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The benefits of yoga asanas are well known. There are different yoga poses that can help you with different conditions. One of the most beneficial yoga poses is the Matsyasana. The Matsyasana yoga can improve mobility, restore spinal health, and enhance the overall balance of the body.

In this pose, you have to arch your back, which helps you manage pain in your back and spine. It is one of the best yoga poses you can do, provided you are able to perform the pose accurately.

Saral matsyasana benefits are huge, and you can practice this to strengthen your back and spinal muscles.

Let us get into the details of the fish pose or Matsyasana.

What is Matsyasana?

The fish pose, or the Saral Matsyasana helps in improving muscle strength and enhancing flexibility. The meaning of ‘Matsya’ is fish, so this pose is called matsyasana because it resembles the pose of a fish.

There are many fish pose benefits, but one of the main benefits is that it helps you create harmony between your soul, body, and mind. The other top Matyasana benefits include stretching the muscles, which helps you relieve discomfort and pain.

How to do Matsyasana?

Here are the Matsyasana steps that you can follow:

  • Start the pose by doing the corpse pose (shavasana). This pose requires that you lie down on the floor and keep your arms and legs apart.

  • Bring the hands and legs together. Stretch the body fully and ensure that the toes are pointed outwards.

  • While keeping the hands under your torso, lift the body. Now, rest the weight on the floor along with the elbows.

  • Keep the head on the floor and try to lift the back. This will form an arch.

  • Hold this yoga pose while you inhale and exhale deeply.

  • While you hold the wrist with the palms, try to rotate the wrists so that you are able to release tension from all these muscles.

  • Relax your mind and body, and try to hold this asana for about 30 seconds or more.

  • Thus, this is the Matsyasana procedure. Now, we will get into the list of benefits of the Matsyasana yoga pose.

List of the Matsyasana Benefits

Now you know the Matsyasana steps, here is the list of fish pose benefits:

Enhances Your Breathing

One of the top Matsyasana yoga benefits is that it improves the working of the respiratory system. In this pose, you will be able to take deep and long breaths that will enhance the capacity of your lungs.

Therefore, the yoga pose is great for treating respiratory system disorders like bronchitis and asthma. So, you can ensure better breathing, and you can protect yourself from breathing issues with this asana.

Improves Your Posture

It is important to maintain a proper posture, get rid of slouching, and maintain mobility for a long period of time. In the matsyasana, you can stay in the position where you will be able to arch the back and ensure better blood flow throughout the body.

It helps you expand the chest and stretches your spine. Thus, your overall posture gets improved. Also, it prevents the body from hunching and enables you to improve mobility. Thus, the Matsyasana procedure is great for the overall posture of the body.

Strengthens Your Thighs, Abs, and Neck

If you have an excessive workload, then neck pain is very common. While you perform the Matsyasana yoga, you will stretch your back, and your neck muscles will get strengthened. The improved blood circulation ensures that your abs and thigh muscles also get stronger. Furthermore, it ensures proper posture and reduces pain in these areas. It is one of the best Matsyasana benefits.

Relieves Stress

The Matsyasana yoga pose is great for the mental and physical aspects of the body. In the pose, you will have to lie down in one pose and breathe deeply. It will help you collect all your thoughts and reflect on the activities that you have done, enabling you to get a positive outlook.

Additionally, you can calm your nerves and control your anxiety. It will also help you control feelings like anxiety, fear, and tension, thus improving the overall well-being of the body.

Reduces Your Abdominal Fat

Excessive fat accumulation in the abdominal area is quite a common issue. If weight training is not something that you like to do, Matsyasana is great for getting rid of this fat. The leg variation of this yoga pose will allow you to lift your legs and keep the back arched. This yoga pose will help you burn fat and will help you stay in shape. Thus, this is one of the top fish pose benefits that you can get.

Stimulates Your Endocrine Glands

For the proper functioning of the body, hormones are essential. The endocrine glands are very important as they produce hormones and ensure that they travel all through the body.

Performing the fish pose ensures the maintenance and stimulation of these glands. You can also maintain and stimulate pineal and pituitary glands. Thus, the pose ensures the proper functioning of your body.

Enhances Your Digestion

Unhealthy eating has led to a lot of indigestion issues and causes abdominal problems. Matsyasana helps you stretch the core and abdominal muscles. It helps to massage the organs within the digestive system gently, which enables you to improve digestion. Therefore, it helps improve issues like constipation, nausea, bloating, and diarrhoea.

Enhances Your Metabolism

To get a healthy weight, one of the top things that you need is a good metabolism. Fast food cravings can lead to weight gain and cause issues. This is where the fish pose comes in to help you.

The Matsyasana helps you massage the core and abdominal muscles, which helps you with digestion and improves your metabolism. This results in a healthy weight and enhances the functioning of the digestive system. Thus, this is one of the best Matsyasana benefits that help you stay fit and keep you in shape.

Manages Menstrual Discomfort

Discomfort and pain during menstruation can affect the daily routine and work. Practicing the fish pose can help you get rid of the discomfort and pain. This pose helps you massage the core and abdominal muscles, which helps to manage menstrual flow.

It will help you ease the pain and discomfort and help you do your daily tasks with ease. So, following the Matsyasana steps can help you in so many amazing ways.

Tips to Practice the Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Here are some of the tips that can help you practice the Matsyasana with ease:

  • It will be helpful if you lie straight while you are starting the pose. Then, you can fold your legs like in Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana, or Sukhasana.

  • If you feel discomfort in the back or neck, you can push the chest slightly towards the floor.

  • If arching the back feels painful or uncomfortable, you can take towels or clothing to provide support to the spine and back.

  • It is advised not to put a lot of pressure on the back to prevent chances of injury or pain. In case you feel pain, slowly get back to your original position.

  • It is advisable to practice the yoga pose early in the morning or on an empty stomach; otherwise, you might get nauseous.

You can enhance the intensity of the pose by placing your arms towards the ceiling in a prayer position.

Some Precautions to Take While Practicing Matsyasana

Here is the list of precautions that you can take while you practice Matsyasana:

  • You must avoid performing this pose if you have low or high blood pressure.

  • If you are just beginning, ensure that you do this pose in the presence of a yoga instructor.

  • If you have knee pain or injury, avoid performing this pose as it might lead to pain in the knee muscles.

  • While you lift the upper body, ensure that you place the weight on the forearms, thighs, and heels. If you do not do so, the neck might not find enough support, which may lead to an injury.

  • Avoid putting strain on the neck or overstretching your body. It might lead to serious injury or pain.

  • If you have had an abdominal injury or have a hernia, do not practice this pose.


It is important that you follow the Matsyasana procedure so that you can get the optimal benefits of the yoga pose. This yoga pose has multiple benefits, including improving your digestion, lessening menstrual pain, and enhancing the overall well-being of the body. While these are amazing advantages, it is best to start performing this pose under the guidance of a professional.

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