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    • Benefits you get with TATA AIG Private Client Insurance

      1. Risk management services

      2. Fine art and rare antique protection

      3. Art Collection management services

      4. 8 Add-ons for your car

      5 All vehicles under one renewal date

      6. Alternate accommodation

      7. Client centric coverage

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    • About PCG

      All the valuable acquisitions you have carefully and lovingly surrounded yourself with like your fleet of cars, antique jewellery, period furniture, invaluable paintings, precious heirlooms, and priceless artifacts have been painstakingly acquired over the years.

      Home and Contents

      Some of the world's most beautiful homes are also the hardest to insure. Wherever you reside either in the city, on the coast, in the mountains, in a gated community or all of the above, Tata AIG Private Client Group offers a comprehensive coverage with the flexibility required for maximum protection and designed to address the uniqueness of your dwelling or the valuables so carefully chosen within. 

      Art Collection Management

      No matter how unique your collection, we will work with you to create a policy that adequately addresses your coverage needs.




    • Motor Insurance
      Successful people like you need more than insurance policies. Tata AIG Private Client Group (PCG) specializes in providing insurance cover for the personal assets like the high valued vehicles of the High Net worth Individuals. 
      Fine Art & Valuables

      No matter what your passion is, Tata AIG Private Client Group will help protect it. Whether it is fine art, jewellery, rare antiques or just about anything else you value, your private collection will be handled with care.





      Exceptional Value

      At Tata AIG Private Client Group, we design bespoke and all–inclusive insurance policies that provide protection if the worst does happen. Because we carefully appraise all our clients’ risks, we also recommend specific courses of action to safeguard them, greatly reducing, in the first instance the likelihood of loss.

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