Public Disclosures

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Q1 2020-21
Public Disclosures
NLForm NumberDownload Description
NL 1Revenue Accountdownload
NL 2Proft & Loss Accountdownload
NL 3Balance Sheetdownload
NL 4Premiumdownload
NL 5Claims Incurreddownload
NL 6Commissiondownload
NL 7Operating Expensesdownload
NL 8Share Capitaldownload
NL 9Pattern of Shareholdingdownload
NL 10Reserves and Surplusdownload
NL 11Borrowingsdownload
NL 12Investmentsdownload
NL 13Loansdownload
NL 14Fixed Assetsdownload
NL 15Cash and Bank Balancedownload
NL 16Advance and Other Assetsdownload
NL 17Current Liabilitiesdownload
NL 18Provisiondownload
NL 19Misc Expendituredownload
NL 21Statement of Liabilitiesdownload
NL 22Geographical Distribution of Businessdownload
NL 23Reinsurance Risk Concentrationdownload
NL 24Ageing of Claimsdownload
NL 25Claims Datadownload
NL 26Claims informationdownload
NL 27Officesdownload
NL 28Statement of Investment of Assetsdownload
NL 29Debt Securitiesdownload
NL 30Analytical Ratiosdownload
NL 31Related Party Transactionsdownload
NL 32Product Informationdownload
NL 33Solvencydownload
NL 34Board of Directors & Managementdownload
NL 35NPAsdownload
NL 36Yield on Investmentdownload
NL 37Downgrading of Investmentdownload
NL 38Quarterly Business Returns Across Line of Businessdownload
NL 39Rural & Social Sector Obligationsdownload
NL 40Business acquisition through different channelsdownload
NL 41Grievance Disposaldownload
Other Disclosures
Disclosures under Stewardship Policy -Q1 -2020-21