5 Tips To Keep Your Two Wheeler Looking New

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  • 28/06/2020

But there are ways to maintain the appearance of your two-wheeler.

Tips to keep your two wheeler looking new

Raj Hrishikesh was going to work on his two-year-old motorbike. As usual, he got stuck at the red light at a busy crossing. He saw a fellow rider on a brand-new version of hisown bike. Raj said to him, ‘In two years, your new bike will look just like mine.’ But the rider smiled.He said that it was actually three years old.

Raj was stunned that an older two-wheeler could look so new. But there are ways to maintain the appearance of your two-wheeler.

Keep it clean

Do you remember the first week after you bought your bike? You woke up early each morning and washed it with care.It practically shone in the sunlight. But what happened after the initial excitement waned? You started washing it once a week, and then once a month.

How do you keep your two-wheeler as good as new? Make sure to wash it often. This keeps dirt and other unwanted material off the bike.Besides, cleaning your bike also helps you notice any missing nuts and bolts.You might not notice these otherwise.

Change the engine oil

Imagine going to a party where you look great but do not feel good. You may have a fever but nobody knows this other than you.It is the same thing with two-wheelers.There is no point in the bike being shiny if the engine is all rusty. How do you ensure the engine is in top condition? You need to change the engine oil at regular intervals. Not doing so will damage the engine over time. You may not notice this early on.But it can cause damage to your vehicle.

Lubricate the chain

Of course,looks are not everything in the world. You need to sound pleasant too if you want to be the centre of attention. Your bike might look beautiful.But have you noticed how it sounds?To avoid that static-like sound, lubricate the chain that rotates around the rear wheel.

When kept in good condition, the chain can last a long time. Otherwise, you will find it makes all sorts of terrible noises.This is due to excessive wear and tear. It could become quite dangerous if the links break and fall off the sprockets.

Check the tires

Tires are another major component of a bike’s look.Deflated or worn-out tires are never a good thing. Make sure the tires have optimum air pressure. Low pressure can result in higher fuel consumption and poor performance of the bike. High pressure can wear out the tires quickly.

Get a comprehensive insurance

Last but not the least, your two-wheeler needs proper protection through a comprehensive bike insurance. Not only will it help you with the bills in case of an accident but it can also protect your engine and other components. This enables you to restore your two-wheeler to the new condition even if anything happens.

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