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A health checkup is the routine assessment of a person's overall physical and mental health. When done consistently, they help root out health problems or illnesses in their preliminary stages, making it easier to treat them.

The tests performed during health checkups will vary and depend on the type of health checkup you choose. It also depends on age, health, family medical history, and lifestyle choices. However, regular health checkups and medical tests aren't cheap.

This is a significant reason why many Indians don't think health checkups are necessary, but this also has its downsides. It can worsen illnesses and underlying conditions over time, making them more challenging and expensive to treat in their later stages. This is where health checkup packages come in handy.

What Is A Health Checkup Package?

Thanks to modern medicine, many diseases that were thought to be incurable can now be effectively treated and managed. Provided, of course, that they are diagnosed in their earlier stages. Regular health checkups are useful for this very purpose.

A health checkup can significantly reduce the risk of medical complications, which can be fatal if left undiagnosed. It can also ease any worries about your overall health and benefit your mental health in the long run.

A health checkup package is a set of tests and medical procedures combined to provide a person with an adequate health assessment based on their primary needs and health concerns. Consequently, pairing a health checkup package with a medical insurance plan can help you manage the costs of regular health checkups. For example, health insurance from Tata AIG provides free medical checkups for a set limit.

So the next time you buy health insurance online, check with your insurance provider about this feature and if your plan includes it.

Types Of Heath Check Up Plans

Here are the main types of medical health checkup packages most healthcare providers offer under their rosters.

Annual Health Checkup Packages

According to your doctor's recommendations, these can be taken once a year or every six months. An annual health checkup is an umbrella term that can include many types of health checkup plans. You can have annual health checkup packages specifically for men, women, senior citizens, etc.

Some of the common screening tests done during these routine checkups include:

  • Hemogram or Complete Blood Count (CBC): Measure the component levels of every major blood cell in your body.

  • Lipid Profile: Blood Tests to measure cholesterol and triglyceride levels in your body.

  • Diabetes Panel: A blood test to measure blood sugar levels to rule out insulin resistance in the body.

  • Thyroid Panel: Blood tests measure thyroid levels and the way it interacts with other hormones in your body.

  • Liver Panel: Blood tests to check for levels of enzymes and proteins produced by the liver

  • Essential Nutrients: Blood Test to check for vitamin and mineral levels in the body.

  • Electrolytes Panel: Measures mineral compounds in the bloodstream.

  • Bone Mineral Test (BMT): To check bone health and assess the risk of developing bone-related problems.

  • Cancer Screening: Tests like Mammograms, Pap Smears, and Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) to detect and rule out early cancers in men and women.

Full Body Checkup Package

A full-body check, as its name suggests, is a package that includes a full-body assessment. This includes a diagnostic scan of your entire body to assess your heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and brain functions to examine your overall health. This is the most comprehensive health checkup package that is also included in other medical health checkup packages.

Performing a full body check can help to find any signs of disease in its early stages, like cardiovascular disease, brain disease, cancer, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, high blood pressure, digestive diseases, etc. Finding signs of these diseases in their early stages is pivotal for treating them, as they can be fatal in their late stages. This is especially true for diseases like cancer and any form of brain disease.

A full body assessment should be a top priority if:

  • Your family has a history of predisposition towards diseases like cancer, heart disease, etc

  • You have a pre-existing disease.

  • You lead an unhealthy or high-stress, hectic lifestyle.

Everyone should go for a full body checkup at least once a year. Many healthcare providers out there provide full-body checkup packages and annual health checkup packages at affordable prices. Doing so can give you a heads-up on where you currently are with your health and how fit you are.

Tests Performed During A Full Body Checkup Package:

  • Lipid Profile Test

  • Blood and urine tests

  • Vitamin Check

  • Cardiac system: Chest X-Ray, ECG & 2D Echo Cardiography

  • Abdominal Check: Ultrasonography of abdomen & pelvis

  • Thyroid Function Tests: TSH, T3, T4

  • Kidney Function: Blood Urea, Uric Acid, Serum Creatinine

  • Liver Function tests: SGPT, SGOT, Serum Bilirubin

  • Diabetes tests: Blood Sugar Fasting, Blood Sugar PP

  • Pulmonary Lung Function tests

  • Hepatitis B tests

  • CT Calcium Scoring

  • Eye Checkup

  • Total body fat percentage

  • PSA

  • CT Screening of Neck Vessels (Carotid)

  • CT Coronary Angiography (Heart)

  • Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)

  • Sono-mammography & Pap smear

A key benefit of regularly going for full-body health checkups is an increased life expectancy, as it helps in early treatment and disease recovery and helps minimise medical and healthcare costs from rising to extremes.

Family Health Checkup

As the name suggests, it's a body checkup package to cover the whole family. This means it will include medical tests for children, adults, adolescents, and senior citizens. So this health checkup plan can include a full body health checkup for all your family members at an affordable price.

Some standard tests included in this package are:

  • General Consultation With A Doctor

  • Gynaecological Consultation And Pap Smears (For Women).

  • Fitness Markers - Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure Tests, Etc.

  • Diabetes Markers

  • Chest X-Rays.

  • Cancer Screening.

  • Liver, Heart, Kidney, And Lung Function Tests.

  • Lipid Profile.

  • Infection Markers.


Health checks are a critical part of maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle. They offer valuable insight into your current fitness levels and where you're at regarding your overall physical health. Furthermore, they can even save you money in the long run as they can detect diseases in their early stages, making them less expensive to treat.

If you don't already have health insurance, consider investing in one. Medical insurance plans paired with health checkup packages offer a way to save on regular health checkups, medical expenses, and treatments. The benefits of a health insurance plan from Tata AIG are well worth looking into for this purpose.

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