What Is the Normal Blood Pressure Range?

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The blood pressure in a human body is the measure of the force that occurs on the walls of the arteries when the heart pumps blood through the body. The blood pressure range differs by age and sex. And it’s advisable to keep a normal BP level to lead a healthy and happy life.

A person with a normal BP level indicates that they are mentally and physically well. The systolic and diastolic values measure the normal blood pressure range. So, how do you keep a normal BP range? Also, what is the normal blood pressure for individuals? We will talk about it all in this blog.

However, before we jump into the details of blood pressure by age and sex, we must tell you that a health insurance policy is prudent to safeguard your pockets during any sudden medical emergencies. With an abnormal blood pressure range, an individual may fall prey to several critical illnesses like heart attacks, etc.

Even though you cannot really anticipate a health risk, having a critical illness insurance plan can help you financially if you get affected with a critical illness like cancer. With Tata AIG, you can get some of the most affordable health plans. Also, we offer different coverage options including COVID insurance cover, critical illness cover, etc.

Now, let us take you through a thorough discourse on this topic that will help you to enhance your knowledge about the same. Scroll down further below to understand the risk factors involved with irregular blood pressure range.

What Does Blood Pressure Number Mean?

The blood pressure reading comprises two numbers, systolic and diastolic. For instance, 120/80 mm HG could be a normal BP range for a person. The systolic pressure is the top number that measures the pressure in the arteries when the heartbeats. The diastolic pressure is the bottom one that measures the pressure in the arteries between each heartbeat.

The standard blood pressure measurement unit is mm Hg, which stands for the millimetre of mercury. Today, the mercury pressure scales have been replaced with electronic ones, but mm Hg is still used to mark the blood pressure ranges in people.

Normal Ranges of Blood Pressure by Age and Sex

As you grow up, your blood vessels will get plaques and become stiffer. This can eventually raise your BP level. And when the BP range gets excessively high, there will be greater risks of strokes, heart attacks, cerebral attacks, etc.

Several types of research have found the average blood pressure range of men, women, and children. We have made a list of the normal BP range of people as per their age groups. Let’s have a look at it below –

Age groups Women Men
18-39 years 110/68 mm Hg 119/70 mm Hg
40 – 59 years 122/74 mm Hg 124/77 mm Hg
60+ years 139/68 mm Hg 133/69 mm Hg

Again, not only in men and women but there is a normal BP range for children as well.

Age groups Systolic Diastolic
Newborns up to 1 month 60–90 mm Hg 20–60 mm Hg
Infant 87–105 mm Hg 53–66 mm Hg
Toddler 95–105 mm Hg 53–66 mm Hg
Preschooler 95–110 mm Hg 56–70 mm Hg
School going children 97–112 mm Hg 57–71 mm Hg
Adolescent 112–128 mm Hg 66–80 mm Hg
60+ years 139/68 mm Hg 133/69 mm Hg

So, now that you are aware of the normal ranges of blood pressure in individuals, it’s is important for you to try and maintain the same according to your age and sex. Also, there are several risk factors associated with high BP. Let’s talk about a few of them below.

What Causes High BP Levels?

The National Heart, Lunch, and Blood Institute launched the National High Blood Pressure Education Program in 1972. The program aimed to make more people aware of the need to maintain a normal BP range and the ways of avoiding high blood pressure. And quite strikingly, as more people became aware of their abnormal BP range, they started taking medicines for the same and eventually, their blood pressure came down to normal.

Nowadays, people usually check their blood pressure levels and are willing to take medications accordingly. This is positive because abnormal BP can lead to several health risks. Here are some of the reasons behind high BP in individuals –

  • Unhealthy Eating Habits – Unbalanced diets high in sugar, salt, saturated fat, and trans fat are linked to increased risk of heart-related diseases and other cardiovascular imbalances.

  • No Exercise – It’s important to at least have a walking schedule for every single individual, if not a rigorous exercise regime. Little to no exercise can lead to a greater risk of heart diseases and hypertension.

  • Obesity - Being obese or overweight can make your heart weak and work abnormally. Obesity can make your blood vessels acquire plaques, and hence, the movement of blood and oxygen through the body can get restricted, causing heart attacks.

  • Tobacco and Drinking - Smoking tobacco or even passive smoking can damage the blood arteries and raise blood pressure levels. Similarly, binge drinking may lead to abnormally high blood pressure and other heart-related health risks.

  • Family History – High blood pressure is often caused due to hereditary problems. For instance, if your grandparents and parents have high BP levels, you’re more likely to suffer from the same after a certain age.


Maintaining a normal BP range is imperative for every individual; men, women, or children. Hence, it’s advisable to maintain a proper lifestyle. However, with the increase in poor living conditions almost everywhere and skyrocketing medical treatment costs, it’s even more important to have a robust health insurance policy. With Tata AIG, for instance, you can get some of the most affordable insurance coverage options for yourself and your family.

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