Corona Kavach Insurance

If you are looking for the best Covid insurance plan, your search ends right now. Opt for the Tata AIG health insurance plan and get coverage for coronavirus and a wide range of health-related issues.

Buy Tata AIG's Covid Insurance Plan now, starting at just ₹15 per day*.

Here's a quick glance at the key highlights of the Tata AIG Coronavirus Insurance Plan.

  • Access to Cashless Insurance at 7,200+ Cashless Hospitals
  • 94.43 per cent Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio
  • 4.5/5 Customer Ratings
  • Hospitalisation Cover
  • Coverage for Post-Hospitalisation Expenses
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What is Covered Under the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy?

You must know what is covered under your Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy. Here are the inclusions and exclusions from a corona policy.

Corona Kavach Health Insurance Inclusions

Since your Covid Kavach Insurance Policy is a part of a Tata AIG health insurance plan, it includes the following covers.

Cover for pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses: Your coronavirus insurance includes coverage for pre-hospitalisation expenses and post-hospitalisation expenses that constitute an important part of all Tata AIG health insurance plans.

Cover for Daycare Procedures: One of the benefits of buying a comprehensive health insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage is that you get coverage for daycare procedures.

Cover for hospitalisation expenses: Should you happen to be hospitalised due to an accident, injury, ailment, or COVID-19 diagnosis, your Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy has got your back.

Ambulance cover: The expenses of transit to a hospital in the case of a medical emergency are covered under your coronavirus insurance.

AYUSH benefits: Your Tata AIG health insurance plan with coronavirus insurance covers treatments that follow the Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, or Homeopathy line of treatments.

Cover for health check-ups: The cost of preventive health check-ups is covered under your Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy.

COVID-19 cover: Any hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses arising out of your treatment for and recovery from coronavirus are covered under your Covid Kavach Insurance Policy.

Corona Kavach Health Insurance Exclusions

Before purchasing a corona policy online, you must make a note of what is excluded from the policy. Here are the exclusions from a Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy.

Home Quarantine: If you are engaging in quarantine at home following a COVID-19 diagnosis or interaction with someone who later turned out to be covid positive, the ensuing expenses are not covered under your Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy.

Quarantine at a Non-authorised Quarantine Centre: Any expenses resulting from engaging in quarantine at an unauthorised quarantine centre shall not be covered under your Corona Insurance Policy.

Treatments for Critical Illnesses: The cost of the treatment for any critical illnesses is not a permissible cover under your coronavirus insurance unless you have a specific cover for critical illnesses.

Hospitalisation Without a Doctor's Advice: If you choose to get hospitalised without the advice of a doctor, the resultant expenses shall not be covered under your coronavirus insurance plan.

All the policy exclusions under Tata AIG's health insurance policies: The standard exclusions from Tata AIG health insurance plans apply to your Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy as well. These exclusions include:

  • Expenses for optional procedures such as cosmetic and bariatric surgery
  • Hospitalisation for enteral feedings
  • Expenses for rehabilitation and custodial care
  • The cost of preventive care, including vaccinations
  • Treatment under experimental and/or non-approved treatment methods
  • Expenses for diagnostic and laboratory examinations
  • The cost of provision of items of personal comfort during hospitalisation
  • Treatment received from a Medical Practitioner beyond the realm of their dedicated discipline
  • The cost of a doctor's consultation charged by a doctor living on the same premises as you or a doctor who is related to you

For a thorough understanding of the inclusions and exclusions from your coronavirus insurance policy, you must peruse the policy wordings.

COVID Insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has torn millions of lives across the globe asunder, leaving families shattered and children orphaned. With the unprecedented devastation caused by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the need for specific health insurance coverage for the disease was felt, which is why we have launched the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy.

The aim of Corona Kavach is simple and straightforward: to provide you with financial protection against the various expenses arising in the wake of a COVID-19 diagnosis. Our covid insurance policy covers the cost of hospitalisation due to COVID-19 as well as the post-hospitalisation expenses that follow suit. Therefore, by opting for this covid policy, you can focus on your recovery from the infection without worrying about your medical bills.

As is the case with all our mediclaim insurance plans, you can apply for our health insurance plan, comprising a COVID-19 cover, on our website. You can also get medical insurance online for your family by purchasing a Tata AIG health insurance family plan. All the Tata AIG MediCare line of health insurance plans contain a Corona Kavach Policy. Therefore, you do not have to purchase a separate covid insurance policy.

There is no asset more precious in life than good health, and the ongoing pandemic has put that into jeopardy for all of us. The deadly virus uses the very air we breathe as a weapon to spread its wings, which is why it is extremely important to have a suitable covid insurance plan. With the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy, you get extensive coverage against a myriad of health-related risks, including a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Why Do You Need Corona Kavach?

If you are wondering whether you need COVID-19 insurance, wonder no more. No one is beyond the wingspan of this brutal virus, and the only thing we can do is take all the necessary precautionary measures and invest in a COVID-19 insurance policy. There are several reasons why you need a Corona Kavach, some of which have been discussed below.

It Covers The Cost of the Treatment For Covid-19: The Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy covers the cost of your medical treatment following a COVID-19 diagnosis, including hospitalisation, if necessary, and post-hospitalisation expenses. With the high cost of ICU beds and their ever-rising demand in the wake of the pandemic, you absolutely must have ample financial protection to be able to bear the burden of the associated medical expenses. Therefore, you must invest in a Corona Kavach Policy online at the earliest.

It Offers Sufficient Insurance At Feasible Premiums: With our health insurance policies starting at just ₹15 per day, you can get comprehensive health insurance coverage at feasible rates. The Corona Kavach Policy Premium is minimal, but the benefits of this cover are anything but.

It Protects Your Savings: The sudden diagnosis of COVID-19 and the cost of the treatment that is required for you to recover from the infection can put a severe dent in your meticulously accumulated savings. This can have far-reaching consequences for your and your family's financial plans and future. In order to prevent that from happening, you must purchase a Corona Kavach Policy now.

Who Needs Corona Kavach Insurance?

Since coronavirus is an air-borne infection, all of us need covid insurance. The virus does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, socio-economic status, or the condition of your health. From a pregnant woman to an infant, from a healthy 25-year-old to a 55-year old with Asthma, everyone is vulnerable to viral infection.

However, COVID-19 affects us all in varying degrees, depending on a variety of factors, including our immunity levels, pre-existing illnesses or lack thereof, and our overall medical condition. One thing that is certain is that it weakens the body and exacerbates any existing ailment.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to follow all the health and safety guidelines released by the government and health authorities. It is equally important to buy a COVID-19 insurance plan so as to have adequate financial protection in the unfortunate event of you contracting the virus. This is why you must not think twice before purchasing a Covid Kavach Policy.

Not only must you purchase COVID-19 insurance for yourself but also for your family. This is where a Tata AIG Family Floater Health Insurance Plan can be handy since it provides coverage to several members of a family under one plan. Whether you opt for our Individual Health Insurance Plan or our Family Floater Health Insurance Plan, you shall benefit from a Corona Kavach Insurance cover.

Benefits Of Corona Kavach Insurance

There are several benefits of buying covid health insurance, which is why the decision to do so must be easy. Here are some of the major benefits of buying coronavirus insurance:

It Offers Hospitalisation Cover: The Tata AIG Corona Kavach Insurance Policy comprises a cover for the hospitalisation expenses resulting from a COVID-19 diagnosis. Therefore, should your health take a turn for the worse due to the virus requiring you to be hospitalised, our Corona Kavach has got you covered.

It Has a Cover for Post-Hospitalisation Expenses: The recovery from COVID-19 may take weeks and, in some extreme cases, even months, which is why our Corona Health Insurance includes coverage for post-hospitalisation expenses. Hence, true to its name, this health insurance plan acts as a shield during your battle against the virus.

It Offers Health Insurance at Affordable Rates: Our coronavirus insurance covers are a part of all our health insurance plans, thereby providing you corona insurance at a nominal additional cost. With our health insurance plans starting at ₹15 per day, you can have optimal coverage at affordable prices.

It Has a Simple Claim Settlement Process: The claims process for our Corona Kavach plan is seamless and swift. You can file a health insurance claim at our website and enjoy the benefits of cashless insurance at our network of 7,200 plus hospitals across the country.

It Can Help You Keep Your Financial Plans Intact: In the wake of any medical emergency, one's whole family is left shaken not just emotionally but also financially, and a COVID-19 diagnosis is no exception to this sad truth. With the purchase of coronavirus insurance, however, you can ensure that your medical bills for covid treatment are covered without adversely affecting your financial plans and your savings.

Types Of COVID-19 Insurance in India

There are three types of COVID-19 insurance policies available in India, all of which have been discussed below:

Corona Kavach Policy: The Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy is a simple health insurance policy with a sum insured ranging between ₹50,000 and ₹5,00,000. This health policy offers the following benefits:

  • Cover for hospitalisation expenses
  • Cover for domiciliary treatment
  • Ambulance cover
  • Coverage for the cost of PPE kits
  • Cover for the cost of medicines
  • Coverage for the expenses for masks and gloves
  • Cover for ICU expenses during hospitalisation

Corona Rakshak Policy: The Corona Rakshak Policy is a covid health insurance plan that has a sum insured in the range of ₹2,50,000 to ₹5,00,000. This health insurance policy comprises the following benefits:

  • Cover for hospitalisation of 72 hours and longer
  • Cover for the cost of PPE kits, masks, gloves, oximeters, oxygen cylinders, etc.
  • The option for individuals with comorbidities to get COVID-19 insurance, albeit at an additional premium

Coronavirus Group Health Insurance Policy: Not all group health insurance policies comprise a cover for coronavirus. However, if a group health insurance plan is a Corona Kavach Plan or a Corona Rakshak Plan, then it automatically assures COVID-19 insurance. Therefore, if you are enrolled in a group health insurance plan, you must check the policy wordings to check whether you have covid health insurance.

You can choose the best COVID-19 insurance based on your health insurance requirements and the extent of the coverage you deem necessary for yourself and/or your family.

How To Claim Health Insurance for Covid Kavach?

If you have the Tata AIG Covid Kavach, you can benefit from cashless treatments at our wide network of hospitals across India. However, if you receive treatment for coronavirus at a non-network hospital, you can file a reimbursement claim with us. Here is the procedure for both types of claims mentioned above.

Cashless Claims for Treatment at a Network Hospital: If you receive treatment for coronavirus at one of our 7,200 plus network hospitals across India, you can email us your cashless insurance claim for covid insurance within 24 hours of being hospitalised.

After receiving the corona insurance claim form, we shall issue a Claim Intimation / Reference Number to you. Here are the documents you must submit to avail of cashless insurance at a network hospital.

  • A copy of your health insurance plan
  • Your photo identity card
  • Your insurance card
  • Your address proof
  • A duly filled CKYC form (only required if the claim is in excess of ₹1 lakh)

We will issue an authorisation letter to the concerned network hospital and settle your hospitalisation bill with them. You must not worry about this part of the process and focus entirely on your recovery.

Reimbursement Claims for Treatment at a Non-network Hospital: If you receive treatment for COVID-19 at a hospital that is not part of our network, you have to settle the hospitalisation bills yourself, then file a reimbursement claim with us. You can submit your Corona Health Insurance reimbursement claim to us along with the following documents.

  • A copy of your health insurance policy
  • A Medical Certificate that has been signed by a registered Medical Practitioner
  • A copy of your hospital discharge certificate
  • The necessary pathological test reports
  • The hospital bills in original
  • The pharmacy bills in original
  • Duly filled CKYC form (only if the claim amount exceeds ₹1 lakh)
  • Your NEFT details for the reimbursement

After the receipt of the aforementioned documents and your health insurance claim form, we shall perform due verification of all the documents and process your claim at the earliest.

You can submit your Corona Health Insurance Claim at the claims page of our website.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Coronavirus Insurance Cover

There are some significant factors that you must consider while buying COVID-19 insurance. Here are some of these factors.

The Sum Insured Under Your Corona Health Insurance Policy: It is of utmost importance to ensure that your Corona Kavach Policy has an adequate sum insured. Since the treatment for COVID-19 is very expensive, particularly if you have severe symptoms that can be exacerbated by any pre-existing illnesses, having a sufficient sum assured in your Corona Health Insurance Policy is a must.

The Coverage of Your Corona Insurance Policy: Before buying a Corona Kavach Policy online, you must carefully read the policy wordings to ascertain the inclusions and exclusions under the plan. This exercise is important to ensure that you opt for the right policy that provides you with the COVID-19 insurance you deem necessary.

The Waiting Period for Your Covid Policy: Since there is a waiting period associated with most health insurance policies, you must purchase coronavirus insurance as soon as possible so as to be able to use it when necessary. The Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy has a waiting period of 30 days, which means that within the first 30 days of the policy term, you cannot file a COVID-19 insurance policy claim.

The Premium for Your COVID-19 Insurance Policy: One of the most important factors to consider while buying corona insurance in India is the covid insurance premium. If you are buying a coronavirus insurance cover as part of a health insurance plan, the additional premium is likely to be nominal. You can use our health insurance premium calculator to get quotes for your Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Buy Corona Insurance Online? Yes, you can buy a Corona Kavach Policy online by visiting the health insurance page on the official Tata AIG website.

Why do I Need a Corona Kavach Policy? Since everyone is vulnerable to Covid-19, buying the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy is an easy way to ensure that you have sufficient coverage for the treatment of coronavirus in the unfortunate scenario of you contracting it.

What Is the Age Limit for Corona Kavach? The age limit for Corona Kavach is 18 to 65 years. Therefore, individuals below the age of 18 years and above the age of 65 years cannot subscribe to this COVID-19 insurance policy. However, an insurance company may permit the entry of individuals beyond the permissible age limits if their underwriting policy allows for that.

What Do You Mean By Sum Insured? The sum insured under a health insurance policy is the maximum amount you can claim from your insurer under the various benefits of the policy.

Is There A Waiting Period For Corona Health Insurance? Yes, the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy has a waiting period of 30 days. Therefore, you can only file a COVID-19 insurance claim after the expiration of 30 days of the policy term. It is, thus, advisable to purchase a corona health insurance policy as soon as possible.

Coverage-related Questions:

What Coverage Do I Get With Corona Kavach? The Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy provides you coverage for hospitalisation expenses and post-hospitalisation expenses following a COVID-19 diagnosis. Furthermore, benefits such as a cover for daycare procedures, health check-ups, ambulance expenses, etc., are also available to you as a part of the Tata AIG health insurance plan.

How Much Sum Insured Should I Opt For With COVID-19 Insurance? You should opt for a sum insured in line with your age, medical history, pre-existing illnesses, if any, and your financial capability. It is important to have an adequate sum insured under your coronavirus insurance cover.

Will Corona Kavach Cover Hospitalisation Outside India? No, Corona Kavach only covers the cost of hospitalisation within the geographical boundaries of India.

Can I avail of COVID-19 Treatment at Home Under the Corona Kavach Policy? Yes, you can avail of domiciliary treatment under a Corona Kavach Policy, provided the following conditions are satisfied.

The domiciliary treatment has been advised by a registered Medical Practitioner The duration of the domiciliary treatment does not exceed 14 days There is constant monitoring of your domiciliary treatment by a registered Medical Practitioner

Are The Expenses for COVID-19 Vaccination Covered Under the Corona Kavach Policy? No, the expenses incurred for any kind of preventive measures, including COVID-19 vaccination, are not covered under the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy.

Premium-related Questions:

How Many Premium Payments Do I Need To Make For A Corona Kavach Policy? In order to purchase a Corona Kavach Policy, you need to make a one-time payment. Upon making the payment online, you shall receive your coronavirus insurance policy in your email inbox.

How Much Premium for a Health Insurance Policy Qualifies for Tax Benefits? Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the premiums paid towards a health insurance policy qualify for tax deductions. If you are an assesses under the age of 60 years, you can claim a maximum tax deduction of ₹25,000 for the premium paid for yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children. If you are a senior citizen, you can claim a tax deduction of ₹50,000 for the health insurance premium paid for yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children. You can also claim an additional deduction of ₹25,000 for the covid insurance premiums paid against your parents health insurance plans if they are below the age of 60 years and ₹50,000 if they are older than 60 years.

What Parameters Are Considered To Calculate The Premium of a Corona Kavach Policy? The main parameters for the computation of the premium of a Corona Kavach Policy are:

  • Your age
  • Your medical history
  • The coverage you opt for
  • The sum insured you select

Does the Premium of Corona Kavach Vary Depending on Where the Policyholder lives? No, the premium of a Corona Kavach Policy does not vary based on the geographical location of the policyholder. The premium is affected by factors such as the policy holder's age, medical history, and the coverage they opt for.

Service-related Questions:

Can I Avail Cashless Insurance for Corona Kavach? Yes, you can avail of cashless insurance for the Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy. This is possible if you get treated for coronavirus at one of our network hospitals and file a cashless claim with us. In such a scenario, we shall directly settle your medical bills with the hospital.

Can I Submit Online Claims for my Corona Kavach Policy? Yes, you can submit an online claim for your Tata AIG Corona Kavach Policy. You can initiate and track your health insurance claims on the claims page of our website. With our streamlined claims process, the filing and settlement of claims can be done in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

Is There Round-the-clock Assistance Available for My COVID-19 Insurance Policy? Yes, absolutely! At Tata AIG, we take our promise of With You Always to heart. We are always available to provide you with the required assistance for policy purchase/renewal and during the claims process. You can reach out to our team of claims experts through the following media: Phone: 1800-266-7780 Email: WhatsApp: +91-9136160375


Corona Kavach Exclusions

The Company shall not be liable to make any payment under the policy, in respect of any expenses incurred in connection with or in respect of:

Investigation & Evaluation: Expenses related to any admission primarily for diagnostics and evaluation purposes. Any diagnostic expenses which are not related or not incidental to the current diagnosis and treatment

Rest Cure, rehabilitation and respite care: Expenses related to any admission primarily for enforced bed rest and not for receiving treatment. This also includes: i. Custodial care either at home or in a nursing facility for personal care such as help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, moving around either by skilled nurses or assistant or non-skilled persons. ii. Any services for people who are terminally ill to address physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

  • Dietary supplements and substances that can be purchased without prescription, including but not limited to Vitamins, minerals and organic substances unless prescribed by a medical practitioner as part of hospitalization claim or Home care treatment.
  • Unproven Treatments: Expenses related to any unproven treatment, services and supplies for or in connection with any treatment. Unproven treatments are treatments, procedures or supplies that lack significant medical documentation to support their effectiveness. However, treatment authorized by the government for the treatment of COVID shall be covered.
  • Any claim in the relation to COVID where it has been diagnosed prior to policy start date
  • Any expenses incurred on Day Care treatment and OPD treatment
  • Diagnosis /Treatment outside the geographical limits of India
  • Testing done at a Diagnostic centre which is not authorized by the Government shall not be recognized under this Policy
  • All covers under this Policy shall cease if the Insured Person travels to any country placed under Travel restriction by the Government of India.

For further details on coverage, exclusions and terms & conditions please refer policy wordings

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