How to Remove Scratches from Car Windshield

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Scratches on the windshield of your car are an unsightly nuisance. But in addition to compromising the appearance of a car, they also compromise safety by reducing the driver’s visibility. And so, it is important to promptly remove scratches from the car windshield so you always have a clear vision of the road. To further enhance road safety and get protection from unpleasant mishaps, drivers must invest in comprehensive car insurance. On that note, let’s start with understanding the windshield of a car and how to remove scratches from a car’s windshield.

What is a Windshield of a Car?

A windshield, also known as the windscreen, is the front window of your car that provides visibility of the road to the driver and other occupants in the car. It is typically made of laminated safety glass that usually comprises two curved sheets of glass with a layer of plastic laminated between the two for safety. In addition to providing visibility, the windscreen also protects the occupants of the vehicle from debris such as rocks, dust, or insects.

Now that we have understood what a windshield is and what purpose it serves in a car, let’s understand why it gets scratched in the first place.

Why Does Your Windshield Scratch?

Scratches on the windshield can be a nuisance; knowing how these scratches appear, one can try to prevent them. Here are some reasons why your windscreen could be scratched:**

  • Debris: Several things on the road can harm your car's windscreen. This debris from the road includes gravel, sand, or ice – all things that are typically unavoidable, especially when you are driving at high speeds.

  • Wipers: You may have heard an uncomfortable screech when the blades of your wiper run across your windshield. Usually, when this happens, it is likely that the soft rubber that comes in contact with your windshield has lost its softness. To prevent scratching from your windshield, you must ensure that the wiper fluid is always topped up so the wiper does not face a dry surface.

    Additionally, it is important to replace the blades of your wiper on time as they are constantly exposed to outer elements. Make sure you don’t wait until your wiper becomes rigid and starts falling apart before you replace its blades.

  • Branches: Your windshield may also be enduring scratches because of the low-hanging branches. And so, your best bet is to avoid contact with them to the best of your abilities.

  • Incorrect cleaning practices: The use of an abrasive brush or cloth while cleaning your car can also be blamed for those scratches on your windscreen. Another possibility is that your automatic car wash had contaminants on its cleaners that could have scratched the glass.

Having understood the possible causes of scratches on your windscreen let’s now take a look at how to

How to Remove Scratches from Car Windshield

For anyone wondering if it is possible to remove scratches from car glass, the answer is yes. Especially if these chips or scratches are minor. To check if you can remove scratches from the car windscreen, run a finger lightly over the blemish. Sometimes, it may just be a fine streak of dirt.

When it comes to minor car windshield scratch repair, it can be filled with various compounds. There is a simple procedure on how to remove small scratches from the car windshield: you only need to apply the compound in a circular motion using a clean, lint-free, or microfibre cloth.

Here are additional methods on how to remove scratches from car windshield glass:

  • Glass Repair Kit

    The first step to remove scratches from car windscreen is not to use a general at-home cloth and cleaning liquid as they can be ineffective in treating the scratch and may even do more harm than good.

    Instead, you can get a glass repair kit from your local repair shop that generally comprises an acrylic scratch remover (for minor scratches), cerium oxide resin (for deep scratches), a syringe for application, and other accessories. As direct sunlight can cause the polishing compound to cure and set too soon, make sure to do these repairs indoors or in the shade.

  • Glass Scrub Compound

    Although this cleaner is usually used for removing stubborn grime and dirt, it can also be used to remove scratches from car glass. It levels the area around the scratch and conceals it, so the process has to be repeated several times for a visible difference.

    However, it is important to exercise caution when using this as it can be abrasive if one rubs it for too long on the glass.

  • Whitening Toothpaste

    If you were wondering how to remove scratches from a car windshield at home this is the best solution, especially if you cannot find a good glass repair kit. This solution works well on very fine scratches on your windscreen. However, before you commit to a toothpaste, check if it has baking soda as its ingredient.

    To know how to remove small scratches from car windshield using toothpaste, you only have simple instructions to follow: take a small amount of toothpaste and rub it over the affected area. Once done, you must remove the excess toothpaste using a soft and damp cloth. This process may have to be repeated a few times to see an improvement.

  • Acrylic Nail Polish

    Another solution for those asking how to remove scratches from car windshield at home is to try using transparent acrylic nail polish. Just as you would with toothpaste, you will need to apply a layer of nail polish on the scratched surface, wipe the excess with a damp cloth, and allow the polish to dry. As the gel polish hardens as it dries, several people rely on it to remove scratches from car windshields.

  • Glass Repair Professional

    For deep scratches, you will need to seek professional assistance to get them removed. This particularly applies to deep scratches that look more like a crack. There could be a chance that your windscreen will have to be replaced entirely if it has endured a crack.

    To help deal with the expenses of repairs, you can opt for comprehensive four-wheeler insurance with the repair of glass fibre and plastic parts cover.

With this add-on in your Tata AIG comprehensive car insurance, you can have the cracked glass, broken fibre, and broken plastic repaired and simply file a claim for the damages. This add-on cover is specifically meant for damages to these parts and can be added to your car insurance plan at an additional premium cost.

Hence, whenever you buy insurance, it is important to carefully compare car insurance policies so that you can pay reasonable premiums, add your choice of add-ons as needed and still enjoy extensive car insurance coverage..


Windshield scratches are both unsightly and unsafe as they reduce road visibility. And therefore, car windshield scratch repair must be done promptly. With car insurance with the repair of glass fibre and plastic parts add-on, you can leave the worry of bearing the expense to your insurance provider.

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