All You Need To Know About Roadside Assistance Add-on In Bike Insurance

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Are you an avid long-distance traveller? Have you ever been stuck on the road for assistance due to your bike breakdown? If yes, then you must have known and understood the practical difficulties involved! And, the others can imagine the gravity of the situation. Well, if such roadside issues are common in your travel, you can avail of the roadside assistance add-on in bike insurance! It is a valuable cover providing a range of features and benefits. Here is a detail about them for your awareness.

What Is The Roadside Assistance In Bike Insurance?

Roadside assistance in bike insurance is an add-on cover that will aid you if you are stranded on the road due to an accident or repair on your vehicle. Insurers can provide an alternate transport facility, towing service, on-the-spot repairs, etc., based on the necessity. Therefore, they can offer support to take your vehicle to the nearby garage for repair immediately. It will ensure a contactless transaction, professional service and save your energy and time to a great extent.

So, if you are a frequent traveller with family, consider opting for this add-on in your two-wheeler insurance policy. Let us get ahead and know what is covered under the roadside assistance add-on.

What Is Covered Under The Roadside Assistance Add-on?

Bike malfunction and accident are two different scenarios that are unprecedented. It might get difficult for you to handle when it is affecting your travel to any degree. If you are sceptical about opting for the roadside assistance add-on, understand what is covered to decide its relevance in your travel life. Here is a detail about it all!

1.Flat Tyre- Flat tyre is one of the most common issues a bike traveller can face on travel. Suppose you have the roadside assistance cover as part of your insurance policy for the bike. In that case, your insurance provider can send a professional mechanic to settle the problem and let you proceed with your journey comfortably.

2.On-the-spot repairs- If your bike is stuck due to a minor malfunction and you are not aware of the technical issue, you can always call your insurance provider for assistance. They can send the right person to check the issue and make the necessary repairs swiftly.

3.Drained battery- Climatic changes can bring in many issues, especially when you are travelling to a place having extreme harsh weather with frequent precipitation. It can cause your two-wheeler’s battery to drain out completely. Insurance providers can send the necessary professional support to revive your battery in such cases and protect your vehicle from further damage and let you proceed with the travel as well.

4.Fuel tank empty- There can be a scenario where you have forgotten to refuel your bike petrol tank while travelling or decide to do it later on your travel but couldn't find a petrol station. Even during such cases, you can call your insurance provider and request them to refuel it on the spot. Additional charges for the fuel may be applicable based on the threshold limit.

5.Alternate key arrangement- It is so common that you get locked out of the car, especially when you have children playing with the keys often. In such cases, your insurer can send across an alternate key as a replacement and rescue from the situation.

6.Accident support- If you have been affected due to an unexpected accident on the road, you can always call your insurer to support you in transporting your bike to a nearby garage for repair. The towing service will be made available based on the necessity.

7.Emergency transport and accommodation- If you have met with an accident or a major repair and your two-wheeler has been taken to the garage for repair, your insurer can provide an emergency transport vehicle to get shifted to a safe location off the road. And at Tata AIG, we also provide accommodation facilities for your stay if the repair takes more than a day. Additional charges may be applicable based on the cost involved.

We have seen how a roadside assistance cover can be beneficial to your travel. If you have purchased the 2 wheeler insurance online, you can navigate the different add-on covers available, their inclusions and exclusions to decide it at your comfort.

Who Should Opt For The Roadside Assistance Cover?

Roadside assistance provides great benefits. People can decide on the purchase based on their preferences.

However, it is an important option for the following types of individuals:

  1. Frequent long-distance traveller with family.
  2. Traveller exploring different places and not aware of the terrain and weather conditions.
  3. Traveller is not aware of the technical issues and minor repairs and cannot proceed in case of the bike malfunction.
  4. An individual who has purchased a brand new expensive bike and is planning to go on a long expedition.

The roadside assistance cover is available at an additional cost. Therefore, the premium will increase as you opt for this add-on. However, it is worth the investment if you belong to one of the categories mentioned above.

You can use the bike insurance calculator and determine the premium when you purchase it online. It helps you choose the right bike insurance plan based on your needs by ascertaining the exact IDV and choosing the add-ons based on affordability.

You can visit the official web page of Tata AIG, enter the basic details for motorcycle insurance online, choose the necessary add-ons such as roadside assistance and get the premium rate. You can try different combinations to choose the ideal plan based on the premium.

Point To Note About Roadside Assistance

While insurers ascertain several benefits under the plan, it is pertinent to know that there will be a certain extent on how much you can avail of during unexpected situations. For instance, there will be a limit on the number of times you can call the insurer for the refuelling purpose. Therefore, you must read through the terms and conditions before availing of the option.


A two-wheeler insurance policy is an important requirement considering the safety and maintenance of your bike. And, roadside assistance add-on cover is additional protection if you are a frequent traveller. It can provide on-the-spot repair assistance, towing service, reviving the drained battery, refuelling the petrol tank, etc. You can choose the option based on your preferences and affordability after considering the premium calculation.

If you feel your bike deserves the repairs on time for its longevity and you are an avid traveller, roadside assistance cover is just mandatory for you!

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