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How To Claim Insurance For Car Dent?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/12/2021

The comprehensive car insurance policy includes both the first party as well as the third party insurance sections.Many of us buy car insurance as part of the procedure involved in purchasing a new car. The confidence in your insurer's compensation for a financial loss during a repair will keep you going as time surpasses! But, have you ever wondered how to raise a claim for swift settlement processes. The better your knowledge on how to raise a claim, the faster is the action from the insurer's end.

So, here is a detailed article about how to raise claim insurance for a car dent.

Car Dent Insurance Claim Process

The claim process on insurance for 4 wheeler is simple and easy to follow. Here is a detail about it for your understanding:

1.Register the car dent insurance claim- When your car is damaged with a dent, the first immediate action is to inform your insurance provider and register the claim. It has to be done at the earliest for maximum benefits.

You can also register a claim online by providing the necessary information and uploading the important documents. For instance, you have to provide the insurance policy number, license details of the driver, a copy of the FIR if it was a major accident, etc. It is also important to mention if there was a third party person or property damage. After furnishing the details, you can submit the claim for further processing of the car insurance policy.

2.Receive the claim registration number- When the furnished details are submitted successfully, you will receive a claim intimation number. You have to provide this claim registration number in all your further communication to the insurer regarding the car dent insurance claim process and settlement. It is the unique identification for following up until claim settlement.

3.Insurer's inspection- On successful registration of the claim on the insurance for four-wheeler and acceptance of the reports submitted, a surveyor from the insurance company will visit the spot and inspect the dent. Make sure you don't touch the vehicle or rearrange the parts until the inspection is complete. The surveyor will record the important details by taking pictures and videos to progress with the claim. You can explain the cause of the accident and how it became a dent to the surveyor for their better understanding.

4.Garage appointment- After reviewing the surveyor's report, the insurer will advise you to take your vehicle to the garage. At Tata AIG, we provide a network of more than 7500 garages throughout the country. With your car dent repair insurance, you can choose one among them or a garage of your choice.

Car dent insurance claims are of two types. When you get the repairs done at the insurer's garage network, then you don't have to pay for the cost. You can use the cashless benefit while your insurer pays for the charges incurred. On the other hand, if you are stuck in a remote location where the insurer's network garage isn't present, you can get the dent repaired at a garage of your preference with your car dent insurance and submit the bills for getting the amount reimbursed.

5.Get the claim settled- When the repair work is done completely, upon verification of the documents and a thorough examination of the repair done on the dent, the insurer will settle the claim either by paying the charges to the garage directly or reimburse when done elsewhere.

When you buy online car insurance, you will have access to monitor and track the status of your settlement. You can contact customer service for any queries regarding the settlement based on the status of your claim.

Documents Required For The Claim Settlement Process

We have seen that the claim registration is accepted on the successful submission of the necessary documents. Here is a list for your reference:

1.First Information Report- A copy of the FIR is important in case of an accident. Your claim can get rejected when the FIR is not registered and presented to the insurer.

2.Vehicle information- You have to provide the vehicle's Registration Certificate and the original keys to the insurer.

3.Policy document- Ensure to provide the policy document for retrieving the details necessary to proceed with the claim settlement.

4.Claim form- The claim form has to be filled and duly signed by you.

5.Driver's license- You have to provide a copy of the driver's license. In case if you are the policyholder and you drove the car when the accident and the dent happened, you have to provide a copy of your driving license.

6.Other documents- No Objection Certificate from the lender or bank in case of an active loan, RTO papers and the No Trace Report in case of theft cases from the police.

If you have these documents ready, then upon submission, you can get the claim settlement within a few days.

If you have a bad driving history and feel susceptible to getting into accidents often or purchasing an expensive brand new car, get the quote for car insurance, including the necessary add-ons for better protection and maximum compensation in case of dents. You can use the car insurance calculator online to determine the premium based on your car's make and model, age, cubic capacity, geographic location, etc.

Why Is It Not Advisable to File A Claim For Dents?

Minor dents are common to any vehicle, and making a claim every time is not really advisable for the following reasons:

1.Once you have made a claim, the premium for the following policy term will increase.

2.There is a deductible part for every car dent repair insurance claim that you have to pay from your pocket. If the deductible is almost equal to the claim amount, then the reason for the claim goes in vain.

3.If you have chosen the No Claim Bonus add-on, you can avoid claims for minor dents to present a claim-free year and avail of discounts on future premiums.


When you have purchased a car insurance policy, it is equally important to know the procedure to claim on your insurance policy. We have discussed the important steps and documents necessary to claim in case of a dent. It is considered best to avail the online options to make the process simple, easy and swift. Think before claiming insurance for minor dents because it is not always advisable considering the increased premium cost and available No Claim Bonus!

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