5 Reasons to Choose an Adventure Bike for Touring!

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  • 08/09/2023

Adventure sports like bike touring are quite well-liked among youngsters today. A motorcycle is an ideal vehicle for long trips. Riders usually receive an exhilarating burst of excitement while riding on their beloved bikes. Also, numerous sports bikes with outstanding features have now entered the Indian two-wheeler market. And picking one with a greater suspension travel range, an upright seating position, and superior fuel coverage is easy as ever.

Bikes of all kinds are available today in the Indian market for taking a road trips. While planning for a long journey or a lengthy road trip, for example, most people would prefer motorcycles with flat, comfy seating. For adventures, however, it’s better to go for adventure touring bikes which can be thrilling and can offer an unforgettable experience to the rider.

In this blog, we have talked about 5 distinctive reasons to opt for an adventure bike for long trips. However, before that, we must also tell you that having robust online two-wheeler insurance is necessary to keep your bike safe during such trips and also to save your pockets from paying hefty traffic fines and repair costs in case of any mishap.

With Tata AIG, you can buy insurance for two-wheeler online in a jiffy! Also, with the help of our bike insurance calculator, you learn about your premium payable from the comfort of your home or office and make your purchase accordingly. Furthermore, you can compare insurance for two-wheelers on our website before you purchase a policy.

Now, coming back to the main idea of this blog, here are a few distinctive reasons to choose an adventure bike for your upcoming adventure road trips.

Unmatched Performance

Large fuel tanks are a common feature of adventure motorcycles, which is crucial because fuel outlets can be scarce and spread out in the regions where you intend to go for long adventurous rides. Also, as compared to other commercial bikes, the performance of adventure motorbikes is significantly greater and much more improved.

Additionally, the bike's price range is important. The best adventure touring motorcycles can be a bit more expensive compared to touring bikes. The engine and other components of an adventure bike are different and specially made for hardcore performance. A commuter bike or a sports bike can never match the performance of the best adventure tourer bikes in India.

Advanced Comfort

While looking for the best adventure tourer bikes in India, you should also keep in mind their comfort and ergonomics. Certain comfort amenities like heated grips or seats and cruise control are also available in some of the adventure bikes. The newest ADV bikes even feature separate heated seats in the back. ADV motorbikes typically have larger stators to withstand the load from these attachments, so you can easily plug in your heated gear & charge your gadgets without worrying about emptying the battery.

A variety of performance-altering bells and whistles, like traction control, ABS, and riding modes for different terrains or weather, are standard on the majority of today's large displacement ADV bikes. These tools make it easier for riders to stay safe since they frequently react much more quickly than the human brain can.

Supreme Reliability & Affordability

The best adventure touring bikes in India are typically easy to maintain. The removal of panels of smaller bikes may just need a few screws, but they are typically, at most, half-faired. Less bodywork means that the engine and other important components are more easily accessible for routine maintenance, evaluation, and cleaning. Although they may be the simplest to maintain, single-cylinder engines frequently lack the power to cruise smoothly at high speeds for long periods of time.

Make sure the procedure of renewing your bike insurance is completed so that you will be compensated by the insurance company if you incur any damages. In comparison to other bikes on the market, it is also more dependable and less expensive. Basically, as compared to other types of bikes, adventure bikes require substantially less maintenance. Furthermore, adventure bikes outperform conventional bikes even in terms of safety.

The Unsurpassed ADV Experience

The biggest feature of adventure biking is the freedom to travel anywhere on two wheels. Did you find a rocky road leading into some forest? Try it out! You might discover stunning beauty and seclusion in addition to nearly no traffic, noise, or pollution. Meeting and connecting with others will play a significant role in your journey, and ADV bikes tend to spark conversations with locals who are curious about your origins and destination.

The ADV biking community is also expanding quickly and is incredibly diversified on a variety of fronts. Many people still ride small or mid-sized bikes, despite the media's popularity of large motorcycles. Even on rallies, you'll see riders of every kind, from KTM 1090 to the magnificent Yamaha TW200, hanging out together and exchanging stories around the campfire and BBQ.

Customisation Benefits

Part of the joy of owning an ADV bike is preparing or customising it for your adventure bike tour. There is substantial OEM and aftermarket support comparable to any other kind of bike. There are countless options available in terms of performance, convenience, luggage systems, lighting, crash protection and other forms of technologies. Even bicycle-mounted winches are available.

Adventure-ready equipment is also available with the adventure tourer bikes in India, such as modular helmets with built-in communications devices and all-season riding suits. One more time, some of the greatest touring armour is made with extra-rugged construction, all-weather security, and looser fitting cuts.


In short, adventure motorcycles guarantee effortless long-distance travel. For any long road journeys, it is worthwhile to purchase an ADV bike because of its comfort and design. These bikes don't skimp on safety either, which is essential for any lengthy trip on the Indian roads.

And now that you know what you can expect from the best adventure touring motorcycle, it will become easier for you to choose one for your upcoming adventure road trips. However, before you opt for an ADV bike, you must also pick the right two-wheeler insurance for your all-new bike. With Tata AIG, the whole process of policy buying and renewal online is absolutely hassle-free.

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