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TVS Bike & Scooter Insurance

Founded in 1978, TVS Motor is the third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. Initially, the company started manufacturing mopeds and moved to scooters, commuter motorcycles, and sports bikes. The brand is an industry leader in innovation and quality and a pioneer in several two-wheeler technology-related aspects. The company is India's second-largest two-wheeler exporter, with exports to over 60 countries.

TVS Motor is a TVS Group's flagship company headquartered in Chennai. It has four manufacturing plants — Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Mysore in Karnataka and Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh, and Karawang in Indonesia. TVS Motors has always greatly supported innovative, convenient, and environment-friendly products. Hence with impeccable product offerings backed by reliable customer service, the company takes pride in serving over 50 million customers.

TVS two-wheelers are easy-to-handle, loaded with features, light on your pocket, and let you experience a fun, enjoyable, and safe ride. However, regarding safety, a bike insurance policy should be your priority. As per Indian law, having third-party bike insurance is mandatory. Apart from the legal mandate, insurance for a 2-wheeler offers various other benefits, with multiple insurance players in the market ensuring you choose a trusted and reputed brand like Tata AIG.

Purchasing or Renewing Your Bike Insurance Online for TVS with Tata AIG

As mentioned earlier, having a valid bike insurance policy is mandatory before you venture out on your vehicle. Unlike earlier days, digitalisation has made buying or renewing a two-wheeler policy easy, hassle-free and quick. With Tata AIG's bike insurance online for TVS, you can buy or renew your policy in just a few clicks within 2 minutes.

For getting your TVS bike insurance renewal online, you do not need to submit physical documents or be physically present at the insurance centre. The complete process is not paperless and can be done anywhere at any time at your convenience. Moreover, you can access the policy documents and all other information instantly and through a single interface, which you can view 24X7.

- Follow the steps to purchase or renew your TVS bike insurance online:

- Step 1: Visit our official website and select 'Bike Insurance' under the tab 'All Products'.

- Step 2: You will be directed to the 'Two-wheeler insurance' page. A section will be displayed on your screen to enter your bike's registration number. Enter the registration number and other details.

- Step 3: If you are a first-time customer, click the 'Get Price' button. Your TVS bike insurance price will be displayed on the screen. For policy renewal, click on the 'Renew' button.

- Step 4: An insurance form will be displayed on the screen. Fill in all the personal details like your name, contact number, Aadhar card number, PAN number etc., to proceed.

- Step 5: Select your bike's appropriate IDV (Insured Declared Value). IDV is calculated on the manufacturer's listed selling price and signifies the current market value of your bike. The IDV affects the premium of your bike.

- Step 6: In this step, you must mention your claim history (if any). If you haven't raised any claim in the past, you select No Claim Bonus (NCB), which makes you eligible for a discount of up to 50%.

- Step 7: The next step allows you to enhance your policy coverage by selecting add-ons per your need. Tata AIG offers seven bike add-ons which can be included in your base comprehensive policy at an additional cost.

- Step 8: Your TVS bike insurance price and sum insured will be displayed on your screen. If satisfied with the sum insured and the quote, you can proceed with your chosen plan and pay the premium of your TVS bike insurance online.

- Step 9: After we receive your payment, we will share your policy documents and other details on your registered email address or Whatsapp number.

You can contact our support team anytime for any queries or support, and we will gladly help.

TVS Bike Insurance Price – Your Payable Premium Amount

Premium is a major determining factor when choosing a bike insurance plan. After all, you always look for the right cost-benefit balance- a plan that gives you the best features and coverage at an affordable rate. Hence, before you buy or renew your policy, we recommend using our bike insurance premium calculator to determine the estimated premium you must pay depending on the plan and riders chosen.

Some of the factors that affect your TVS bike insurance price include:

  • The type of coverage selected (comprehensive, third-party, or standalone)

  • Age and geographical location of your two-wheeler

  • Make and model of your TVS bike

  • Engine type and cubic capacity of the vehicle

  • Safety devices and modifications done to the bike

  • No claim bonus discount on comprehensive insurance for bike

  • Age and driving record of the insured

  • Riders added

Besides the above factors, one more factor which hugely affects your premium is the Insured Declared Value. The IDV is an amount that reflects the vehicle's current market value. Suppose your bike suffers a total loss, is damaged beyond repair, or gets stolen — the insurance company will pay you the amount equal to the mentioned IDV. Hence, you must carefully select the IDV when purchasing or renewing your TVS bike insurance policy. Remember, the higher the IDV higher your premium will be.

Also, IDDV tends to reduce with time. Hence, the IDV mentioned in the previous year will typically be more than the current year.

Additional Rider Plans for Your TVS Bike

Consider adding a rider to your existing bike insurance policy that will help expand your overall coverage.

- Depreciation Allowance: Depreciation of your bike is typically deducted from the claim amount, ultimately reducing the actual claim amount. This add-on covers repairing or replacing the damaged part without accounting for depreciation.

- Return-to-Invoice Cover: With this add-on, the difference between the insured declared value and the invoice value of the bike is covered.

- Emergency Medical Expenses: In case of an accident leading to injury, the emergency medical expenses add-n offers coverage for hospitalisation, surgery, and ambulance.

- Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver: With this add-on, the owner-rider gets personal accident cover ranging from ₹1 lakh to ₹15 lakhs. Thus, this rider gives adequate protection in case of accidental injury, disability, or death.

- Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover: This rider provides additional coverage for third-party liability, including damage to a third-party person, vehicle or property.

- Consumables Expenses: This rider covers the cost of consumable items that must be replaced after the accident or repair. The consumable may cover engine oil, nuts and bolts, coolant etc.

- Roadside Assistance: If your bike breaks down, you get 24X7 immediate breakdown assistance and an on-the-spot repair facility with this add-on. Some services included under this rider plan include fuel delivery, battery jump-start, towing to the nearest garage, etc.

Things Included/Excluded Under Tata AIG's TVS Bike Insurance

The inclusion and exclusions in the policy are critical aspects. They help you understand the plan better and reduce the chances of your claim getting rejected. Let us look at some of the critical things included and not included in Tata AIG's comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Things included in Tata AIG TVS Bike Insurance Things not included in Tata AIG TVS Bike Insurance
Personal Damage Cover: Damages caused to your TVS bike due to natural disasters, man-made harm, fire etc., are covered under personal damage cover. Also damages caused due to accidents via transit through the air, waterways, roadways etc., are included. General Depreciation: Regular wear and tear of the bike or damage to the parts due to mechanical/electrical failure, and ageing-related issues etc. are not covered.
Damage Cover: In the event of a total loss, irreparable loss or theft of your bike, the comprehensive bike insurance plan reimburses the bike's current market value. Racing and Speed Tests: No coverage is offered if the bike is used for racing, speed tests, reliability tests, etc.
Third-party Cover: Any injury or harm to the third-party person, property or vehicle shall be covered under comprehensive plan, provided the harm is unintentional. Not following rules and regulations: If the rider is not following the rules, like riding without a valid driving licence or helmet, or is under the influence of intoxicants and narcotics, or any other reason, no coverage shall be provided.
Personal Accident Cover: Comprehensive bike insurance policy offers Personal Accident Coverage of ₹15 lakhs. This amount is used for treating accident-related injuries. Moreover, in case of death of the insured-rider, death benefit is offered to the assigned beneficiary. Commercial Usage: Your bike insurance for TVS will not cover damages if your private bike is used commercially. Also, coverage will only be applicable if the bike is used within the country's geographical boundaries.
Add-on Rider Cover: You can select add-on riders to enhance your coverage and get better protection. Damage due to burglary: If the bike is damaged due to breaking and burglary, but is not stolen, no coverage shall be extended.

Why Should You Opt for a Tata AIG Bike Insurance for TVS?

With major international players making their way to the Indian market to homegrown financial services providers entering this space, and from significant law and order changes to technological development, the bike insurance segment has seen tremendous change. Although all these factors have improved the overall product offering and services, it has become daunting for buyers to choose the right insurance for their 2-wheeler.

Tata AIG is one of the leading bike insurance providers that offer multiple benefits, like customising as per your need with riders, access to an extensive network of garages, and ease in buying, comparing, and renewing the policy. Moreover, the TVS bike insurance claim process is also easy and hassle-free. Here are some reasons that make Tata AIG one of the most preferred bike insurance providers in the country:

- Comprehensive Coverage: A TVS bike insurance policy from Tata AIG offers comprehensive coverage protecting not only third-party liabilities but also the owner-driver, the insured vehicle, and various other aspects.

- Customisable Plans: With our 7 bike insurance add-ons, you can customise plans as needed. You can tailor a plan by adding a zero depreciation cover, emergency medical cover, roadside assistance etc., to your comprehensive plan.

- Affordable Premiums: We ensure you get the best product without burning a hole in your pocket. There are various discounts like NCB and others to help you save money.

- Cashless Claims: With a wide range of garages across the country, you can avail of cashless claims for your bike in case of an accident or damage.

- Hassle-Free Claim Settlement: Our Claim Settlement Ratio for the financial year 2020-21 stands at 98%. Additionally, our streamlined TVS bike insurance claims process ensures swift and hassle-free claims settlement.

- 24x7 Assistance: Our 24x7 dedicated customer support team is present at every step of the journey. They are ready to assist you with any query related to your bike insurance policy. Moreover, we have a strong team of more than 650 experts to offer proper guidance during the claim settlement process.

- Brand Reputation: We have an experience of more than 20 years in the industry, making us one of the most trusted brands for two-wheeler insurance. Our carefully curated need-based products and impeccable customer service have helped us acquire the trust of more than 5 crore people nationwide.

- Online access: You can buy, renew, or compare two-wheeler insurance online with ease at anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the online claim initiation and tracking facility makes the entire process swift and hassle-free.

TVS Two-wheelers – An Overview & USPs

TVS Group has its presence in industries like Automobile, Aviation, Education, Electronics, Energy, Finance, Housing, Insurance, Investment, Logistics, Service and Textiles. It has over 90 Companies under its umbrella. TVS Motor Company is a part of the TVS group and is India's third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer.

Here are some of the unique selling points (USPs) of TVS bikes that are worth knowing:

- Most extensive range of two-wheelers: Starting with mopeds and then forging into segments including scooters, commuter motorcycles, and racing bikes, TVS has the largest range of two-wheelers. There's a bike for everyone.

- Innovation: The brand has always been at the forefront of innovation, from introducing India's first Digital Ignition with TVS Champ to India's first fully indigenous motorcycle with TVS Victor. It has also been India's first company to launch ABS in a motorcycle with its Apache RTR Series. Many more innovations like these have changed the two-wheeler segment landscape and made the brand count among top players.

- Reliable customer service: Along with innovation, easy-to-handle, and environment-friendly offerings, one thing that makes them a preferred brand is reliable customer service. With high customer satisfaction, the company has secured the trust of more than 33.5 million customers.

- Awards and achievements: The company has been continuously in the limelight for its exceptional products and service. The efforts have been continuously reflected in the number of awards won each year.

- Huge production capacity: With four manufacturing plants (three in India and one in Indonesia), the annual production capacity of TVS two-wheelers is around 4.95 million.

TVS Bike Variants and Prices

TVS Bikes Ex-showroom Price in Delhi
TVS Ntorq ₹84,536/- onwards
TVS Jupiter 125 ₹83,755/- onwards
TVS Zest 110 ₹73,216/- onwards
TVS Jupiter ₹72,340/- onwards
TVS Scooty Pep+ ₹ 65,514/- onwards
Apache RR 310 ₹2,72,000/- onwards
TVS Ronin ₹1,49,000/- onwards
Apache RTR 165RP ₹1,45,000/- onwards
TVS Apache RTR Series ₹1,19,20/- onwards
TVS Raider ₹94,619/- onwards
TVS StaR City + ₹76,970/- onwards
TVS Sport ₹64,050/- onwards
TVS Radeon ₹60,925/- onwards
TVS XL100 ₹44,999/- onwards
TVS iQube ₹1,23,776/-

Upcoming TVS Bikes in the year 2023-2024 in India:

Bike Approximate Price Expected Launch Date
TVS Creon ₹1,20,000 October 2023
TVS Fiero ₹80,000 October 2023
TVS Apache RTR 310 ₹1,99,000 November 2023
TVS ADV ₹1,50,000 June 2024

Top Competitors of TVS Two-Wheelers

  • Bajaj Auto Ltd.

  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

  • Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI)

  • Kinetic Engineering Ltd.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the cost of insurance for a bike?

What is the cost of insurance for a bike?


TVS bike insurance price or premium depends on various factors and may vary from one individual to another. A few major determining factors include the make and model of the bike, age, and location of the bike, age and driving history of the rider-owner, insured declared value, plan selected, riders added, etc. the best way to know your TVS bike insurance price is to use our online bike insurance calculator.

How to get a current bike insurance policy?


You can buy or renew bike insurance for TVS online. The process is simple, quick, paperless and convenient. Visit our two-wheeler motor insurance product page to start your insurance journey now!

Which insurance is best for my bike?


Third-party liability insurance is mandatory; however, a comprehensive bike insurance policy is recommended. The two main reasons comprehensive bike insurance is best for your TVS two-wheeler are that it offers more extensive coverage, over and above third-party cover, and you can customise and enhance the coverage with the help of an add-on.

How to renew TVS bike insurance?


You can opt for TVS bike insurance renewal online by visiting our official two-wheeler insurance page, entering the bike details, and making a secure online payment.

How can I reduce my insurance premium on a TVS bike?


As discussed earlier, several factors determine your TVS bike insurance price. However, there are ways through which you can reduce your premium liability. Here are a few tips.

  1. Opt for a higher voluntary deductible
  2. Pay yearly premiums instead of monthly or quarterly
  3. Select add-ons wisely
  4. Avoid claiming minor damages to keep your NCB discount intact
  5. Install anti-theft devices for protection
  6. Avoid excessive modifications on your bike
  7. Calculate the estimated premium before buying