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Honda Bike Insurance

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Limited (HMSI), a subsidiary of the Japanese auto major Honda Motor Company has been running its operations in India since 1984 and is a popular brand for many bike enthusiasts. It is well-known in the Indian market for the quality and performance of its bikes. The bike maker offers one of the widest selections of bikes and scooters, right from the homegrown Activa 6G that complies with the latest BSVI emission norms, to imported variants such as Honda Africa Twin.

Despite being an international brand, Honda has understood well the needs of the Indian market and has delivered products suited precisely for Indian roads. Entry-level scooters such as Honda Dio are ideal for a family’s everyday needs, while bikes like the Honda Dream offer great fuel efficiency. With Honda, there is something for everyone.

Honda Bike Insurance Policy

Tata AIG General Insurance Company offers third-party bike insurance, a standalone own-damage cover and a comprehensive bike insurance policy that is ideal for your Honda bike. While third-party insurance covers any third-party liabilities, the standalone OD insurance covers the damages caused to your bike.

The comprehensive Honda Bike insurance policy covers damage caused by natural calamities as well as man-made damages like terrorist activities, accidents, a fire caused by self-ignition, etc. The policy also covers loss or theft, along with covering any third-party claims arising from damage to third party property or person. This insurance plan is a perfect fit for all Honda bike models and can provide you with adequate coverage for your new ride. You, the owner-driver, can get a personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs.

In addition to this, Tata AIG Honda bike insurance offers 8 different add-ons for enhanced coverage, like depreciation allowance, return-to-invoice, and roadside assistance. Along with this, you get benefits like an easy claims process, an extensive network of 7500+ cashless garages, cashless repair and reimbursement, and a quick buying or renewing process.

Honda Bike Insurance Renewal/ New Purchase via Tata AIG

Here are the steps to buy a new Honda insurance plan or renew your existing Honda insurance policy:

  • Visit the Tata AIG website and go to the bike insurance page.

  • Enter your bike registration number.

  • Click ‘Get Price’ for a new bike insurance plan or ‘Renew’ to renew your old policy.

  • The bike insurance calculator will automatically populate the fields with the required information as requested.

  • There will be a list of Insured Declared Values (IDV). Select the right one. You can also contact your local arena dealership to find out the prevailing market value/IDV of your bike.

  • If you have raised a claim in the past, submit the information along with your policy form. If you have not filed a claim, you can use the No Claim Bonus (NCB) to get a discount.

  • Add suitable riders to your policy to enjoy better coverage. You can select from 8 different riders.

  • The premium payable to Tata AIG for your bike insurance policy will be displayed on the screen. You can go ahead and make the payment with the available digital payment options.

  • Once your payment is received, a soft copy of the Honda bike insurance policy will be shared with you via email.

  • You can now enjoy complete protection for your beloved bike with our Honda insurance plan.

Honda Two Wheeler Insurance Price - Your premium amount

The cost of the premium for a Honda two-wheeler insurance policy will depend on the type of policy chosen, the registration date, the city of residence, the IDV, choice of add-ons and the NCB discount.

If you opt for a third-party Honda bike insurance, your insurance premium will be dependent on the cubic capacity of your bike’s engine. The premiums are declared annually by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and are fixed for all the insurance providers.

For comprehensive bike insurance and standalone OD cover, the IDV is taken into consideration while calculating the premium amount. You can contact your local dealership and find out the IDV or go through the list of IDVs when purchasing the plan as mentioned above. You can even use the online two-wheeler insurance calculator to determine the Honda bike insurance cost.

On average, your Honda bike insurance cost can range between ₹1300 and ₹2000 for a one-year comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Add-ons for Honda Bike Insurance by Tata AIG

Adding riders to your Honda bike insurance policy can offer you better protection. You can add the eight following add-ons to your Tata AIG bike insurance:

  • Depreciation allowance: Receive the entire claim amount for damages without deducting the depreciated value of your bike.

  • Return to invoice add-on: Receive the full compensation as per the original invoice value of your bike.

  • Emergency medical expenses add-on: Coverage for all emergency medical expenses incurred by you in case of an accident on the two-wheeler.

  • Additional third party property damage cover-add-on: This add on with Honda Bike Insurance offers additional coverage, over and above the inbuilt third-party cover, for damages caused to a third party other than you.

  • Additional personal accident cover to owner or driver: Personal insurance cover for the owner or driver in case of death, loss of two limbs, loss of eyesight in both eyes, loss of one limb, loss of eyesight in one eye, or other types of permanent total disablement.

  • Additional personal accident cover to unnamed persons: Personal insurance cover the hirer, driver, pillion, or sidecar passenger in case of death, loss of two limbs, loss of eyesight in both eyes, loss of one limb, loss of eyesight in one eye, or other types of permanent total disablement.

  • Roadside assistance: Receive immediate breakdown assistance in case of a dead battery, fuel requirement, flat tyre, mechanical/electrical repairs, etc with the roadside assistance Honda Bike insurance add on.

  • Consumables expenses: Covers damages and loss caused to bike consumables by an accident.

Things Covered/Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Honda Bike Insurance Policy

Things Covered Under Tata AIG’s Honda Bike Insurance Things Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Honda Bike Insurance
Covers third-party and own damage cover Does not cover deliberate damage, damage caused by illegal racing, or damage caused by driving under the influence of drugs or any other form of intoxicants
Covers damage caused by a natural calamity like floods, earthquakes, etc. It also covers man-made disasters like an accident, fire, terrorist attack, etc. In addition to this, loss, theft, etc. is also included Does not cover damage caused outside the country
Honda bike insurance includes eight add-ons like personal accident cover, zero depreciation rider, roadside assistance, etc Does not cover damage caused by nuclear perils war, mutiny, or war-like operations
Includes personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs for the owner-driver Honda bike insurance policy does not include consequential loss, general wear and tear of the car, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, driving under restricted usage conditions like a flood-prone area, or driving without a helmet

Why Is It Important to Have Tata AIG for your Honda Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

A lot of people nurture the dream of buying a bike. Securing this dream with a Tata AIG bike insurance policy can be the best thing for your two-wheeler.

Here’s why it is important to have a Tata AIG Honda bike insurance policy for your beloved two-wheeler:

  • Tata AIG has experience of more than 20 years, so you can expect nothing but excellence.
  • The company has over 7500 network garages and over 5 crore customers spread across the length and breadth of the country.
  • Tata AIG is a performance-driven brand that ensures quick and hassle-free claim settlement processes for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Our network of 650 claim experts is here to solve all your queries and issues.
  • Tata AIG offers customizable Honda bike insurance plans that cater to your needs and deliver on all your expectations.

Overview - Honda Bike Model

Honda, the world’s largest two-wheeler brand, has a soft corner in the hearts of billions of Indians. Honda bikes have been an integral part of many Indian families and continue to cater to diverse needs across price segments. Right from scooters to motorcycles, Honda has many different models in the market at present, along with some exciting upcoming releases in the near future.

Honda scooters like the Honda Activa and Honda Dio are available between the range of ₹64000 – ₹72,000 (ex-showroom price). The brand’s bikes can be bought at a starting range of ₹72,000 for basic models and goes up to ₹39 lakh (ex-showroom price) for premium models like the Honda Gold Wing.

Honda offers different options in mileage, colours, and designs, so you can choose as per your specifications.

Honda Bike Model Price

Variant Ex-Showroom Price
Honda Activa 6G ₹69,080 to ₹72,325
Honda Dio ₹64,510 to ₹70,408
Honda Shine ₹72,787 to ₹77,582
Honda SP 125 ₹78,381 to ₹82,677
Honda Hness CB350 ₹1.86 lakhs to ₹1.92 lakhs
Honda Activa 125 ₹72,637 to ₹79,760
Honda Livo BS6 ₹70,799 to ₹74,999
Honda XBlade ₹1.10 lakhs to ₹1.15 lakhs
Honda CD 110 Dream ₹65,248 to ₹66,248
Honda Grazia BS6 ₹76,823 to ₹85,148
Honda CB350RS ₹1.89 lakhs to ₹1.95 lakhs
Honda Gold Wing ₹37.20 lakhs to ₹39.16 lakhs
Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin ₹15.96 lakhs to ₹17.50 lakhs

Unique Selling points: Honda Bike Features

Honda is one of the biggest two-wheeler automotive companies in India. To keep pace with its ambition to power a billion dreams, Honda has expanded its ‘Make in India’ presence with four production facilities at Manesar (Haryana), Tapukara (Rajasthan) Narsapura (Karnataka) and Vithalapur (Gujarat).

The company’s ethos is built on providing ‘Pure Joy of Riding’ to its customers. Its scooters and bikes are equipped with technologically superior Honda engines crafted to provide smooth rides to Indian customers.

In addition to the superior technology, Honda design and features are among the best in the class. Stylish and ergonomically comfortable designs make it easy even for heavier bikes to be manoeuvred on long rides. Honda also has an enviable service network, with over 2,600 authorised agencies in over 509 different cities in India.

Some more details about Honda that you should know:

● Honda offers a total of 25 two-wheeler options for every budget, need, and preference. These include 6 commuter bikes, 3 cruiser bikes, 4 scooters, 3 off-road bikes, and 8 sports bikes. ● The brand has 2041 dealerships in over 687 cities in India.

Rivals of Honda Bike

Here are some rival cars of Honda bikes:

  • Yamaha Motors
  • Royal Enfield
  • Hero
  • Kawasaki
  • Vespa
  • TVS
  • Suzuki motor corporation
  • Harley Davidson

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to Claim Honda Bike Insurance?

How to Claim Honda Bike Insurance?


To claim your Honda bike insurance, visit the Tata AIG website follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Claims page. Click on ‘Initiate Claim’.

  • Provide the registered mobile number and click on Confirm to file your claim.

  • Enter your policy number, FIR details, driver information, personal contact information, etc. and submit your claim.

  • After receiving the required information, Tata AIG will review the claim and send the bike to a network garage for repairs, if required.

  • A claim settlement will be processed based on the damage caused to the bike.

  • The bike will be repaired and returned to you.

How To Renew Honda Bike Insurance?


To renew your Honda bike insurance, visit the Tata AIG bike insurance page. Enter the bike registration number in the calculator and click on Renew.

The calculator will populate the necessary bike details. Input other details like No Claim Bonus (NCB), change in add-ons, etc. The calculator will display the exact renewal premium amount for your Honda insurance policy. Make the payment.

Once the payment has been received, your Honda bike insurance policy will be renewed.

Keep in mind that there is a 90-day grace period for Tata AIG bike insurance after your policy has lapsed within which you can renew it without losing any benefits, such as NCB discounts.

What is the price of a Honda Bike?


The price range for a Honda Bike can be between ₹64,000 and ₹39 lakhs.

What are the available variants in Honda Bike?


Here are some models that you can consider:

  • Honda Activa 6G
  • Honda Dio
  • Honda Shine
  • Honda SP 125
  • Honda Hness CB350
  • Honda Activa 125
  • Honda Livo BS6
  • Honda XBlade
  • Honda CD 110 Dream
  • Honda Grazia BS6
  • Honda CB350RS
  • Honda Gold Wing
  • Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin