Best Dirt Bikes in India

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If you are one of those adventure types who wish to experience attempting the hills and dirt patches on a bike or pull out some bike tricks, you need a particular bike for these things. It’s a dirt bike.

When you look at a dirt bike, you know it is pretty different from a typical motorcycle or a sports bike. They are enthralling motorcycles which can go to places your regular bike wouldn’t dare to. Be it deserts, uneven terrains, hilly areas etc. Your dirt bike can give a fantastic adrenaline rush and take you places, literally!

Dirt bikes in India are categorised as a type of non-street-legal motorcycle. These bikes are also called off-road motorcycles, which have gained immense prominence in the US, and are now finding their feet in India. Like any other off-road vehicle, dirt bikes lack road-safe equipment, like headlamps, brake lights, and mirrors. They have smaller engine capacity, small gas tanks, naked design, lightweight frames and stiff suspension.

Due to the above reasons, dirt bikes are not road-legal. Therefore, they can be used only on private property, not public roads. However, these bikes must be registered and insured. According to several state laws, you need a dirt bike insurance policy to ride off-road and on the road.

Thus, buying insurance for a 2-wheeler to prevent any problems. However, ensure you compare two-wheeler insurance based on features, coverage, premium, need etc., before making a purchase decision.

Best Dirt Bikes in India 2023

The market for dirt bikes in India is growing every day. Many individuals are now learning and harnessing their new-found passion, which gives them an immense thrill and an adrenaline rush. However, buying a dirt bike can be tricky.

Firstly, there are few brands available in India. Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are the best dirt bike brands which offer these machines. Secondly, the manufacturer modifies the designs and features and comes up with a new variant, confusing the buyer.

We have thus compiled some of the best Indian dirt bikes to ease your search.

Yamaha WR 155R (Upcoming)

Yamaha WR 155R is true to its official tagline, “The Real Adventure Partner”. With an engine capacity of 155.1cc, it can generate a power of 16.5 hp @ 10,000 rpm. It has a one-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. Additional features of the Yamaha WR 155R make it stand out from its competitors, like a halogen headlight, LED taillight and digital-metre Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, this model is available in only one variant with two colours, black and blue.

Suzuki RM Z250 (Upcoming)

Suzuki RM Z250 has an engine displacement of 249 CC and is loved by bikers for its power and strength. It provides an outstanding balance to the rider due to its large-diameter brake. The bike has rear and front disc brakes and an anti-locking system. It has a single cylinder with a 4-stroke DOHC, liquid cooling, and a fuel capacity of 6.5 litres. Additionally, it provides access to ignition tuning through a smartphone application and also has a digital display.

Kawasaki KLX 110

Kawasaki KLX 110 is a bike you should consider if you are a beginner to this adventure. It has a compact design that is suitable for beginners. It has an engine of 112cc producing power of 7.3 PS at 7500 rpm. Along with a Dual channel ABS braking system, the bike also offers Digital DC-CDI ignition with a centrifugal clutch. This lightweight, comfortable bike with high-grip tyres is an excellent choice for off-roading.

Suzuki RM Z450 (Upcoming)

Suzuki RM Z450 has a strong yet lightweight body with a 449.3cc fuel-injected BS6-compliant engine. It has a 2-cylinders engine having eight valves with liquid cooling. The bike offers a Dual channel ABS braking system along with digital speedometers, odometers etc., with excellent traction management to deliver power-packed performance on the trail. Suzuki RM Z450 weighs 206 kg and has a maximum fuel tank capacity of 17 litres. The features are decent, but the bike is priced relatively higher than its competitors.

Kawasaki KLX 140

The Kawasaki KLX 140 is a dirt bike suitable for young riders with around 144cc engine displacement. With this engine, the bike can generate a power of 42.3 bhp @ 9000 rpm and a torque of 37 Nm. It includes a chain drive and manual transmission with LED light, Bluetooth connectivity and digital metres. This 99kg bike is available in a lime green colour option.

Kawasaki KX 250

An offering from a reputed brand, this bike is 249cc injected with a BS6 engine. It produces a maximum power of 33.52 bhp at 9700rpm. It is a self-starting bike with a dynamically controlled integrated ignition system, making it easy to use. The fuel type is petrol, with a maximum capacity of 6.2 litres. With a kerb weight of 108 kg, this bike is available in 1 variant and one colour.

Best Dirt Bike Price in India

Since we have seen some of the famous and best dirt bikes, let us now look at dirt bike costs in India.

Name of the Bike Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi (₹) (Prices may vary for different cities)
Yamaha WR 155R (Upcoming) ₹ 1.50 lakhs
Suzuki RM Z250 (Upcoming) ₹ 1.50 lakhs onwards
Kawasaki KLX 110 ₹ 2.99 lakhs onwards
Suzuki RM Z450 (Upcoming) ₹ 8.32 lakhs onwards
Kawasaki KLX 140 ₹ 4.07 lakhs onwards
Kawasaki KX 250 ₹ 7.99 lakhs onwards

Importance of Having a Bike Insurance Policy

  • Purchasing a bike is a big moment for all. However, it would be best if you always remembered the responsibilities that come along with it. Apart from following all rules and regulations of the road, it is imperative to buy insurance for your 2-wheeler. The law mandates third-party bike insurance in India, but purchasing a comprehensive policy for better insurance coverage is always recommended.

Here are a few reasons for buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

  • You get coverage against man-made activities and natural calamities
  • You get financial coverage against theft
  • It also includes personal accident cover
  • You get protection from legal fines
  • You can take advantage of add-ons and enhance the cover
  • You get protection against third-party liability

Wrapping Up

Riding on rough terrains, desert trails, mountain roads, or dunes can be a thrilling and adventurous experience. If you are looking for adventure and love overcoming challenging paths (literally!), buying a dirt bike can be soul-satisfying for you.

With our above list of best dirt bikes, we hope to make it easier for riders to decide on their favourites.

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