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Health should be a top priority for everyone. One of the ways to check many different health conditions is through a blood test. Most of the cells in the human blood are red blood cells (RBCs). A low or a high RBC count can indicate many issues in the human body.

The test conducted is known as the haematocrit test or the PCV blood test. The PCV full form is Packed Cell Volume. It is the way to test the proportion of RBCs in your blood. In this blog, we have provided all the essential information about the PCV in the blood report.

Let us understand the details of the PCV blood test.

What is PCV in the Blood Test?

PCV in a blood test is the way to measure the proportion of RBCs in your blood. It is one of the essential tests if the doctor feels that there might be an issue with the count of red blood cells in your body.

The PCV normal range may get disturbed and rise if there is an increase in the proportion of the RBCs, as in the case of severe dehydration.

The low PCV in blood tests indicates that one has anaemia. The PCV blood test is also known as the haematocrit test. If you get a full blood test done, then the report will also include the PCV blood test.

How Can One Prepare for the PCV Blood Test?

To get a PCV blood test done, you do need any special preparation. But, if you feel anxious to get the test, then you must contact your doctor. Moreover, if you take any specific medication(s) or if you have a medical condition, then you must let your doctor know. You do not need to fast if you are getting the PCV test done.

What is the PCV Blood Test Normal Range?

For men, the PCV normal range is 38.3% to 48.6%.

While for women, the PCV normal range lies between 35.5% and 44.9%.

Thus, if your PCV levels do not lie within the normal range, it is important to let your doctor know. Further, we have discussed the symptoms and steps to be taken for lower/higher PCV values below.

How to Understand the PCV Blood Test Results?

If PCV value is low: If the packed cell volume lowers, it indicates a loss in the proportion of RBCs, which can be due to many reasons, such as low production of bone marrow, cell destruction, or blood loss.

If PCV value is high: An increase in PCV indicates that there is a rise in the production of RBCs and also if you are dehydrated.

What are Some of the Symptoms and Causes of a Higher PCV Range?

When the PCV count rises from the PCV blood test normal range, some of the causes are lung or pulmonary diseases, kidney cancer, genetic disorders, and heart diseases. Some of the symptoms that one might experience if they have a higher PCV range include:

  • Dizziness

  • Flushed skin

  • Headaches

  • Vision problems

  • Enlarged spleen

What Steps to Take if You Have a Higher PCV Range?

One of the treatments for a higher PCV range is through frequent withdrawals of blood. Moreover, there are many different medications that can help you with this condition. Some of these medications are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, antihistamines, etc. Some of the drugs that one can take after proper consultation with the doctor include Ruxolitinib, Busulfan, Hydroxyurea, and Interferon alfa-2b.

Furthermore, some of the other measures that one can take to prevent high PCV levels include:

  • Reduce your intake of tobacco

  • Exercise on a regular basis to reduce the chances of getting a blood clot

  • Avoid environments where the oxygen is low

  • Avoid taking baths in hot tubs, hot water, and heated whirlpools

Note that it is advisable to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment in case of a high PVC range.

What are Some of the Symptoms and Causes of a Lower PCV Range?

There are some PCV low causes, including cancer, chronic bleeding, disorders of the bone marrow, kidney failure, skin cell anaemia, thalassemia, and other autoimmune diseases. Some of the low PCV symptoms include:


Pale complexion

Low energy


Irregular breathing

Breathing trouble

Cold hands and feet

What Steps to Take if You Have a Low PCV in a Blood Test?

If you have a packed cell volume that is low, there are iron, folic acid, and B-12 supplements that you can consume. Furthermore, bone transplants, oxygen therapy, blood transfusion, and medications for pain relief can help you with low PCV symptoms.

Moreover, some of the other measures that one can take to prevent low PCV levels include:

Drink enough water and stay hydrated

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Exercise on a regular basis

Take care of the condition of your teeth

Wash your hands on a frequent basis

In case you experience low PCV symptoms, consult a doctor

Note that it is advisable to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment in case of a low PVC range.


There are many different conditions that affect the PCV levels in your body, like demographic and lifestyle. These affect the results of your PCV blood test.

A higher or a lower PCV level can mean some underlying conditions, so it is always best to consult your doctor if you experience any such symptoms. Pregnant women might experience lower PCV levels, and strength training might also lower the PCV levels.

Thus, it is always best to let your doctor know everything beforehand so that they can assess your results in the right way and prescribe any medication or treatment that you require.

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