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Who doesn't enjoy long road trips? Long rides are something that everyone looks forward to throughout the year, especially those who work 9 to 5. A few individuals, however, favour bikes over four-wheelers. They are the ones who are the so-called bike lovers. They are the ones who are most passionate about riding and are always on the lookout for going on a bike trip.

But the safety of a road trip depends upon the kind of accessories one uses. For instance, a good helmet is one of the most important bike accessories that each and every biker must invest in. Also, a two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory to keep a bike and its owner safe from paying hefty fines at traffic signals, as well as repairing bills at the garages.

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Now, let’s move to the central part of this blog, i.e., which is the best motorcycle helmet for long trips.

Best Helmet for Long Rides in India

Choosing the best helmet might be difficult because there are so many companies in India that offer a wide range of them. Here is a simple list of helmets from which you can choose the best helmet for long rides in the country. Also, these are some of the lightweight helmets in India. Let’s dig into the options below -

THH HELMETS TS-43 GP Double Shield Helmet

To guarantee your constant safety, this helmet's exterior shell is made of sturdy ABS. While the interior sweat-absorbing cushions offer the most comfort during lengthy rides, the EPS lining guarantees optimum longevity. The chin strap also has a self-tightening function. This helmet is priced at around ₹4,700, is ISI certified, and weighs just 1500 gms.

Studds Ninja Elite Super D2 Full Face N4

Due to its lightweight, the Studds Ninja Elite Super D2 is one of the most well-liked helmets in India. Strong polycarbonate makes up the exterior. Here are some intriguing details about this particular helmet design. It is priced at around ₹1,745. If you are riding a smaller displacement bike, you can use this helmet for long rides.

Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Helmet

Due to its affordability, this Steelbird helmet is one of the most widely used helmets for long bike rides. High-density polystyrene and cotton fabric make up the inner portion, and ABS is used to make the exterior portion. This one is also ISI certified, weighs around 950 gms, and the price starts at around ₹847.

Vega EVO BT Helmet

The Vega EVO BT Helmet has Bluetooth capabilities. As a result, during lengthy travels, you can manage calls or listen to music wirelessly. A rechargeable Li-ion battery included in this helmet ensures extended use and standby time. The liners can also be taken out and cleaned. The price starts at around ₹3000.

Axor Rage RR3 Motorsports Helmet

Axor Rage RR3 features an ABS exterior casing and robust construction. Additionally, this helmet has detachable linings. As a result, you can wash and remove them whenever you like. In addition to the fantastic graphics, this helmet has these features: ISI certification and 1400 gms of weight. The price of this helmet starts at ₹3200.

Steelbird Air AIR 0011 Helmet

The Air Booster system is used by the Steelbird Air AIR 0011 Helmet to provide ventilation. In addition, this helmet has an air intake module built right into the chin guard. ABS serves as the outside shell, and polystyrene serves as the interior material. Other characteristics include ISI certification, 1520 gms of weight, and is priced at around ₹3600.

Axor Street Crazy Motorbike Helmet

Due to its excellent ventilation system, this helmet is perfect for extended rides. It includes two top vents, a back vent for exhaust, a mouth vent, and side vents. ABS is used to make a sturdy exterior shell. Here are a few additional features; ISI certified, 1600 gms of weight, size is M, and is priced at around ₹4600.

SMK Stellar Trek Helmet

For optimum style and safety, this helmet is made with a dual-shell design and the most modern materials. It includes an extra-wide, quick-release, UV-resistant visor that is removable. This visor guarantees that the motorcyclist will have clear visibility.

Additionally, the SMK Stellar Trek Helmet has a fantastic ventilation system, which is essential for long rides. Thanks to the innovative channelled air intakes and air exhausts, it will ensure that bike rides during humid conditions are bearable. With ISI certifications, this helmet is a good long ride helmet available at ₹4600.

Vega Crux Helmet

The Vega Crux helmet features a flip-up mechanism because it is designed for long rides. ABS serves as the outside material, with polystyrene serving as the interior material. It has got ISI certification, is priced at ₹1,000, and weighs around 1000 gms. This is one of the lightweight helmets in India, ideal for daily commutes.

Things to Keep in Mind While Picking a Long Ride Helmet

Helmets are frequently designed to serve particular functions. In other sense, not every helmet is appropriate for every riding situation. There are special considerations to make if you want to choose the best helmet for long road trips. Here are a few of them –

Vision Your long-distance helmet must, by law, have the best visibility possible. Your vision shouldn't be limited in any way, not even in the peripheral range.

Airflow To ensure airflow and minimise heat generation, any helmet made for lengthy bike rides needs to have many ventilation areas.

Convenience For lengthy motorcycle trips, a comfortable helmet is vital. Your helmet must therefore be of the proper shape, size, and weight.

Aerodynamics To achieve the least amount of drag during extended rides, your helmet should be sufficiently aerodynamic.

Weight The best motorcycle helmet for long trips should not be very heavy. The ideal weight of a motorbike helmet should be about 1200 to 1350 grams.


Now that you are aware of the options as well as the things to keep in mind while choosing the best helmet for long rides in India, which one are you going to pick? But before that, we must also remind you to pick the right two-wheeler insurance for your bike. At Tata AIG, the whole policy buying and renewal process are extremely straightforward.

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