibility. Protect your two-wheeler for two or three years and save yourself yearly renewals and extra documentation.
    • Auto Secure-Two Wheeler Package Policy

      UIN: IRDAN108RP0001V01200001


      Your two wheeler takes you from highways to the narrowest streets. It could be the best companion on a solo trip. We’ll help you enjoy the ride by giving you the peace of mind. Stay protected with us.

      Auto Secure-Commercial Vehicle Package Policy

      UIN: IRDAN108RP0003V02200001


      • Cover Loss or Damage to your Vehicle.
      • Extra protection through unique Add on covers

    Tata AIG Motor insurance

    If you are here and reading this, we assume you need the conviction to buy the right insurance for your vehicle. We have the right motor insurance policy for the complete protection of your precious vehicle.


    Allow us to explain!


    Insurance is a step that you take today, in anticipation of a calamity that can hit you tomorrow. Even though the odds of that calamity happening may be very low but that does not mean you should not be prepared for it. Think of it like the polio drops and vaccinations we subject our children to. Now, what are the odds that polio comes back full swing to our country? Low, right? But we do it to insure our children against it. And similarly, there are steps that we take to insure us and our families every now and then.


    The most important factor to understand today in any kind of motor insurance policy is that it isn’t only about repairing the damage that happens to your vehicle. Rather, it is an umbrella of services covering you, your vehicle and the third party vehicle too (in case of an accident). We do not say that accidents, thefts, calamities etc are inevitable. But they are certainly unplanned. Hence, you may be better off having a provision for such situations, through a good vehicle insurance policy.


    Why do I need a vehicle insurance?

    For comprehensive coverage in situations of theft, fire, earthquakes etc.

    For collision/accidental coverage of you and your vehicle


    For third party insurance coverage


    How to apply for a motor insurance?

     You can apply for vehicle insurance online, via the website

     Via an authorized insurance intermediary


     By calling our toll-free number 1800 266 1363


    Having said all of the above though, in India vehicle insurance is also mandatory by law. It is illegal to be driving a car without a motor insurance. And let’s be practical, driving while under influence of alcohol or any other intoxication is a big no-no!



    What makes Tata AIG motor insurance work for you?

    There are no hidden conditions for claiming vehicle insurance.

    The depreciation slabs are in black and white. What we show you, is what you get.


    Many add-ons available to customize your requirements as per the motor insurance plan.


    We live in an age of customization. Even the ice cream shops offer a range of toppings to choose from. And well, we are firm believers of customer satisfaction too. Hence, apart from the services mentioned above, our vehicle insurance policy also offers to customize your policies as per your requirements. Our add-on plans give you the benefit of being able to choose what suits you the best, in addition to the base vehicle insurance policy. And just like the rainbow sprinkles on your ice cream, these come with additional premium.

    Types of Tata AIG motor insurance policies


    Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy (UIN - IRDAN108RP0002V01200001)


    Own a car? Fed up of the way others drive? Yes, welcome to the club! Our comprehensive vehicle insurance policy takes care of you and your beloved vehicle. And if at all you are having a bad day and you end up with bodily injury to third party, we can take care of that too with our third party motor insurance. Basically, we help you drive without a worry on your mind. Try us out?


    Auto Secure-Commercial Vehicle Package Policy


    Goods Carrying Vehicle (UIN- IRDAN108RP0050V01201819) 


    Passenger Carrying Vehicle (UIN: IDRAN108RP0077V01201819)


    Miscellaneous and Special Types of vehicles (UIN: IRDAN108RP0078V01201819)


     The vehicle covered under hire and reward  is also covered under Auto Secure-Commercial Vehicle Package Policy. That doubles your responsibility. Also, lowers your control over what happens on the road. Commercial vehicles are normally heavy in nature and require more care. So how about we tell you that we have got you sorted there too? Our policy covers the driver, the vehicle and a third party liability. All in one! You shall get a notification when the policy renewal is due and you may even apply for the vehicle insurance online .


    Auto Secure-Two Wheeler Package Policy (UIN – IRDAN108RP0076V01201819)


    We know you love to fly in that two-wheeled teleporting gizmo. Two-wheelers are also more subject to risks given that they have well, two wheels instead of four. But we do not want you to worry. We need you to enjoy that wind on your face while we have you and your bike covered in case of any mishap. Yes, third party liability too. Our Motor Insurance is designed to make your journeys carefree. Although let’s not be too carefree and start wearing that helmet now! You shall get a notification when the policy renewal is due and you may even apply for the vehicle insurance online .


    Long Term Two Wheeler Package Policy (UIN: IRDAN108RP0007V01201516)


    Kya aap Two-wheeler chalate hain? Kya aap insurance renewal bhool jaate hain? Kya aap ek solution chahte hain? Voila, you have arrived on the right page. We have just the solution for you. In your very-busy lives, there can be situations when an insurance renewal could not be done on time. No fret. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited has  answers to some specific insurance cravings too, like this one.


    Our long-term Two-wheeler insurance policy enables you to insure your vehicle for a period of 3 years and live stress-free. You shall get a notification when the policy renewal is due and you may even apply for the vehicle insurance online. 

    The best thing about our motor insurance is that you can apply for the motor insurance online. Our motor insurance  policy is as transparent as it can get. You are only a few clicks away from having a relaxed mind. We know the roads are unpredictable, but your life need not be. 

    Secure your ride today!



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