Fat Deficiency Diseases

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Fats, just like carbohydrates and proteins, are essential nutrients for growth and development, and one's body requires a suitable quantity of essential fats to function healthily. Just as consuming a lot of fat can harm your health, so can consuming too little.

Today, many people focus a lot on living without fat in their diets. They worry about eating too much fat, not too little. People often believe that fat is bad for health and completely avoid it.

However, consuming the right amount of fat is important to avoid fat deficiency diseases.

What is Fat Deficiency?

Fat deficiency is the lack of enough fat in the diet. Deficiency of fats causes multiple fat or lipid deficiency diseases, including Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) deficiency diseases.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are essential fats for everyone's diet. Such fats are critical macronutrients in one's diet that indulge in vital bodily functions like supplying energy, acting as insulators, providing cushioning to organs, and others.

Diseases Caused by a Deficiency of Fats

Humans often fall victim to several fat deficiency diseases. Some of them are listed below:

Colon cancer

Heart diseases

Weaker immune system


EFA deficiency diseases

Hormonal imbalances

Vitamin deficiency diseases

Fat Deficiency Symptoms

Not consuming enough fats can hinder several biological processes.

Here are some fat deficiency symptoms you must watch out for:

Dry and scaly skin

Inability to lose weight

Increased chances of mental illness

Brittle nails

Hormonal imbalance

Continually feeling hungry

Persistently feeling cold

Poor cholesterol transportation

Vision symptoms, including nighttime vision troubles and reading problems

Increase in omega-9 fatty acids and a decrease in omega-6 fatty acids in the body tissues

Signs of Fat Deficiency

Essential fatty acids are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Deficiency in such fats can show up in your body in many ways, such as:

Skin Problems: The organ skin is the most affected by lipid deficiency. Dermatitis often causes skin inflammation and swelling, along with dry and scaly rashes on the skin.

Hair Loss: The human body produces prostaglandins, a fatty chemical encouraging hair growth. Insufficient fat may change your hair texture and increase your chances of hair fall.

Hormonal Issues: The endocrine system produces hormones, and for those hormones to function properly, one needs enough minerals, selenium, and vitamins. If you fail to get enough of such nutrients, you probably have out-of-balance hormones. Fat deficiency affects the power of absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Fatigue: Fat deficiency directly impacts the body's ability to absorb minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which can result in problems such as fatigue. Not having enough of these essential minerals and not feeling full due to fat deficiency can lead to tiredness both mentally and physically.

Low Immunity: If you are prone to falling sick despite consuming vegetables, fruits, and sufficient quantities of carbohydrates, it might be a sign to check if your body is getting sufficient fat. Your immune system may become weak because your body fails to absorb the nutrients you consume, which happens when you are not getting enough fat.

Causes of Fat Deficiency

The major causes of fat deficiency are as follows:

Colectomy or large bowel resection

Eating disorders

Cystic fibrosis

Inflammatory bowel disorders

An excessively low-fat diet

Pancreatic insufficiency

Fat Deficiency Diseases Treatment and Prevention

Consuming dietary fats in adequate quantity is essential to carry out the day-to-day biological processes in the human body.

Children should regularly consume essential fatty acids, making up 2.7% of their daily calorie requirement.

You can treat a lipid disorder by restoring the fat deficit through dietary EFAs.

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Fat deficiency can pose far-reaching consequences on our health. It affects the absorption of essential nutrients and even the immune system. Ensuring an adequate and balanced consumption of fats is vital for maintaining overall well-being. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to our fat consumption for the body's proper functioning, avoid lipid deficiency diseases and lead a healthy life.

Also, given the rising medical costs, medical emergencies and bills can be burdening. In such times, a health insurance plan can greatly help. It can provide peace of mind and financial security around the clock, allowing you to lead a worry-free life.


** What are the symptoms of low fat in your body?**

Low-fat symptoms in the human body are as follows:

Dry rashes

Weak immune system

Hair loss

Concerns associated with vitamin deficiencies

** Why does a human body need fat?**

Dietary fats are necessary nutrients to provide your body with energy for day-to-day operations and to aid cell function. They provide warmth to your body and protect your organs. Fats are also essential to produce some vital hormones and absorb some nutrients.

** What diseases require a fat-restricted diet?**

Cancer and heart diseases are some ailments that require a fat-restricted diet.

** What happens if you have an abnormal lipid profile?**

Fats or lipids circulate in the blood, produce hormones, provide energy, and help with other vital bodily functions. However, an abnormal lipid profile or abnormal lipid levels (too low or too high) can cause heart attack, cardiovascular disorders, or stroke.

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