5 Things to Know About Maternity Insurance in India

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Pregnancy can be the most beautiful time in a woman’s life, but that is not to say it is without its difficulties. It is a time of new beginnings and togetherness, but it is also a time of fear, uncertainty and doubts, especially for new mothers. In addition, pregnancy can come with its own challenges in today's day and age, as most women are battling pre-existing health conditions.

From PCOD to diabetes and obesity, some lifestyle diseases or others put the new mother under a lot of stress. We also need to remember that most expecting mothers are working women today and work till their final moments towards delivery. So there are a hundred things to think about and consider during pregnancy.

We also need to keep in mind that pregnancies are exceedingly expensive today. Many tests need to be done throughout the pregnancy, in the case of a normal pregnancy. If the mother suffers from some ailment or has a high-risk pregnancy, the expenses only go up. Add to this the stress of the last two years when mothers had to deal with the fear of Covid-19 while carrying a child. How is the average Indian family supposed to deal with economic and psychological stresses? The answer is simply a maternity insurance policy.

Most health insurance policy providers have understood the need of the hour and have a pregnancy insurance plan as a part of their health insurance policy. New parents have one less thing to worry about with a pregnancy insurance plan. If you have health insurance that covers pregnancy, you do not have to keep checking your finances every time you need to undergo an expensive procedure or take a costly medicine. Instead, you can focus on your health and your baby's safety. But to be stress-free, it is crucial to have a health insurance policy from the right place.

Tata AIG’s health insurance that covers pregnancy should be your policy of choice because you can customise it as per your requirements. For example, if you are worried about contracting Covid, you can secure your pregnancy with our Covid-19 Insurance. Our Covid-19 insurance ensures you are given the best care if you contract the virus and are in danger. Also, you can get our critical illness insurance to ensure you are protected on all fronts.
With all of that covered, let us turn back to maternity health insurance and what it entails.

What is a Maternity Insurance Policy?

Maternity health insurance is a kind of insurance that pays for all costs connected to pregnancy for a set period. It is possible to select it as a stand-alone plan. You can also get it as part of your health insurance plan, adding maternity insurance coverage for a small additional fee.

Anybody with ongoing or new health insurance for themself or their spouse can add maternity health insurance to their plan.

Things to Know About Maternity Insurance Plans

You need to know a few things in advance about maternity insurance coverage. They are;

  • The first thing to remember is that a maternity insurance plan typically does have a limitation. For instance, your basic health insurance policy's sum covered is ₹ 5,00,000 doesn't mean you have the complete sum protected for maternity-related charges. Your policy paperwork will specify the pregnancy plans sub-limit.

  • Maternity insurance coverage, in general, covers all expenditures associated with childbirth, including hospitalisation, medical care, and fees incurred by the insured woman member before and after delivery. In addition, costs such as lodging fees, ambulance charges, and surgery fees are all covered. Any issues that arise within ninety days of delivery/post-natal will also be covered.

The cover is suitable for both normal and caesarean deliveries. It also covers the costs of a medically advised and legal pregnancy termination. Some insurance providers also include insurance for the child after birth in this package. The care provided for the child will be for a limited period of time and includes the first few visits to the doctor and vaccines.

  • Every health insurance provider has a list of inclusions and exclusions they adhere to when it comes to maternity insurance plans. You need to carefully read the fine print and see what the insurance provider offers you. Check if you are being offered what you are looking for and choose a maternity insurance policy for yourself only if it has most of the things you are looking for and is the right fit for you.

  • One important piece of information to remember is that pregnancy insurance does have a waiting period provision, which indicates you can only submit a suit for maternity-related expenditures after a specified amount of time has passed after you purchased the insurance. The waiting period differs by insurer and program; it typically varies between 9 months to 8 years.

But some medical plans may be tailored to meet specific needs. For example, they can cover pregnancy from day one with no waiting periods. This is why it is even more important to read the fine print and do your research before buying a policy. The difference could be between having a waiting period and not having one.

  • Many insurance companies will not offer you coverage if you are already pregnant. They will see your pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and will label it as being beyond the scope of their cover. Thus, it is always recommended that if you are thinking of starting a family or are trying for one, you should get health insurance that covers pregnancy. It increases your chances of getting coverage and helps you throughout your pregnancy journey.


Pregnancy insurance covers the expenses of your normal or C-section birth and even the expenditures of transportation to the hospital. They additionally cover your medications, hospitalisation, routine checks, and any other hospital assistance you may require. As a result, there's nothing left for customers to cover at the conclusion of the procedure because your insurance provider has already covered most of the main charges. Furthermore, maternity insurance coverage enables you and your baby to develop and explore new things in a calm, stress-free, and secure atmosphere. So, get your maternity health insurance from Tata AIG today!

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Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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