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It is mandatory to have motor insurance for your two-wheeler vehicle in India, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Two-wheeler insurance like bike insurance protects your bike against accident, loss, damage, theft, explosion, malicious acts, and natural disasters, among other eventualities.

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How to Renew if Bike Insurance is Expired?

Bike owners can get two types of insurance – comprehensive bike insurance or third-party bike insurance. Comprehensive insurance protects the vehicle, the vehicle owner and the third party involved, whereas third party bike insurance only secures the third party. Not having or renewing vehicle insurance is an offence in India and brings about several consequences, so it is crucial to renew your bike insurance policy before its expiry date.

If you have bike insurance with Tata AIG Insurance, and it has recently expired, you can renew your policy within 90 days of its expiry. If 90 days have passed, give us a call, and we will assist you in taking it further.

What are the consequences of not renewing bike insurance?

When you have an existing bike insurance policy nearing its expiration date, it is vital to renew it before it ends. Failing to renew the policy can cause you to lose your insurance privileges, including: 1. Paying the cost of damages by yourself:

The most obvious consequence of not renewing bike insurance is paying for the costs of any damages caused to the vehicle or injury caused to a third party by yourself. Even if you are not using your bike, it is still prone to damages such as overheating, self-ignition, or theft.

  1. Attracting fines and penalties by the traffic police:

Riding your bike without having your bike insurance can attract fines up to ₹2,000 if you get caught by the traffic police. You can also face imprisonment for up to three months as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Moreover, any penalties attracted are retained in your bike insurance history.

  1. Losing the insurance privileges from the insurer:

The failure to renew your bike insurance policy even after the 90-day grace period leads to automatic forfeiture of the insurance privileges afforded to you under the policy. Apart from not being insured, you lose benefits like the no-claim bonus and premium discounts.

  1. Buying a new policy altogether:

If you fail to renew your expired bike insurance after 90 days, you have to buy a new insurance policy altogether, restart the registration process from scratch and spend more time and money.

How to renew expired bike insurance?

It has become simple to renew expired bike insurance. There are two ways to do this – by the online mode or the offline mode.

How to renew bike insurance online after expiry at Tata AIG?

Follow these steps to renew your Tata AIG bike insurance policy online:

  1. Visit Tata AIG’s website for two wheeler insurance. Click on the ‘Renew existing Tata AIG policy’ option if you are an existing Tata AIG customer. If your existing policy is from another provider, click on
  2. Fill in the form online and add the relevant details to get a quick quote for your bike insurance policy premium.
  3. Input the details of your existing policy (Tata AIG or other).
  4. Select the IDV and No Claim Bonus (if applicable).
  5. Choose any optional add-ons/ riders, such as zero depreciation cover and roadside assistance cover.
  6. Click on Pay Now.
  7. Input the necessary personal details.
  8. Submit the filled details and proceed to make the payment.
  9. After you make payment for the insurance policy, you will receive a digital soft copy of it on your email ID. Remember to download and keep that along with the policy number with you at all times.

The entire process is hassle-free and hardly takes a few minutes.

How to renew bike insurance offline with Tata AIG after its expiry?

You can also renew your bike insurance policy offline by visiting Tata AIG’s branch office closest to your location. However, you will have to bring your vehicle as offline renewals require the inspection of the bike before the policy is issued to you. Also, you will need to carry your license, existing insurance policy, and registration certificate.

How to check bike insurance expiry date online at Tata AIG?

We have made it very convenient for you to keep a check on your bike insurance policy through our online portal. We will provide you with the necessary information every time you request access to your policy. All you have to do is keep your policy number and bike registration number in close keep. You can check the status of your bike insurance policy on our website at any time and from anywhere. To save time, you can also just refer to the policy document sent by us to your email. Furthermore, we will also send you alerts and reminders from time to time, and especially before the expiry date of your policy, so that you can easily renew your policy on time.

Should I renew my bike insurance online or offline?

With the plethora of benefits of online renewal, it is advisable to register your bike insurance policy online. You can avoid the tedious hassle of paperwork, travelling time, and administrative delays that come with offline renewal. You will also receive reminders if you register through the online mode and reduce the chances of forgetting to renew your policy.

To conclude:

We understand how hectic it can get to keep track of your bike insurance policy. That is why we give you a 90-day grace period to renew your bike insurance policy, during which we will keep the policy from lapsing. Moreover, we provide prompt assistance at all times, so in case you forget to renew your policy, you can contact us through email at or give us a call on our tollfree numbers. However, to avoid any hassle and claim all the benefits and discounts under your policy, we advise you to renew your policy two months before its expiry date.

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