What Does It Take to Be a Good Biker?

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  • 28/06/2020

In any sport, some ground rules mark a good player from a more commonplace player. Riding a bike is no different. You must have wondered what it takes to become a better rider. Well, the answer is ‘Biking Etiquettes.

What Does It Take to Be a Good Biker?

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, we’ve compiled a list of eight attributes that you need to have to become a ‘good rider’.

1. Good Bikers Ride Safely

Wearing a helmet every time you are on your motorcycle is not only for the law but for your protection as well. Also, never disobey the traffic laws and lights. Instead of weaving in and out of traffic, use indicators appropriately to let other riders and drivers know where you are going. And if you have to receive a call, halt. Do not talk while riding.

2. Sound Awareness on the Road

Always be vigilant of your riding environment to avoid potentially fatal accidents. You might be following all traffic rules and riding safe, but another driver might not. Keep a lookout for any hurdle on your path. With practice, monitoring the behaviour of other riders becomes all too easy.

3. Being Spontaneous

Certain unforeseen situations on the road demand immediate action to avoid crashes. You may need to make immediate corrections instinctively without letting any other thought pass through your head. This requires good control over your bike that comes only with experience.

4. Being Aware of Your Skills

You do not need to take the bend with a greater speed than the biker in front of you, nor ride fast enough to reach the first line at a traffic light. Do not try performing stunts on the road to show off. It is highly dangerous both for yourself and your fellow riders on the road. The point is to understand your limits and capabilities when you are on your bike and not to prove yourself.

5.Being Considerate towards Fellow Bikers

This might not be a written down law but try to check on other riders when you see them halting by the side of the road. It just might be that they are stuck with an engine problem or they have run out of fuel.

6. Know the Technicalities

Know your machine well and anything else relevant to the sport. Your bike might stop unusually on an empty highway. Knowing some basic repairs and diagnostics comes handy in such circumstances. You do not necessarily have to undergo any formal technical training; regular reading is all it takes.

7. Learn from your Mistakes

You learn the best from the mistakes you make on the road. Always keep a positive learning attitude. Taking a lesson from your faults and not repeating them improves your skills by making you a more proficient biker. At the same time, be a guide to beginners and try to help them by sharing your experiences.

8. Protect yourself and your vehicle

Becoming a good biker requires consistency. Like any other skill, biking needs practice too. Skills may get rusty. You cannot detach yourself for too long; you need to be honing your skills periodically. And it goes without saying that if you love riding, you love your bike too.

Therefore, you would want to protect your ride, wouldn’t you? To know more, call Toll Free No: 1800 266 1363

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