Engine Protection Cover in Bike Insurance

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Engine Protection Cover in Bike Insurance

According to the Government of India, riding a bike without a valid third-party bike insurance policy is illegal and can attract financial penalties and other punishments for non-compliance. Under the insurance for a 2-wheeler category, three kinds of insurance plans are commonly available.

The list includes third-party, own-damage, and comprehensive insurance plans. Third-party is mandatory to take any two-wheeler on the road. Own damage and comprehensive plans are choice-based purchases, and most insurance providers offer a variety of cover add-ons to make the bike insurance most suitable for the policyholder.

Comprehensive and own damage plans alone do not cover engine protection in bike insurance. However, many insurers allow you to pay extra to get engine protection cover as an additional benefit with your comprehensive bike insurance.

This blog will discuss the engine protection cover in bike insurance, its benefits, inclusions and exclusions, and how to purchase a bike engine protection cover.

All About Engine Protection Cover for Bike Insurance

The engine protection cover for bike insurance is an investment towards the well-being of the bike engine. An engine is the heart of every two- and four-wheeler, ensuring efficient performance, balance and road control.

Unforeseen or unexpected accidents and natural calamities can cause severe damage to the bike engine, directly impacting the overall engine functionality and bike performance. Repairing engine damage can be a significant financial burden for many people.

For instance, floods can cause water entry into the bike engine, slowly degrading the bike's performance and fuel consumption ability.

Here, the benefit of engine protection insurance coverage comes into play. It is not a direct inclusion in any bike insurance policy but is one of the crucial investments for the top-notch financial protection of your bike engine.

The engine protection insurance covers all repair and replacement costs for the insurer. Before we jump into the list of features, inclusions and exclusions, let us learn how to buy the engine protection cover below.

How to Buy Engine Protection Cover?

Buying an engine protection cover with your bike insurance policy is quick and easy. Here is a quick list of steps.

Visit the chosen insurance provider’s website.

Choose bike insurance or two-wheeler insurance option.

For a new policy purchase, enter the details of your bike, like the model, purchase details, personal details, etc.

Then, choose the bike insurance category from own damage, third-party, and comprehensive.

If you opt for own damage or a comprehensive bike insurance plan, you can choose engine protection cover as an add-on based on availability.

Add any other add-ons as required. Remember to check the premium amount and terms and conditions before making the final payment.

Once you pay the premium, the new bike insurance policy will be shared on your authorised email address.

Add your bike insurance policy number and proceed to the renewal page for policy renewal. To add engine protection cover during renewal, select policy add-on, pay the updated premium and collect your new updated bike insurance document.

Benefits of Engine Protection Cover

The numerous benefits of purchasing engine protection coverage with your bike insurance policy include the following:

Cover for the Most Important Part of a Bike- The engine is the most essential part of the bike, and receiving cover for the same is extremely important because the damage caused by waterlogging or accidents can be financially draining for many.

Increased Financial Security of Bike- A bike insurance policy is designed and sold to allow everyone to safeguard their beloved two-wheeler against unforeseen circumstances. The option of additional engine protection will increase the assistance and support provided by an insurer, ensuring maximum monetary support in times of need.

Prompt Repairs- People sometimes delay bike engine repair due to the cost it bears and the lack of financial liberty to spend on repairs. However, with engine protection cover, the repairs will be prompt and often suggested or referred by insurers to their garage network for cashless claims.

Peace of Mind- The most significant advantage of engine protection cover is increased peace of mind. The main reason behind this is the constant awareness of the correct financial back-up for your bike engine and other parts via a well-planned bike insurance policy.

Inclusions Under Bike Engine Protection Cover

The list of inclusions under most insurance plans with engine protection consists of the following.

All physical damage to your bike engine or its parts due to accidents is covered.

All damages causing leakage of oil, coolant, etc., in the engine after an accident or third-party carelessness while riding are covered.

Any discrepancy caused due to waterlogging in the engine at the start point, or mid-way is covered.

All damage and repair requirements caused due to the entry of flood water into the bike engine are covered.

Exclusions Under Bike Engine Protection Cover

Even with an engine protection cover, there can be several occasions where the cover might not be activated for a claim by an insurer. These exclusions are usually careless riding or own mistakes.

The standard list of exclusions under most bike insurance plans with engine protection cover consists of the following.

Riding your bike under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol and then dealing with an accident that has damaged the engine is not permitted for a claim.

Riding without a helmet or a valid driver’s licence and causing harm to your bike and its engine due to unexpected accidents will not be permitted for a claim.

Most insurers will reject engine protection cover claims for riders with the third-party bike insurance document.

No insurance claim can be requested if the insured delays the update to the insurer of any accident beyond a set number of hours.

All repairs and maintenance costs incurred for bike engine repair before informing the insurer cannot be claimed for reimbursement.

Any accident damage caused due to triple-riding or illegal racing on the road will not be covered by the insurer under engine protection cover.

All manufacturer warranty claims are also rejected.

Claim Process for Engine Protection in Insurance

The claim process for engine protection cover in bike insurance includes the following steps. However, before you begin the claim process, ensure you have all the necessary documents and evidence to file for a claim to increase your chances of approval.

Inform the insurer about all the details regarding the accident or flood situation as soon as possible.

Click pictures of the damage incurred around and inside the bike engine region.

You can now file a claim online or visit the insurer to complete the process offline.

For the online claim process, after updating the insurer, go to the insurer’s website, enter the insurance policy details, locate the claim option, and fill out the claim form with the relevant details.

Once done, upload all the documents required to proceed with the claim application.

After submitting the evidence and claim form, the insurer will send a surveyor to visit and inspect the bike engine to list the damages and make a detailed report.

Once the surveyor report is accepted, the insurer will approve the claim, and based on your choice between a cashless claim or reimbursement, you can enjoy the cover benefit.


If you are a bike owner and live in flood-prone or accident-prone areas, investing an extra amount towards engine protection is a great decision. You will increase the value of your investment returns and safeguard the heart of your bike from damage.

Along with engine protection cover, you can further customise your two-wheeler insurance policy with 8 other add-on rider benefits offered by Tata AIG. We have designed and introduced these add-ons to allow everyone the flexibility of complete customisation as per frequent personal and budget needs.

The important thing to remember is always to compare two-wheeler insurance plans before purchasing one. This will allow better decision-making and more control over your financial expenses towards your bike repair and maintenance.

Ride stress-free with Tata AIG bike insurance plans for complete protection with precision!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is engine protection coverage mandatory?

Is engine protection coverage mandatory?


No, engine protection cover is not a mandate. However, given the availability of increased financial assistance to safeguard your engine under this cover, purchasing it is worth it. Before purchasing any insurance plan with this rider, remember to check all terms and conditions.

Can I combine an engine protection cover with my third-party insurance?


No, engine protection cover is only available as an add-on for comprehensive and own-damage bike insurance plans.

Is a fixed amount added to the bike insurance premium if we buy engine protection cover?


Most insurance providers increase the premium by 10% to 20% for combining the engine protection cover with your bike insurance policy. However, with this slight premium increase, you can enjoy peace of mind and stress-free riding, even if the bike engine incurs accidental damage.

Do all bike insurance providers offer engine protection cover benefits?


The availability of an engine protection cover is entirely dependent on the insurer. Some might offer it as a standalone add-on option. Others might club it into another add-on category. Thus, reading about bike insurance policies and add-on cover options is crucial before purchasing.