5 Regular Checks for Two Wheelers to Ensure an Accident-Free Ride

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A two-wheeler is perhaps the most popular mode of transport in India. It is convenient, affordable, and ideal for the traffic-laden roads and narrow lanes of the country. While most people conduct in-depth research on the right model, ideal bike insurance online, financing options, etc., they forget to care for their bike after buying it. Taking care of your two-wheeler is crucial. You must insure it with insurance for a bike and have it serviced periodically to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

List of Necessary Routine Checks for Your Bike

Here are five things you should pay attention to when it comes to maintaining your two-wheeler:

Ensure the lights are working: Driving with a broken headlight or fused indicators can be extremely dangerous. Indian roads are overloaded with heavy traffic, which makes it important to always use indicators while turning. Using a headlight is also a must during night time. If either of these stops working, try not to procrastinate and have them fixed immediately.

Check the brakes and engine: A brake failure can put your life at risk as well as those around you. Hence, you must keep a check on your bike’s brakes. You can ask a mechanic to inspect the brake fluid, brake pads, etc. If there are any issues found, make sure to have them fixed on priority. Similarly, you should have the engine inspected too. Any leaks or dirt trapped inside the engine can lead to low performance and ultimately breakdowns.

Keep an optimal tyre air pressure: The tyre pressure of your bike can alter its performance by a great measure. If the air pressure is low, you will find it hard to ride the bike. You can do two things to ensure that the tyre air pressure is always intact. The first is to check it yourself. You can press or kick the tyre to see if it deflates easily. If yes, you can refill the air at the earliest. The second way to check the air pressure is at the fuel station. Every time you get a refuel, make sure to also have the air pressure checked.

Ensure proper chain lubrication: Just like the brakes, chain lubrication is also an important aspect to ensure safety while driving. The good news is that chain lubrication does not require a mechanic or a visit to the garage. You can simply touch the chain to check its lubrication level. The chain should never be too dry; otherwise, your bike’s performance will get negatively impacted. When you check the lubrication, you should also make sure that the chain is not too loose.

Go by the owner’s manual: When you buy a bike, you also get an owner’s manual along with it. This manual mentions detailed information about your bike, its parts, and how to ensure high performance and low maintenance at all times. The manual also contains a maintenance schedule for every part, such as the engine, brakes, wheels, etc. As long as you follow the instructions given in the manual, you can ensure a smooth riding experience on your two-wheeler.

Keep your insurance policy for bike active

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is to always keep your bike insurance plan active. You can get a 2-wheeler insurance online policy in a few steps. Moreover, if your insurance expires, make sure to get a bike insurance online renewal at the earliest. Although as per Motor Vehicle Act, only third-party two wheeler insurance is mandatory in the country. Nevertheless, you should opt for a wholesome cover that can keep your bike secured against theft, burglary, natural disasters, accidents, and more.

TATA AIG Bike Insurance offers some of the best features that can keep your bike protected against several odds. The bike insurance offers third party liability cover, along with an own-damage cover and personal accident cover to the owner-driver. The plan also offers riders to enhance protection, such as depreciation allowance, return to invoice, emergency medical expenses, additional third-party property damage cover, additional personal accident cover to unnamed persons, additional personal accident cover to owner-driver, etc.


A bike is a priced possession for most owners. This is why you must take optimal care of it. Regular servicing, cleaning, and upkeep can extend the life of your two wheeler. It can also reduce overall costs, as the chances of a complete breakdown are eliminated with timely minor repairs. So, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and keep your bike insured with a comprehensive bike insurance plan, such as TATA AIG Insurance.

Let’s look at a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding this topic:

What should I check after my bike crashes?

First, check for self-injuries and those around you. If everything seems fine, check if any part of your bike has broken. Look at the engine case, brake lever and pedal, kickstand, etc. Also, check if the headlight and indicators are working. If not, call the nearest garage and ask for help.

What precautions should be taken while driving a two-wheeler?

Make sure to always wear a helmet. Drive slowly and follow all traffic rules, such as stopping at the red signal, using an indicator while making turns, driving within the speed limit, and avoiding drinking and driving.

How do you inspect a motorcycle?

Check the bike’s chain lubrication, headlights, indicators, engine oil, brake fluid, tyre air pressure, etc., to inspect the bike. You can do this yourself or hire a mechanic to do it for you.

Can you die from falling off a bike?

Bike accidents can be extremely dangerous. This is why you must always wear a helmet to protect yourself and reduce the extent of injuries caused by an accident. To avoid serious injuries, you must also keep in mind to follow traffic rules and never drive under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs.

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