What is the Use of an ABHA Health Card?

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Managing all your health and medical records can be challenging for anyone. When going to the doctor, it might be time-consuming to bring all of your paperwork and medical records. In some cases, patients need to search for their medical files in advance of their appointment. But in recent years, that's become significantly simpler.

Launching ABDM, or Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, is a step forward in Digital India. This mission aims to provide digital health IDs to Indian nationals with centralised access to their medical records anywhere and anytime across India. One can seek medical care from anywhere without geographical barriers using ABHA numbers.

With ABHA, one can also avail the benefits of a health insurance plan. Let's discuss ABHA cards in detail and their benefits.

What is an ABHA Health Card?

The ABHA card's full form is the Ayushman Bharat Health Account Card.

Ayushman Bharat Health Account is a digital health account with a 14-digit unique ID specific to particular people. Every individual has a distinct ABHA health ID. Through the unique ABHA health ID, health professionals and medical insurance companies will have access to a person's health record. It makes the further process easy.

An ABHA health card helps access and keep track of a person's medical history, records, prescriptions, etc.

The Indian government has launched this health scheme to digitise the health care facilities. Almost every Indian national with an Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, etc., can benefit from an ABHA card

How Does the ABHA Card Work?

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission was launched to integrate the digital infrastructure of India. With healthcare records available digitally to citizens of India, getting necessary help would be an effortless process. Individuals can access medical care and claim health insurance plan benefits from anywhere.

The ABHA card has a straightforward process. All Indians can voluntarily apply for ABHA cards. Individuals can apply for an ABHA card in two modes: physical and virtual.

While the authority would provide physical cards, virtual cards can be accessed through mobile applications and websites.

After creating the ABHA account, individuals need to provide consent to pass their medical information through digital platforms.

The ABHA account of individuals stores their basic information like name, demographic location, medical history and other health records, such as reports and prescriptions.

The purpose of the ABHA account is to guarantee transparency, effective claim processing and convenient access of health records to beneficiaries.

What Are the ABHA Health Card Benefits?

Some of the ABHA card benefits are listed below:

Digital Medical Records- One significant reason for ABHA card use is that individuals will have digital health records. One can easily link their health records to the ABHA application and create a digital personalised setup for all health records. With an ABHA account, accessing medical records and files would be easy.

Doctor Network- Another ABHA card benefit is health care professional registry access. Individuals using the ABHA application can contact a network of doctors. They can quickly look for their services and compare fees. Based on their preference, they can choose the best doctor.

Online consultation and Telemedicine- Another ABHA benefit is access to online consultation and telemedicine. Users can take online consultations with doctors using the ABHA application without putting their foot out of the house.

Medical Insurance Benefits and Discounts- One of the crucial reasons for using an ABHA card is it comes with medical insurance and health plan benefits. ABHA card holders can avail of up to 5 lakh health care benefits. Further, some government schemes align with ABHA accounts to get discounts.

Easy Access to Medical Care- Lastly, with an ABHA account, everybody gets a unique healthcare ID that makes access to healthcare easy. Even if you live in a remote or isolated area, you can easily share your medical history and records with a doctor. This makes the process of getting medical care accessible.

How to Apply For an ABHA Card?

To get the ABHA card, follow the procedures with the necessary documents. If you are applying online for an ABHA card, you need to have the following documents while creating the account.

  • Aadhar card

  • Driving licence

  • Mobile number

  • PAN card

There are various ways to create an ABHA account, such as visiting the online portal or using a mobile application, visiting healthcare centres, and using third-party services. Let's discuss how to apply for an ABHA card using the official website or mobile application.

Step 1: Open the official Website of NDHM or download the ABHA mobile application.

Step 2: Click to create an ABHA number on the official website, redirecting you to another tab with "Create ABHA number".

Step 3: You can create an ABHA number via Aadhar card and driving licence here.

Step 4: After choosing the option, you must provide the Aadhar card or driving licence number and consent to the website.

Step 5: Further, an OTP will be sent to the registered number linked with the Aadhar card.

Step 6: Once the detail is verified, enter the mobile number. After that, you need to enter the OTP to verify the mobile number.

Step 7: After the confirmation of the mobile number, an official page will load where you have to enter all the details like address, name, email, etc.

Step 8: Next, after entering all the details, click the "submit" button. You will get the unique ABHA ID. By entering credentials, you can quickly log in to your ABHA account.

Step 9: Once the registration is successful, you can download the ABHA digital health ID card from the portal.

Why Do You Need an ABHA Card?

Having a medical emergency is a common thing, and while visiting a doctor, one must carry all their reports and medical prescriptions. As easy as it seems, the task is daunting as sometimes people forget where they kept the medical file. But with an ABHA card, keeping track of medical history and illness is manageable.

All you have to do is visit the doctor's clinic, and using your ABHA ID, they can check your medical history immediately. Not just this, the ABHA card offers benefits like online consultation and will ease the healthcare access process. You can easily find the doctors and clinics in your budget using the application.

Also, you can link your ABHA card ID with your health insurance plan for straightforward claims.

You can easily link your ABHA unique ID with Tata AIG's medical insurance plan for easy access to health records. At Tata AIG, you will get comprehensive health coverage in case of emergency, from cashless treatment to ambulance expenses and more. Also, you enjoy health insurance tax benefits with all our plans.

Visit the website to buy health insurance online now.


That's all! Now you know about the ABHA health card and how to get one. It is like a digital centre for all your medical records and history—no need to maintain the piles of hard copies of medical bills and records with ABHA digital cards. The centralised digital repository streamlines the healthcare processes.

Also, getting the ABHA card is free for Indian nationals, making healthcare services convenient and accessible to everyone.


Who is eligible for the Abha card?

All Indian nationals are eligible for the ABHA card. They can easily apply for the card online or visit the official centre in their area to get an ABHA ID.

Can we claim medical bills on Ayushman's card?

Yes, valid Ayushman cardholders will get coverage for all their medical expenses, such as consultation, treatment, etc.

What is the difference between an ABHA card and an Ayushman card?

The Ayushman card was launched to help the lower-income group provide necessary medical care. In comparison, all income groups can easily apply for the ABHA card.

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