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The Noom diet plan is a well-known weight loss strategy with psychological underpinnings. However, this is different from the usual diet strategy. Cognitive behavioural therapy, a talk therapy used in clinical psychology settings, is the cornerstone of Bloom's digital weight loss programme.

Dietitians, personal trainers, and behavioural psychologists created Noom to help with long-term weight loss. It contends that true, long-lasting lifestyle changes are more critical than advocating more severe dietary practices (such as banning certain food groups or nutrients).

Pillars of Noom Diet

Professional Health Coaches-

All of Noom's health coaches undergo a four-week long training programme to become adept in cognitive behavioural therapy. This methodology forms the basis of Noom's weight loss programme.

Psychological Strategy-

Thanks to cognitive behavioural therapy, a tested method, people can understand the relationship between feelings, ideas, and behaviours.

Mindfulness About the Long View-

The psychological approach Noom emphasises habit modification, which is essential for sustained weight loss. Instead of pressuring someone to lose weight quickly for the first few weeks, Noom aims to help people establish a lasting attitude on food, activity, and wellness. One instance of this is to compare different health insurance plans. By providing you with financial assistance, a health insurance plan can assist you in keeping your health in check. Especially if one of your objectives is to enhance your general health, then having a medical insurance plan can assist you in paying for Noom diet costs.

Emphasis on Whole Foods-

Noom diet program eliminates buying frozen meals, pre-made smoothies, or protein snacks. Instead, the emphasis should be on making dietary decisions that will keep one's body and palate happy for the rest of one's life. With Noom's colour-based approach (green, yellow, and red foods), one can choose nutrient-dense foods while still trying to lose weight.

Noom performs not just as a personal trainer but also as a nutritionist, health coach, and accountability partner. When someone wants to maintain all their health information in one place, Noom diets can be a great option.

The Advantages of the Noom Diet Plan

Users receive psychological support to help them reach their desired body weight by self-monitoring their food consumption and physical activity levels.

Other motivational strategies include promoting the user's adherence to a balanced diet, including natural weight loss foods in the diet, and self-monitoring their overall nutritional and physical activity status.

Noom Diet Disadvantages

At a minimum monthly fee of $59 (Roughly 4800 INR), Noom is expensive as compared to many other diet plans. Many people may not be able to or ready to spend this much money on a weight loss regimen.

Despite the encouraging nature of Noom diet program's user experience, some people might find the language a touch offensive. For example, using terms like "conquer your food triggers" in the app and website could be upsetting for people who struggle with emotional eating or food sensitivities.

These overly broad generalisations disregard the potential complexity and pervasiveness of people's problems.

No option to meet in person

Noom diet plan is not the best choice when a person thrives on in-person instruction. The chat service is used for anything, including conversations with a specific health coach. Both in-person and online video counselling is not part of the procedure.

Coaches may need more industry knowledge

It is true that Noom's health coach training programme, "Noomiversity," has received approval from both the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) and the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). But, this does not indicate that all of their coaches are certified nutritionists, registered dietitians, personal trainers, physicians, or any other licensed healthcare provider not associated with independent training of Noom diet programme.

While the food selection strategy based on colour labels may be successful for some, it may also result in inconsistent eating habits or a bad relationship with food for others. For example, although being perfectly nutritious when consumed in moderation, almond butter is categorised as red food due to its high number of calories.

Is Noom for Everyone?

Certain obese and pre-diabetic people may be recommended by Noom's diabetes prevention programme. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recognised this initiative as the first mobile health programme to be an effective and evidence-backed type 2 Diabetes prevention programme.

How Does Noom Diet Function?

With the app, one can fool the body into creating healthy habits by employing a behavioural approach to weight loss. Noom diet plan portrays its coaches as actual people who assist in creating reasonable goals and hold people accountable. The coaches (nutritionists) lack a licence, nevertheless.

The procedure begins with an online questionnaire on a person's current weight, health conditions, and lifestyle. It is to determine whether a person dines out more and whether one has sedentary work life).

After that, a coach will be assigned to a person, and they will have access to built-in tools for tracking activity, diet, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels in addition to receiving eating guidance.

According to reviews, much of the knowledge is provided as succinct test questions and advice, which may be helpful.

What Foods Are Permitted in Noom Diet Plan?

What Foods Are Permitted in Noom Diet Plan?

Noom diet doesn't necessarily say that certain foods should be avoided, but the company uses green, yellow, and red colour coding to show which foods may help with weight loss efforts. According to the Noom diet plan, you should derive roughly 25% of your daily calorie requirement from red meals, 30% from green foods and 45% of the daily calories should come from yellow foods.

Categories of food

Noom divides the world into the following groups.

  1. Green foods

They are the lowest in calories and offer the highest concentration of healthy nutrients. Some examples are tofu, shrimp, certain fruits and vegetables, non-fat milk, and other dairy products.

Below are a few examples of green foods.

  • Apples

  • Bananas

  • Berries

  • Spinach Quinoa

  • Eggs whites

  • dairy products without fat

  • Whole grain bread

  • Peppers

  • Yellow foods

  1. Fellow Foods

Compared to green meals, yellow foods have more calories and fewer nutrient-rich components per serving. Among them are hummus, black beans, olives, and lean meat.

The foods listed below are categorised as yellow.

  • Banana Beans

  • whole eggs

  • black beans

  • Salmon

  • Chicken

  • RED food

  1. Red foods

Red foods have the most calories and the fewest healthy nutrients.

The following list includes red foods.

  • Acai Seeds

  • The red meat burger

  • Cakes French fries

  • fatty dairy

  • Almond butter

  • Nuts

In Noom's opinion, the colours serve more as a guide for portion sizes than a sign of good or bad food.


The Noom diet program is an excellent tool for keeping tabs on weight loss. Studies show that those who regularly monitor their food intake and body weight lose considerable weight.

They can monitor their body weight, calorie intake, and physical activity, which is a further benefit.

A person who wants to lose weight should remember that there are numerous approaches to healthy weight loss. In addition, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle decisions significantly impact general health. Therefore, one should always adopt a nutritious diet that goes with their lifestyle for long-lasting results.


Is the Noom diet program a good option for health?

Noom is not the best course for people trying to reduce weight quickly. But this diet focuses more on sustainable weight loss over quick weight loss. Noom weight loss can be an excellent option for folks who need help creating long-term, healthy lifestyle habits that will enable them to lose and keep weight off.

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