What Is Health Insurance Card? How It Works, Benefits

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Good health is a state of mental, physical and social well being and it does not just mean the absence of disease! To ensure good health, you must stay healthy, plan for routine health check-ups and take the necessary precautions well in advance. Financial constraints should never delay your treatment that can severely impact your health in the future. Here is where a health insurance plan extends its support to ensure sound health.

A comprehensive health insurance plan will ensure the right amount of financial assistance, making cashless payments to your advantage. However, maintaining the status of your health insurance plan is a prime responsibility. Therefore, a health insurance card becomes important in this context. Let us get ahead and understand better!

Before we delve deeper to understand what a health card means, it is important to know what a health insurance plan is.

What is a Health Insurance Plan?

A health insurance plan is an insurance product wherein the insurer will provide the necessary financial assistance as and when required to treat any disease, injury or even surgery. The extent of financial support will be based on the sum insured and the health insurance premium amount. Based on the policy terms and conditions, you can avail of the cashless claim or the reimbursement claim according to your preferences.

There are different types and benefits of health insurance plans and extended coverage options. For instance, the Tata AIG health insurance provides pre and post hospitalisation cover. In order to maintain a record of the treatment undertaken and the extent of financial support rendered by the insurer, a health card becomes essential.

What is a Health Card in Health Isurance?

Digitisation is a new era. It is a preferred mode of financial transaction to ensure safety and convenience to the right extent.

A health card is a health insurance identity proof that holds your personal details, policy information and financial coverage under a health insurance plan. It offers cashless payment options to pay for your medical bills arising from hospitalisation and other treatment charges. When you present your health insurance card in the hospital, the hospital management will digitally analyse the financial coverage that you can avail to plan for the treatment. They can also get the expenses paid by the insurance provider directly.

You can buy health insurance online and get the health card dispatched to your address conveniently. Let us get ahead and discuss more information regarding the health card to make the best use of it.

What are the Details Present in a Health Card?

The health card details elaborate on the information related to your health insurance. For example, it contains your name, policy number, type of health insurance policy, sum insured, date of expiry etc. It is unique to every person and should be maintained carefully for extended usage.

How to Get a Health Card?

You can get access to your health card when you purchase your health insurance plan. The insurance provider will provide the medical insurance card and the policy document at policy issuance. If all your family members are covered under health insurance, every person will receive a separate and unique health card.

Health Card Benefits

The health insurance card offers a range of benefits. It makes financial proceedings simpler in a hospital. Let us elaborate and understand the benefits in detail:

Cashless claim settlements - The health card will help you file a claim for settling the medical expenses incurred in a hospital with ease and completely cashless. You will have to present the authorisation letter and the cashless health card provided by your insurer at the hospital while registering for the treatment. The insurer will pay the necessary expenses directly to the hospital at the agreed rates based on the coverage limit. However, this is the case if the treatment is done in a hospital empanelled by the insurer.

On the other hand, if the treatment is done in a different hospital, you will have to pay for the expenses out of your pocket, and the insurer will reimburse it. In either way, the corresponding details will be stored under your profile and available when you access it through your health card. Cashless card health insurance is certainly a convenient way to transact.

Access to policy details - As all the important details related to your policy are appropriately presented in the medical health card, you can get instant access to it anytime. Also, as the policy details are readily available, there will be no delay in processing the financial requirements while paying the bills at the hospital.

As against the mediclaim card, you can use the health insurance card to settle all the expenses apart from the hospitalisation charges such as the ambulance cost, OPD expenditures etc. Furthermore, the expiry date is presented on the health card itself and will remain a reminder until you proceed with the renewal process. Health care card online facility is best recommended to get the renewal done at the comfort of staying at your home.

Convenience- With technological advancement, we expect high comfort levels in every aspect associated with life. The cashless medical card is one of the most convenient methods to settle your hospital bills with ease. You just need to maintain it safely and provide it to the hospital staff while processing the payments.

The policy number on the insurance card will help the staff retrieve the required information. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and energy. Also, it helps you contact the insurer easily and quickly by making a quick reference to your health card. And, finally, it is extremely convenient to carry and maintain compared to the hardcopy of the policy document and other personal details registered with the insurer.

Avail of the cashless benefit anywhere - Your insurer will have empanelled hospitals throughout the country. Suppose you have been travelling to a different state and got held up with a medical emergency. In that case, you can get yourself treated in any of the hospitals and use the cashless payment facility for quick treatment proceedings when you have your health card in hand. National health card apply to such a medical emergency for prompt actions.


Health is the most important aspect that will lead your physical and mental well being in the right direction. A health insurance plan will provide the right financial support when you need funds to pay for your medical expenses.

To contact your insurer, process your payments and settle the hospital medical bills easily, unique identity proof with all the necessary details is a major requirement. A health care card in India is thus the best solution that is convenient and digitally the best to manage your insurance at the right time.

You can avail a health card with Tata AIG Health Insurance plans. For more information, visit the Tata AIG website today!

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