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If you are a bike enthusiast, there are two things you must invest in to keep yourself safe while you are cruising through the roads: a bike insurance policy and the best bike helmet. While both these are indispensable requirements, not many are aware of where to look for secure two-wheeler insurance or what are the best bike helmet brands. Neglecting either of the two can have scary and sometimes even fatal consequences. To prevent this from happening, invest in insurance for 2-wheelers after adequate research, and compare the top helmets in India after carefully analysing your specific requirements. To help you get started, we have enlisted the top 10 helmets in India so you can pick one that is ideal for you.

Top 10 Helmets in India

Every rider enjoys experiencing the fresh air and an unobstructed view, however, without a full-face covering helmet, riders are more or less vulnerable to injuries on the roads. The best helmet for bike riding is the one that protects the rider from sustaining extreme injuries on the road while at the same time making the rider feel comfortable. For convenient analysis, we have split the categories for off-roading and regular commute.

Without further ado, here are the top helmets in India for off-roading that offer safety and comfort:

  • Bell MX-9

This premium motocross helmet from Bell is a combination of security and style and is arguably the best bike helmet in India. The adaptive design enables the rider to get the best of both street and dirt roads. Its first-string polycarbonate exterior promises high impact absorption for fortified safety when you hit the road. The dimensions of the helmet are 38.81 cm x 28.8 cm x 29.01 cm, and it weighs 1,500 gm. The helmet also comes with a washable and removable anti-bacterial inner EPS lining.

  • LS2 MX470

It is often said that imitation is the best form of flattery. And when it comes to the LS2 MX470, the sheer number of duplicates running in the market is an indicator of the popularity of this helmet. Its alluring designs are one of its premium aspects. The helmet incorporates the Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) for its shell, which makes the helmet lightweight while at the same time offering superior safety with penetration resistance. The superior safety features of this protective gear are what make it the best motorcycle helmet in India.

  • MT Falcon Warrior

With race-bred aerodynamics and performance, this is the best helmet for bike riding as it combines comfort with ease of riding. Constructed with High Impact Resistance Polymer (HIRP), the helmet boasts a strong and lightweight build. The helmet comprises a multi-ventilation system that allows air to pass freely through the grooves on the inner liner, promising a comfortable riding experience.

  • SMK Twister

The SMK Twister is a full-face helmet that offers safety presented stylishly. The UV-resistant visor affords an excellent road view. The helmet is equipped with a dynamic ventilation system with vents in the chin guard and the helmet top for heightened comfort for riders even on long journeys and challenging weather conditions.

  • Royal Enfield Escapade Stripe

Uniquely designed to align with the rider’s off-roading adventures and escapades, the Royal Enfield Escapade Stripe comes with a high-impact outer shell that promises safety. Its aerodynamic design helps you cut through the winds, and it comes with a dual-sport visor for a comfortable view of the road. The EPS lining in the interior efficiently soaks the impact and the energy. Now that we have explored some of the best bike helmet brands and types for off-roading and adventurous trips, let’s look at some of the best helmets for regular commute:

-** Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet**

The Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet is the best helmet in India for daily commutes, and it is backed by reviews of several users who swear by it for safety. The ABS material shell is fashioned in a textured design. For a comfortable and customised fit, the insides of the helmet are both removable and washable. Riders can also purchase optional pads for added cushioning as per their preference. The exterior is both scratch and UV-resistant. Its polycarbonate visor is created with a quick release mechanism for a seamless visor change experience.

  • Sage Square Multi-Purpose Half Helmet for Men, Women

This unisex helmet boasts a hard exterior and a dense interior that is built to resist and withstand a strong collision. The helmet comes in three sizes, and the manual comes with a size guide to ensure that the rider purchases one that he/she would be comfortable in. Equipped with a flexible strap, a clear visor, and a compact design, this is the best bike helmet for both men and women.

  • Xinor Nexo Half Helmet for Men and Women

Riders will be thrilled to hear that this helmet has a wide view range so they can enjoy a scenic view that is not obstructed by a confined helmet. Moreover, this helmet is a reliable option for those who want to make a purchase that is safe and also easy on their pockets. The Xinor Nexo Half Helmet is lightweight and can absorb high impact. And finally, for those who are worried about how they would look in a helmet, this one comes in various colour and design options to please every rider.

  • Studds Ninja Elite

It becomes much easier to rely on a helmet when you find out that it is made by one of the oldest and the most popular brands in India. Studds makes the best motorcycle helmet in India, and its Ninja Elite is designed to offer great visibility regardless of whether it’s day or night. The visor of this helmet is one of its potent features as it is a clear shield that is both anti-fog and anti-scratch for a clear vision of the road, which is a particular boon for night-time commuters.

In Conclusion

With the increasing number of road hazards and accidents, one can enhance their safety by investing in the best bike helmet in India and purchasing the best bike insurance policy. However, just as you would like to check whether a helmet suits your needs by reading about its features and seeing how it fits, it is important to compare two-wheeler insurance before making a purchase. The two-wheeler insurance by Tata AIG comes with several important features, such as third-party damage cover, cashless repairs and reimbursements, and a host of unique add-ons to choose from. Since insurance for 2-wheelers enhances road safety by taking care of unforeseen circumstances, it is an indispensable requirement for every rider.

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