Top 6 Two Wheelers For Your Daily Commute

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Driving on Indian roads has never been easy, and this is the principal reason why people in the present times prefer distinct modes of public transport for their daily commute instead of bearing the expense of a car or bike insurance. However, the global pandemic has made people move towards commuting by personal vehicles. While road traffic issues still persist, many people prefer commuting by two-wheelers to save their time.

Top 6 two-wheelers for daily commute

Given the traffic situation in India, accidents are bound to happen. Hence, to protect your vehicle against any latent damage, you are always advised to buy bike insurance. This insurance for bike will always ensure that your vehicle remains guarded against all third-party accident claims and also from any natural calamity.

Keeping that in mind, here are the top 6 two-wheelers one can use for their daily commute.

Driving to work can be a real problem for countless people living in suburbs and metro cities as there is always a chance of getting late due to traffic. This is the reason why many people go for a bike or scooter as these are easier to maintain and can further curtail your petrol expenses.

While purchasing and maintaining a car or expensive bikes is not possible for many middle-income people, they always look for an economical vehicle option that comes under their budget so that they can opt for the lowest two-wheeler insurance.

Hence, to make your decision easier, mentioned below are the top 6 two-wheelers that you can use for your daily commute, which can be powerful, stylish, and economically priced.

● Honda Activa

This is so far the most popular two-wheeler alternative that is used by the masses for their daily commute. With a high power performance and great mileage, Honda Activa has always been the first choice amongst college students, office-goers and homemakers.

While this two-wheeler was initially launched in a 100cc engine, the manufacturers have further increased its power engine capacity to 110cc and 125cc due to an increased demand for this two-wheeler.

Apart from a powerful engine, people also prefer Honda Activa for its stylish appeal along with the various colour options, fuel efficiency and most cost-effective price range.

**● Bajaj Pulsar **

Bajaj Pulsar is another one of the highest traded 150cc two-wheelers in India. It arrives equipped with a carburettor-based fuel delivery system, an ignition system that is twin sparked and an air-cooled multi-plate clutch that increases its performance and fuel efficiency. This bike presents its riders with the maximum value of their spending, and it is most popular among men of a younger demographic who seeks a stylish two-wheeler for their daily commute.

● Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access is again the most stylish and comfortable two-wheeler option that you can pick for your daily commute to work, college or any other place.

This two-wheeler comes with a longer seat for utmost comfort, a 125cc power engine, and a 10NM torque, making it extremely fuel-efficient and the most budgeted two-wheeler alternative.

● Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine is another transcendent alternative that you can depend on for all your daily long or short distance travels.

Apart from the cost-efficient and modest price scale, this two-wheeler is further recognised for its outstanding engine performance and profoundly dynamic 125cc motor. It further comes in a stylish body, which makes it the most picked two-wheeler alternative.

**● Royal Enfield **

Although Royal Enfield is the most expensive two-wheeler option compared to the other ones listed here, this two-wheeler has recently become the most popular one amongst college-going boys and the young to middle-aged office-goers due to its vintage look, 346CC engine displacement and higher fuel efficiency.

In addition to this, to provide bike lovers with the much-required alternatives, the Royal Enfield arrives in 5 distinct variants to assist people in choosing their perfect fit and is also considered the best mileage bike in India.

**● Hero Super Splendor **

Hero Super Splendor bike forever remains the best and most economical two-wheeler alternative for all the daily commuters. Apart from the cost-efficient charges, this bike is most favoured by individuals for its powerful performance and tremendous mileage.

This Hero Super Splendor arrives with a substantial 125cc engine and incomparably generates a horsepower of 10.5 along with an 11nm long torque. In addition to this, Hero Super Splendor owns an excellent body appearance, single-cylinder and an air-cooled fuel injection system to make all your daily travels more comfortable and stylish.

Secure your ride with TATA AIG 2 wheeler insurance

Purchasing the right 2-wheeler bike insurance is something that you must never overlook. It is a well-regarded fact that a person riding a 2-wheeler is more prone to unfortunate accidents than any other vehicle.

Hence, to safeguard your vehicle from all the human-made and natural calamities, you could opt for the TATA AIG 2-wheeler insurance. If you are looking for a reliable insurance provider for getting a new bike policy or for your existing bike policy renewal, then look no further than Tata AIG.

Tata AIG is a prominent motor insurance company that can provide you with the widest vehicle insurance coverage in case of a third-party road accident, any mishap arising due to natural calamity, theft and many more such events. You can use the bike insurance calculator to determine the premium payable for the insurance coverage of your choice.


Riding your new two-wheeler on the trafficked Indian roads can be a risky venture. Hence, to safeguard your worthy two-wheeler from falling under the prey of the next road accident, you must get it insured with TATA AIG today.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions you may want to refer to:

1. Which bike is best for daily commute?

If you are looking for the best mileage bike and also the best bike for your daily commute, you could always go with Honda CB Shine or Hero Super Splendor. These bikes come fully loaded with a powerful engine and high fuel efficiency that is perfect for daily travellers.

2. Which scooty is best for daily use?

Honda Activa is considered the most suitable scooty for the daily commute, given its stylish look and economical price range. However, you can conduct your own research and find the two-wheeler that best suits your requirements and budget.

3. Which bike is best for couples?

Bajaj Pulsar and Royal Enfield both are considered to be the best bike for modern couples due to their stylish appeal and spacious seating.

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