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PUC Certificate for Car & Bike

  • Author :
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  • 07/07/2022

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has mandated all vehicles to have a PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate. Hence, when you purchase a car in India, you are mandatorily required to have a driving licence, Registration Certificate of the car, insurance for 4 wheeler, and a valid Pollution Under Control or PUC Certificate. While driving on Indian roads, you can be asked to present these documents to a traffic officer at any time. Therefore, you cannot legally drive a car in India without a valid PUC Certificate.

What is a Pollution Under Control Certificate?

Air pollution is a growing problem in India. Every year, the government takes various measures to maintain breathable air quality across the country. In India, with the rising levels of income and falling prices of vehicles, the number of two-wheelers and four-wheelers on the roads is increasing with every passing year. Also, vehicle emissions are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution in the country.

To keep vehicular pollution in check, the Indian Government made it mandatory for all vehicles to get their emission levels checked. If the carbon emissions from a vehicle are more than the accepted norms, then it cannot be driven on Indian roads. Every vehicle that passes the emission test is issued a Pollution Under Control or PUC Certificate.

What if I don’t Have a PUC Certificate for My Vehicle?

It is legally mandatory to have a PUC Certificate. If you are found driving without one, then you might have to pay a fine of Rs.1000 for the first-time offence and Rs.2000 for subsequent offences. Even if you have a pollution certificate, but it is past its validity date, you will have to pay the fine.

Further, a PUC Certificate is an essential document for purchasing a car insurance policy. In fact, the insurer may reject your application if you try to renew your insurance for four wheeler without a valid pollution certificate for the car.

Who Issues a PUC Certificate?

A Pollution Under Control certificate is issued by authorised pollution testing centres. These centres test a vehicle’s emissions and issue a certificate only if they are within the norms prescribed by the government. The following information is displayed on a PUC Certificate:

  • Serial Number entered by the testing centre
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • The date of issue and date of expiry of the certificate
  • The result of the emission test

For How Long is a PUC Certificate Valid?

The validity of a PUC Certificate is different for new and old vehicles:

New Vehicles: The validity of the PUC Certificate is 1 year after which you need to get the vehicle tested for emissions

Old Vehicles: The validity of the PUC Certificate is 6 months after which you need to get the vehicle tested for emissions

It is important to note that if the readings are adverse, then the PUC Certificate can be issued for a shorter term. Also, in some states and union territories, the state government might decide to issue a PUC Certificate of different terms based on the pollution levels in the region. For example, in Delhi, certain vehicles are issued PUC Certificates with a validity of 3 months only. Hence, make sure that you check with your local RTO for any queries.

How to Get a PUC Certificate?

There are two ways of obtaining a pollution certificate for car or any other vehicle:

  • Offline

  • Online

  • Get PUC Offline

If you want to get a pollution certificate for your vehicle offline, then here are the steps:

  • Take your vehicle to the nearest authorised emission testing centre

  • Get the vehicle inspected

  • Pay the required fee and receive your PUC Certificate

  • Get PUC Online

If you want to get PUC online, then you need to visit any government-affiliated PUC centre or RTO with your vehicle. The operator at these centres will check your vehicle and determine its emission levels. You will be required to make the payment at the test centre. However, you will receive the PUC Certificate online.

Checking the Status of Your PUC Certificate Online

Once your vehicle has been tested, you can leave the centre and check the status of your PUC application by following these steps:

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the tab ‘Application Status’
  • Enter the Application ID
  • Click on the button ‘View Application Details’
  • The result will display the current status of your PUC Application

Downloading the PUC Certificate Online

Once you get the confirmation that the PUC online certificate has been issued, you can follow these steps to download it:

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the tab ‘PUC Certificate’
  • Enter your vehicle’s registration number and the last five digits of the chassis number
  • Click on the button ‘PUC Details’ to see the certificate
  • You can download and/or print the PUC online certificate

As you can see, the process of applying for a PUC Certificate online is simple and allows you to keep a digital copy on your mobile phone at all times. However, make sure that you also have a physical copy of the certificate with you in the vehicle.


As a vehicle owner, you need to ensure that your vehicle is registered with the RTO. You also need to make sure that you have the right insurance plan. Tata AIG offers a wide range of car insurance policies for different types of vehicles. If you own a car, then you can use our online car insurance calculator to find the best insurance for your four-wheeler. A registered and insured car needs a PUC Certificate. Apart from it being a mandatory requirement, it is also a responsibility to drive a car that does not pollute the air beyond the permissible levels. The points mentioned above can help you get Pollution Under Control Certificate for a vehicle in a hassle-free manner.

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