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Hero Bike Insurance

It’s essential that you protect your Hero bike purchase with a TATA AIG insurance. While third-party insurance for your Hero motorcycle is mandatory by law, make sure you get comprehensive insurance coverage to fully protect yourself and your bike.

Key Features of Hero Bike Insurance:

  • Simple Claim Process
  • Wide Range of Cashless Garage Network
  • Zero Depreciation
  • Consumables Expenses

Hero Bike Insurance Overview

Hero MotoCorp is one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers in India. It is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world by numbers and occupies the lion’s share of the Indian two wheeler market, thanks to its popular variants such as the Splendor. It is extremely popular in the non-metro areas and has also begun making inroads into different segments like the adventure biking segment and the 200cc street bike segment. It is well known for its affordable maintenance costs, and for having multiple authorised service centres to ensure easy customer service.

Why are Hero products so popular?


Hero’s strength lies in delivering value to its customers, both during the purchase phase and later, during ownership. The brand has a reputation for manufacturing products that last for a very long time, even with daily use. Hero also has multiple authorised service centres in different corners of the country, which means that you will always be able to take care of your bike no matter where you go. Finally, regular maintenance of a Hero product - any Hero product, from the most affordable to the one that is the most expensive - is really very affordable in comparison to the competition.

Hero bike feature


Hero products sit mostly at the budget end of the spectrum, but that isn’t to say that they lack features. For example, Hero was the first bike manufacturer that launched fuel injection on an Indian market bike with the Glamour FI many years ago. The Splendor iSmart was the first 110cc product to sport an automatic start/stop system in the market. The Impulse opened up new roads to owners - quite literally - with its off-road capability.

Hero products today sport several features like Bluetooth capability, sat-nav (XPulse 200), and automatic start/stop, features that put them on par with more premium bike manufacturers.

Hero Bike insurance


To get your Hero motorcycle insurance, you can use TATA AIG’s online bike insurance premium calculator and make your payment instantaneously so that you are always covered.

Here are some of the add-ons you must get for your Hero bike for comprehensive coverage:

Depreciation allowance: You will get the sticker price of the parts that need replacement, not their depreciated value. Return to invoice: In the case of total loss or theft, you will get the difference between the amount you get and the invoice value of your Hero MotoCorp bike. Consumable expenses: We will cover the expenses of consumables such as engine oil, grease, washers, filters and brake fluid, except for fuel. Additional personal accident cover to owner/driver: Riding a motorcycle can be a risky affair. So, you must opt for more coverage for the owner/rider of your bike for a small increase in your Hero bike insurance premium. Additional personal accident cover to unnamed persons: This cover provides coverage for anyone riding your Hero bike, not just you.

With a reputed brand such as TATA AIG behind your Hero MotoCorp insurance, you don’t need to worry about a thing should you need to make a claim.

Hero Bikes RTO charges


The RTO charges for Hero motorcycles could vary, as they depend on the price of your bike. They will also differ from state to state and sometimes even from RTO to RTO, so be sure to check with your nearest Hero dealer for the price of the specific model and variant you are looking to purchase.

Hero Bikes Competition


The competition for Hero depends on the segment. The Splendor is king of the hill, and has been for decades, but the Honda Activa, a 110cc scooter is another popular option. In its own segment, there are products from Honda, TVS, and Bajaj that are trying to get a slice of the 100-110cc pie from Hero. Some of the models include the Bajaj Platina, Honda Livo, TVS Radeon and Star City Plus, and Hero’s own Passion.

In the scooter segment, Hero offers a lot of value with the Pleasure+ and Maestro Edge 110, and they compete with the Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter. In the 125cc scooter segment, the Maestro Edge 125 and Destini 125 take the fight to the likes of the Suzuki Access 125, Honda Activa 125, and Yamaha Fascino. The Super Splendor and Glamour have a tough task taking on the Honda Shine and SP125, and the Bajaj Pulsar 125.

The Hero Xtreme 160R competes with the current-generation 150-160cc sporty commuters like the Honda XBlade, Yamaha FZ-S FI, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, and Suzuki Gixxer. The Xpulse 200 is in a field of one, as the nearest adventure touring model in the Indian market has twice the displacement and also costs twice as much.

Choosing the right bike for you and your family’s needs is undoubtedly important- but it’s also important to #ThinkAhead and get a comprehensive hero two wheeler insurance such as TATA AIG’s two-wheeler plan. This will help you cover any costs in case you need repairs for your bike or get into an accident and keep you and your family safe on the roads!

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