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Tata AIG Hero Bike Insurance

In search of suitable two-wheeler insurance for your Hero bike? Look no further than the Tata AIG Hero two wheeler insurance.

As the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world as well as in India, Hero MotoCorp, previously known as Hero Honda, is an Indian brand that has been favoured by several Indian bike owners for years and has successfully maintained its position to date.

If you own a Hero bike, you must be well aware of the bike’s efficiency and performance and can understand why having Hero bike insurance for your two-wheeler is essential. Although the brand is reputed for its sturdy bikes, even the best bikes need to be protected from damages. At Tata AIG, we know how much your bike means to you and so, we offer bike insurance policies for your Hero bike as per your choice, preference and budget. A Hero two wheeler insurance from Tata AIG means your bike is safe from harm and accidental damage and you are financially protected against these damages, which leaves you with complete peace of mind!

Hero Insurance Renewal/New Purchase via Tata AIG

The purchase of a Hero bike insurance or Hero insurance renewal with Tata AIG is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you are buying two-wheeler insurance for the first time or renewing your existing Tata AIG bike insurance policy, we will have you covered with these steps below:

  • Visit our official Tata AIG website and go to the Bike Insurance page.
  • Fill in the registration number of your bike and select “Get Price” if you are looking for a new policy or select “Renew” if you want to renew your existing Tata AIG policy.
  • Our online calculator will show you the bike details as per the information provided after which you will need to choose an appropriate Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your bike from the list.
  • Also, input the details of any claims you may have filed previously. If you have not filed any claim, you will be eligible for a No Claim Bonus discount on your premiums on the renewal of the bike insurance policy.
  • Next, you will be able to view the total insurance premium payable for your Hero bike insurance policy.
  • You can also enhance your Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy with any of the 8 add-on covers that we offer for your bike’s protection.
  • Once you made your selection, you can make the online payment through any of the options provided, as per your convenience.
  • After the payment process is complete, we will send you a soft copy of your Hero bike insurance on your registered email ID, confirming your purchase.

Hero Two-Wheeler Insurance Price - Your premium amount

The premium amount of your Hero two wheeler insurance will depend on a number of factors such as the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and the model of your bike, the registration date, the type of policy coverage, the add-ons chosen for the policy, the No Claim Bonus Discount (NCB) and your city of residence.

For example, when it comes to the type of coverage, a basic but mandatory third-party two wheeler insurance will be less expensive than a comprehensive bike insurance policy because the extent of coverage is low - only third party damages to another person, vehicle or property - are covered if the damage is caused by your insured bike. Moreover, the rates are standardised and are announced each year by the IRDAI with the rate depending on the engine cubic capacity of your bike.

On the other hand, a comprehensive bike insurance policy is more customisable and you can also add extra add-ons to extend the coverage of your policy. These add-ons come at an extra premium cost and hence, by virtue of being more customisable and offering greater protection, a comprehensive bike insurance policy will cost more. You can use the online bike insurance premium calculator on our website to calculate the exact Hero two-wheeler insurance cost.

Add-ons for Hero Bike Insurance by Tata AIG

If you have Tata AIG comprehensive Hero bike insurance policy, you can enhance the protection for your bike with these add-on benefits:

  • Depreciation Allowance: Also known as the Zero Depreciation Cover, this add-on allows you to claim the full insurance amount on the total loss of your bike without factoring in the depreciation cost of the bike.
  • Roadside Assistance: The Roadside Assistance add-on helps you out when you and your bike are stranded somewhere due to a mechanical breakdown. With a call, you can have our team come and help you with a dead battery, mechanical repair, fuel replenishment, towing, etc.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: This add-on reimburses the medical costs arising from any injuries caused to you and your pillion rider in case of an accident. But apart from the medical expenses, the benefit also covers the cost of the ambulance transport.
  • Additional third-party property damage cover: A comprehensive insurance policy already covers third party damages to another person, property or vehicle. However, if you want to cover additional third-party expenses, you can choose this add-on.
  • Additional Personal Accident Cover: The additional personal accident covers reimbursement of a predefined amount to the family members of the bike’s owner-driver in case of the owner-driver's accidental death in addition to the sum assured amount from the base insurance policy.
  • Return-to-Invoice cover: The Return to Invoice add-on covers the reimbursement of the on-road price, the road taxes and the bike registration fees when you file a claim for the total loss damage to your bike.
  • Consumable Expenses: With this add-on, the cost of replacing, repairing or replenishing any consumables damaged or lost during an accident can be covered. These include greases, lubricants, screws, brake oils, etc.

Things Covered/Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Hero Bike Insurance Policy

Things Covered Under Tata AIG’s Hero Bike Insurance Things Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Hero Bike Insurance
Total loss – theft or irreversible damage to the bike. Losses due to mechanical or electrical damages or wear and tear from the regular use of the bike.
Damage from natural calamities such as snowfall, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. If the rider does not use a helmet, does not have a valid license or is under the influence of narcotics or intoxicants.
Damage due to human causes like terrorist acts, strikes, rioting, etc. If the rider does not use a helmet, does not have a valid license or is under the influence of narcotics or intoxicants.
Damage from natural calamities such as snowfall, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. Damages to the bike if it is deliberately used in restricted usage conditions contributing to negligent driving.
Damage caused by explosions, self-ignition, lightning, etc. Damages to a private bike being used for commercial purposes or if the bike is used for adventure sports, speed racing, etc.
Accidental damage or when the bike is being transported by air, railways, waterways, etc. Losses to the bike due to theft and break-ins that do not lead to the bike being stolen.
Personal Accident Cover of ₹15 lakhs for the owner-driver for accidental personal injuries. In case of their death, the appointed nominee gets the amount. Coverage of a definite nature offered by our 7 add-on covers such as Depreciation Allowance or Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance and more. Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver or own damage to the insured bike if only third-party coverage is present. If the bike is damaged while being used outside the geographical area as defined in the bike insurance policy.
Third-party liability – injuries to or the death of a third-party person and damages to a third-party vehicle or property by the insured bike. Damages due to nuclear threats, war, war-like activities, invasions, etc.

Why Is It Important to Have Tata AIG for your Hero Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

  • Whether it is the purchase of your Hero bike insurance with us or your Hero bike insurance renewal, we can assure you of a quick and easy policy purchase and renewal process online.
  • With a customer base of over 5 crore members, you can rely on us for quality insurance services.
  • Our bike insurance policies are designed to provide complete protection to your bike with the added benefit of optional add-on covers.
  • Tata AIG’s 650+ claim experts are always on top of their game to make sure that you avail of a seamless claim settlement process.
  • Our 5000+ network garages across the country ensure that you receive cashless services promptly and efficiently.

Overview – Hero Bikes

Having been one of the leading names in the Indian two-wheeler industry for years now, Hero Motocorp owns more than 46% of shares in the two-wheeler market. As of today, Hero Motocorp has the reputation of being the largest two-wheeler producer in the world.

As an Indian brand, Hero MotoCorp has grasped the ever-changing needs of the Indian consumer and produces two-wheelers that win the hearts and minds of lakhs of consumers throughout the country, irrespective of their gender, location or age group.

The fluid and convenient designs of Hero bikes ensure that the style quotient of the brand is always on the right side, generation after generation!

Hero Bikes Model Prices

Bike Model Price (Ex-Showroom Delhi)
Hero Splendor Plus ₹63,750 - ₹69,060
Hero HF Deluxe ₹49,800 - ₹63,225
Hero Pleasure Plus ₹60,500 - ₹64,950
Hero Glamour ₹74,900 - ₹83,500
Hero Passion Pro ₹69,475 - ₹73,975
Hero Super Splendor ₹72,600 - ₹75,900
Hero XPulse 200 ₹1.20 lakh
Hero Xtreme 160R ₹1.09 lakh - ₹1.14 lakh
Hero Maestro Edge 125 ₹71,850 - ₹79,750
Hero Splendor iSmart ₹68,650 - ₹71,350
Hero Xtreme 200S ₹1.24 lakh
Hero Destini 125 ₹69,500 - ₹74,750
Hero XPulse 200T ₹1.18 lakh
Hero Maestro Edge 110 BS6 ₹64,250 - ₹67,250

Unique Selling points: Hero Bike Features

When it comes to understanding why Hero bikes have such huge demand in India, here are some of the main reasons you should know about:

  • The variety and sturdy designs of Hero bikes cater to the needs of bike lovers across all age groups and professions in India. It is this connection with the population that gives Hero bikes an edge over most other bike brands.
  • Be it the most affordable model or the most expensive one, Hero bikes offer the best-in-class mileage that suits every commuter. Whether it is a Hero Pleasure or a Hero ZMR you want, the bike’s performance will always be top-notch as compared to other bikes of other brands in the same price range.
  • The consistency Hero bikes have shown over the last many years beats a lot of other brands easily. When it comes to the durability of their bikes as well as the on-road performance, it is difficult to say that Hero bikes can let you down.

Rivals of Hero Bike

Here are some of the competitors of Hero MotorCorp that you can also take a look at:

  • TVS
  • Yamaha
  • Bajaj
  • Royal Enfield

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to Claim Hero Bike Insurance?

How to Claim Hero Bike Insurance?


Claiming your Hero two wheeler insurance is easy when the claim process is as swift and simple as the one Tata AIG offers online. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit the official Tata AIG website, go to the Claims page and click on “Initiate Claim”.
  • Log in with your registered mobile number and click Confirm to proceed.
  • Provide your Hero bike insurance policy number, the FIR details and other required details as mentioned on our online form.
  • Our surveyor will check the damages on your bike and it will be sent to the nearest network garage for repairs.
  • After this, we will initiate the claim settlement process.
  • Once this settlement is fulfilled, your repaired vehicle will be returned to you.

For queries on the claim process or any other assistance, you can contact our support team and we will help you out!

How To Renew Hero Bike Insurance?


At Tata AIG, we can say that your Hero bike insurance renewal process will be quick and hassle-free when you follow our simple online process:

Visit our official Tata AIG website, go to the Bike Insurance page.

  • Fill in your bike registration number on the calculator and click on “Renew”.
  • The necessary details will be fetched by the bike insurance calculator after which you can mention the other details as required.
  • If you have filed a claim previously, add the details. Otherwise, you can opt for the No Claim Bonus discount. At this step, you can also add or remove any add-on covers to your comprehensive bike insurance policy.
  • You will then be able to view your Hero bike insurance renewal price. Once you make the payment, the policy will be renewed.

What is the price of a Hero bike?


The price of a Hero bike will vary depending on the model and the variant. The lowest price for a Hero bike is ₹49800 for the Hero HF Deluxe while the most expensive model is the Hero Xtreme 200S, priced at ₹1.24 lakhs.

How does the Zero Depreciation cover help my Hero bike insurance policy?


The Tata AIG Depreciation Allowance, also known as Zero Depreciation or Nil Depreciation, helps you claim the full insurance amount on the total loss of your bike, without factoring in the depreciation charges, as per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. The Depreciation Allowance is, however, an add-on cover that can be included in your comprehensive bike insurance policy for an extra premium charge.

How soon should I complete my Hero insurance renewal to avail of the NCB?


It is advisable to complete your Tata AIG Hero bike insurance renewal online at least a few days before the policy is about to expire. That way you can ensure you do not miss out on the protection or the No Claim Bonus discount on premiums offered by the Hero two wheeler insurance.

However, if you forget to renew your Hero bike insurance on time, we offer you a grace period of 90 days during which you can easily renew your bike insurance policy online. But do note that after this grace period if the renewal is still not done, your policy will lapse and you will not be able to utilise the No Claim Bonus.

Disclaimer: All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.