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Honda Activa Insurance

The Activa wasn’t the first product in the 100cc scooter segment, but it is certainly the one that kickstarted the massive shift to practical automatic two-wheelers with an emphasis on storage space and ease of use over all else.

Honda Activa Insurance Overview

The Activa 4G was the second generation of Activa to carry the 110cc engine that debuted with the Activa 3G, and others followed suit. The TVS Jupiter, with its 110cc engine, offered a lot of the Activa’s features at a better price while the Yamaha Fascino offered more style. Even Suzuki was forced to introduce its 125cc scooter, the Access 125, priced within reach of the Activa customers so that it was considered seriously – a strategy that worked well for Suzuki. Among other scooters available at the time in the 110cc segment were the TVS Scooty Pep and the Hero Maestro and Pleasure.

The Honda Activa


The Activa 4G was an evolution of the 3G and was built on the strengths of its predecessors and minimised the weak points. It was available in six colours - Black, Pearl Metallic White, Lusty Red Metallic, Blue Trance Metallic, Matt Selene Silver Metallic and Matte Axis Grey Metallic. The Activa 4G’s metal body was easy to repair, thus making it more affordable to repair than all the plastic-bodied ones like the Dio. It was a little old school in some ways, with its trailing link front suspension, at a time when the competition was offering telescopic forks.

Honda was also the first to debut the ‘Combi brake system’ on its two-wheelers like the Activa 4G, which is now a mandate for all two-wheelers up to 125cc.

Honda Activa 4G variants and features


The Activa 4G was available only in a single variant, which didn’t seem to dampen buyers’ enthusiasm. In fact, it gave them more of what they wanted, which was the ease of maintenance, both in terms of the pricing of spares as well as their availability. The model was priced at a modest Rs 51,000 (approximately), making this a popular choice budget-wise.

The Activa wasn’t exactly the segment leader in features, instead choosing to sell on the strength of reliability and low running costs. Its instrument cluster was an all-analogue affair, with just a speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge present on it. Turn signal indicators and a high beam indicator rounded out its feature set. However, it was one of the first vehicles to offer a linked braking system which Honda calls ‘Combi braking system’, which actuates the front brake when only the rear brake lever is pulled. Honda also found a way to package both a 5.3-litre fuel tank as well as an 18-litre storage space under the seat, which meant you could go a fair distance before needing another trip to the petrol pump, and you could stow an open-face helmet under the seat when off the scooter.

Why was the Honda Activa 4G so popular?


The original Activa arrived at the time when ‘scooter’ referred to something like the Bajaj Chetak, and the Activa was a breath of fresh air. Honda’s legendary reliability was backed by great aftersales support, and every generation of Activa has been in tune with the needs of its consumers. With every generation improving upon the last, it became one of the most popular bike variants across India.

Honda Activa insurance


The Activa 4G, with its metal body, is much easier to maintain and repair than other scooters in the segment in case of an accident. This allows TATA AIG to offer incredibly reasonable rates for a Honda Activa insurance. With TATA AIG, you can also take advantage of the various add-on covers such as roadside assistance, return to invoice, consumables expenses and more for added protection. To get an exact Honda Activa insurance online cost, use the bike insurance premium calculator on the TATA AIG website. You can also use the same for the Honda Activa insurance renewal cost.

Honda Activa RTO Charges


Since the Activa cannot be purchased new anymore, the only RTO charges one will have to pay is when buying a used one. The RTO charges will change depending on the age of the Activa 4G - the older the vehicle, the lower the IDV and the RTO fee.

Honda Activa competition


The TVS Jupiter was the closest competitor to the Honda Activa 4G. With a similar displacement engine at 110cc, it offered better features like telescopic front forks. It also had a fuel filler outside the seat, which allowed the scooter to be fueled without the rider having to get off the seat. Its larger 12-inch rims also offered better ride and handling.

The Yamaha Fascino is also another attractive option at a price similar to the Activa, and with most of the practicality as well. For a few thousand rupees more, one could upgrade to the next segment with the Suzuki Access 125, which offered not only more power and torque (and therefore, better performance), but also similar fuel consumption and a longer seat and footboard.

Of course, if you are looking for a more upgraded version, you can purchase the latest Activa 5G or 6G variants that offer upgraded features with a slightly higher cost.

Whether you purchase a new or used bike, make sure you #ThinkAhead and consider all its features before you make a decision. It’s also important that you choose the right insurance for Activa so that you and your family are always covered against all eventualities.

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