How To Teach Personal Hygiene Habits To Your Kids?

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'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.' - Jim Rohn.

Your body is the only constant for happy well-being. And, personal hygiene is a way to build good health. If you are aware of it, then it is time to teach personal hygiene to your kids, especially during a pandemic scenario we just underwent! Covid 19 caused a huge trauma because of the increased spread of the virus due to lack of personal hygiene.

Therefore, personal hygiene should be a responsibility rather than a moral obligation considering the global cause. So, let us understand what personal hygiene means and how to impart them progressively to your kids.

What Is Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene refers to the routine efforts to take care of your body. It is a way to secure yourself from harmful germs affecting your body and making you less susceptible to various virus infections. As adults, we have realised the consequences of bad hygiene during the recent COVID pandemic. However, children like exploring the world and experimenting with things present in their surroundings and are not concerned about personal hygiene. Therefore, as responsible parents, we have to ensure they learn the following right habits from childhood.

  1. Washing hands regularly.
  2. Protection efforts while sneezing and coughing.
  3. Keep eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth clean.
  4. Bathing regularly.
  5. Ensuring the eatables are clean.
  6. Keeping clothes and room tidy.

These are the most important habits you have to teach your children for a personal hygiene routine. So let us get ahead and know how to educate them on these aspects.

How To Teach Personal Hygiene To Kids?

Teaching personal hygiene to your kid can be challenging at a younger age. However, if you take the best practices to enjoy the way they learn, it becomes easy and comfortable in the long run. So, here are a few ways you can consider:

1. Start teaching them early in life– Kids love learning new things while they are young. Even brushing their teeth can be fun for toddlers. So, start educating your kids about the importance of personal hygiene and its positive effects on their bodies when they are young. Toddlers may not be able to understand, but they will like doing it all. So, at the age of 2, you can make them brush, learn to take a bath, arrange clothes on shelves, throw waste in the dust bin, etc. Ensure to let them do it in your presence. As they grow older, they will start doing this routine without your instructions.

2. Be an inspiration– Before you start teaching your kids, you must practice those habits for personal hygiene for yourself with dedication and do it, especially in front of them. For instance, consider washing hands with soap when you come home after travelling or after touching a parcel that came from outside. Ensure that they see you following these hygiene practices. It can teach them the best practices as they keep observing it for a long time. Practice and set a standard.

3. Appreciate and keep the progress on– Kids feel happy when they are appreciated. So, if they have learned to do something new such as taking a bath by themselves, then appreciate them by giving a handshake, clapping your hands for them, etc. It will motivate them and help them feel proud. Once they have learned to do something with perfection, start improving them and work on the progress.

4. Keep monitoring them– Even if you have taught a good habit, check-in frequently without their knowledge to know how they are doing. For example, suppose you have taught them to arrange their stuff in their room to keep it clean and tidy. In that case, peep in to see how they are moving stuff, arranging them, etc., to change the habit if necessary.

5. Keep speaking about wellness– Kids are good at observing and listening. Therefore, you can talk about personal hygiene as a way of life rather than considering it as an instruction to follow daily. It will help them realise the importance of self-care.

We have seen some of the best ways to teach and impart personal hygiene in kids. However, most of them might tend to disobey and get distracted. So, how can you manage such a situation?

One effective idea is to talk about the consequences and their related effects on your body to the kids. You can also introduce them to attractive video lectures to get impressed and learn out of their own interest. Finally, suppose your kids are productive when given incentives. In that case, you can provide a favourite fruit or a toy that interests them in learning something new and incorporating it into their daily lives.

And, what if, by some means, kids still get affected due to a deadly disease? Do you have a financial backup to treat them?

Health Insurance Policy

Even if you have taught the best practices to your kids, an unexpected pandemic or a medical emergency can strike the peace and happiness at your house by affecting their health. Therefore, you must consider the ways to secure financial resources to manage hospitalisation and medical expenses. We, at Tata AIG, provide a health insurance policy that can offer financial assistance for pre and post hospitalisation charges, other medical expenses and help you avail of the cashless claims.

And, if there is a probability of getting affected due to a specific illness due to a family medical history, you can purchase critical illness insurance. Moreover, the increase in technological advancement helps you avail the benefits at ease on the online platform. In addition, the health insurance tax benefit can save a lot of your financial resources.


The recent pandemic affected the personal lives of many people globally. People realised the importance of Covid 19 insurance and purchased it for securing their families. Well, the spread of the virus was linked to personal hygiene and we need to teach the importance of it to our kids and protect them. It can be challenging to teach and train kids in personal hygiene.

However, you can adopt various innovative and friendly methods to create interest and involve them better. Having taught these habits, it is also imperative that you manage financial resources to secure your family in case of unprecedented events. Get a range of benefits from Health policy in India that can offer financial assistance during a medical emergency associated with any member of your family. Therefore, ensure to stay protected!

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