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Tata AIG KTM Bike Insurance Policy

When searching for a suitable bike insurance policy for your KTM bike, look no further than a Tata AIG KTM bike insurance!

Off-road bikes are great for mountain roads as well as regular commute which makes KTM bikes a favourite among Indian bike lovers. KTM is quite renowned for motorcycles such as Supermoto, Enduro and Motocross. In the late 1990s, the brand started the production of street motorcycles and now carries out the development of sports cars. In 2007, Bajaj Auto started acquiring this Austrian motorcycle and sportscar brand and also acquired 14.5% in KTM Power Sports AG in November.

One word to describe KTM bikes - unique! Not only are their bike designs different from most others in the country, but also the prices of their two-wheelers are extremely competitive.

Even though KTM bikes are known to be sturdy and are cut out for rough rides, getting a good bike insurance policy for your two-wheeler is a must. Tata AIG motorcycle insurance offers three different types of policies for insurance of the protection of your KTM bike. With suitable insurance for your 2 wheeler, you can ensure that your journeys are enjoyable and free from worries!

Be it a simple and basic third-party bike insurance policy, a standalone Own Damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, Tata AIG is always there to help you find the right KTM bike insurance policy for your two-wheeler. And we also help you choose from 8 unique add-ons to include in your comprehensive bike insurance policy so that your bike can enjoy extensive insurance coverage and stay safe from any damage!

KTM Bike Insurance Policy Renewal/New Purchase via Tata AIG

For the purchase or the renewal of your two-wheeler insurance, you need not worry about a lengthy and cumbersome process.

We bring to you a quick and easy online process to help you buy or renew KTM bike insurance –

  • Visit the Bike Insurance page on our official website.
  • Input the registration number of your bike and hit “Get Price”. If you wish to renew your existing Tata AIG KTM bike insurance, then hit “Renew”.
  • Our online bike insurance calculator will bring up the necessary bike details.
  • Choose an appropriate Insurance Declared Value (IDV) for your two-wheeler from the list given.
  • Next, fill in the claim details if you have made a claim earlier. And if you haven’t made any claims, you can avail of a NCB in bike insurance(No Claim Bonus).
  • You can now view and check the total premium payable towards your Tata AIG KTM two-wheeler insurance policy.
  • You can also choose from our 7 exclusive add-ons for your KTM bike insurance so that your bike is well-protected from specific damages.
  • After this, you can make the payment online by choosing any of the payment channels we offer.
  • Once the payment has been processed, you will get a soft copy of your KTM insurance policy on your registered email ID.

KTM Bike Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

The Tata AIG motorcycle insurance price of your KTM bike will vary as per your requirements. If you are looking for a simple and basic third-party bike insurance policy, the premiums will be quite low and affordable. The third-party bike insurance rates are standardised and announced by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) annually, based on the cubic capacity of a bike’s engine.

When it comes to choosing a Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy, your KTM bike insurance cost will depend on the type of policy, the extent of the coverage, your geographical location, bike’s registration date, Insured Declared Value or the bike’s current market value, the No Claim Bonus, the chosen add-ons, etc.

If you need 360-degree insurance protection for your two-wheeler bike, a comprehensive bike insurance policy is what you need. You can include one or more add-ons to your policy to extend the coverage, choose an IDV that suits your insurance needs and also remove any unnecessary add-ons while renewing your bike insurance policy, if need be. Always choose the IDV of your bike carefully, as this factor directly impacts the insurance coverage and premiums of your KTM two-wheeler insurance.

You can choose to find out the IDV of your KTM bike from the local dealership or visit the Tata AIG website to use our online two wheeler insurance calculator and get a fair estimate of your KTM bike insurance price.

Things Covered/Not Covered Under Tata AIG KTM Bike Insurance Policy

Things Covered Under Tata AIG KTM Bike Insurance Things Not Covered Under Tata AIG KTM Bike Insurance
Theft of or irreversible damage to the bike – total loss. Damage or loss of the bike outside the geographical scope of the policy (outside India).
Damage to third-party property, persons or vehicle due to the insured bike. General wear and tear of the bike due to regular use or electric/mechanical breakdown.
Personal accident cover for the owner-driver that covers injuries or fatalities from accidents. In case of the owner-driver’s death, the beneficiary receives the death benefit in the form of a predetermined sum assured. Damage caused when the bike is used for speed racing, speed tests, reliability trials, adventure sports, etc. The policy will also not cover damages due to the bike being used under restricted usage conditions, such as flood-prone zones.
Coverage against specific damages through optional add-ons on the comprehensive bike insurance policy. Damage or loss of the bike during war-like situations, mutiny, nuclear attacks, etc.
Accidental damage when the bike is in transit by waterways, air, railways, roadways, etc. Damage or loss to the bike when the rider is not wearing a helmet, does not have a valid driving license or is driving under the influence of intoxicants.
Damage by fire caused by lightning, self-ignition, explosions, etc. Own damage loss and personal accident cover if only a third-party bike insurance policy is present.
Damage due to malicious human acts like terrorism, vandalism, rioting, etc. Damage to the bike due to housebreaking, entering, and theft if the bike is not stolen.
Damage or loss due to natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, snowfall, etc. If a private vehicle is used for commercial purposes, the damages caused by the activities cannot be covered.

Why Is It Important to Buy Tata AIG KTM Bike Insurance Policy?

  • In the last 20 years, our brand has earned the trust of over 5-crore customers.
  • You can customise and enhance our comprehensive bike insurance policies with our 8 unique two-wheeler add-ons.
  • We enable a smooth purchase process for insurance of your two wheeler online and renewal of your two wheeler insurance.
  • With a wide network of cashless garages all over India, we offer hassle-free cashless services for repairing your bike.
  • Our quick and easy 3-step claim settlement process is backed by 650 efficient claim experts. Tata AIG has a claim settlement ratio of 98% for FY 2020-21.

Overview: KTM Bikes

The first bike that KTM launched in India was the 200 Duke, and soon the range expanded to include 250 Duke, 390 Duke, 125 Duke, RC 390 and RC 200. The KTM 790 Duke was initially introduced but discontinued soon after. The KTM 390 Adventure is the latest addition that was launched at the end of 2019. KTM’s daughter company Husqvarna came to India in 2020 with two new bikes, the Svartpilen 401 and the Vitpilen 401.

Though all the bike models of KTM are highly appealing, a few of them stand out for being exceptionally sleek and performance-oriented for the Indian audience. For example, the RC 200 with a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that offers a maximum power of 25 PS @10000 rpm is a favourite among the younger generation in the country for its excellent handling dynamics and equally brilliant suspension hardware.

KTM Bike Prices

Model Price in India (2021 - ex-showroom Delhi)
RC 200 ₹2.11 lakh
RC 390 ₹2.79 lakh
RC 125 ₹1.81 lakh
Duke 125 ₹1.72 lakh
Duke 200 ₹1.87 lakh
Duke 250 ₹2.30 lakh
Adventure 390 ₹3.29 lakh
Adventure 250 ₹2.31 lakh
390 Duke ABS ₹2.89 lakh

Unique Selling points: KTM Bike Features

All the KTM bikes in India - RC 200, Duke 390, Duke 200 and RC 390 – are extremely performance-oriented and meet the pricing expectations of Indian buyers. When it comes to bikes from premium brands, such as KTM, Indian buyers choose to compare the performance with the price, and this is where KTM has never disappointed the consumers.

The trellis frame, steel braided lines for brakes, turn indicators on rearview mirrors on the RC bikes, handlebar crash guards for the Duke models and many more are some of the major and outstanding features in KTM bikes. When it comes to the design and looks of the KTM bikes, this brand offers everything that other bike brands offer for their high-end motorcycles. Though the Indian consumer has a flexible taste in designs, KTM’s consistently stylish designs in all four models have changed the way Indian bike owners look at sportbikes.

Rivals of KTM Bike in India

  • Royal Enfield
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Ducati
  • BMW
  • Hero

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to Claim KTM Bike Insurance?

How to Claim KTM Bike Insurance?


You can claim KTM bike insurance by following a few simple steps on our official website.

  • Visit our Claims page and click on “Initiate Claim”.
  • Provide your authorised mobile number and click confirm to log in to your account.
  • Mention your policy details, KTM bike insurance number, FIR details and any other relevant information as needed on the online form to register the claim.
  • Once we assess the claim, we will examine the damages and have your bike sent to the nearest network garage for repairs.
  • During this time, we will initiate the claim settlement process.
  • Soon after the process is complete, you will get back your repaired vehicle.

How To Renew KTM Bike Insurance?


To renew your KTM bike insurance instantly with us, you can follow these simple steps on our official website.

  • Visit our bike insurance page, enter your bike registration number in the bike insurance calculator and click “Renew”.
  • Once the calculator fetches all the necessary details automatically, fill in the other details as needed.
  • If you have filed claims in the past, fill in those details as well or else avail of the NCB discount.
  • You can now make any changes to your KTM bike insurance policy by adding or removing add-ons of your choice.
  • The calculator will display the KTM bike insurance premium cost on the screen. After you make the payment, your policy will be renewed.

What is the price of a KTM bike?


The KTM 125 Duke in India is the most affordable one in the range that starts at ₹1.70 lakhs, while the KTM 390 Adventure is the most expensive one that costs ₹3.28 lakhs.

What are the available models of KTM bikes?


In India, there are 9 KTM bike models available as of now. They are -

  • RC 200
  • RC 390
  • RC 125
  • Duke 125
  • Duke 200
  • Duke 250
  • Adventure 390
  • Adventure 250
  • 390 Duke ABS