The Best Helmets for Ladies in India

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Riding a motorcycle is a fantastic experience for men and women, especially women. The incredible freedom that comes with riding a bike or two-wheeler is simply inexpressible.

However, when it comes to safety on the road, we cannot ignore the need for the best helmets for ladies. So, a helmet is a must for a matchless riding experience. After all, your safety is important and should not be compromised under any circumstances.

But one thing women should know apart from wearing helmets is a two-wheeler insurance policy for their bike or scooty should never be compromised. Two-wheeler insurance is as important as wearing a helmet while riding a scooty or a bike.

A scooty or bike insurance policy is a must for everyone, irrespective of gender, since accidents don't discriminate. Thus, insurance for a 2-wheeler is essential to keeping people’s new or existing bikes or scooty safe on the road, keeping their pockets protected from massive accidental damage bills.

We at Tata AIG offer a bike insurance premium calculator to help you compare two-wheeler insurance. So you can choose a bike insurance policy online according to your unique requirements from the comfort of your home and keep the worries away.

Best Helmet for Ladies in India

We've been working to bring together the best colours and helmet designs for the women around us. Since it is very difficult to find reliable and good products at the best prices in the online or offline market, we've compiled a list of the best ladies helmets for scooty and bikes.

Steelbird Open Face Helmet with Peak Cap for Ladies

Let's start the list with this robust Steelbird variant of women's helmets. From an elegant and daring feminine look to comfort, style, and protection, this ISI-certified helmet fits perfectly in every way. The helmet is medium in size and looks stylish. It also has a neck guard that looks open for added comfort and increased ventilation and breathability.

Vega’s Open Face Helmet for Ladies

Vega is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in India. Both women and men prefer this brand for value, name, and trust. The new line of red women's helmets is perfect for those looking for this line. It offers an open style and comfortable look with a soft lining for extreme support and protection. Moreover, this bike helmet is also scratch-resistant and has more space for visibility.

Sage Square Glossy Scooter Helmet

This is one of the best ladies helmets for scooty. The beautiful pink helmet is a perfect size and fit. It has a soft and comfortable inner cushion, a transparent screen, head protection, and a durable protective case. Its appearance is also perfect with its subdued colour scheme and sleek appearance.

Vega Lightweight Pink Ladies Helmet

There is a lighter version of the Vega women's helmet line. This open-face helmet is ISI-approved for a variety of sizes and preferences. A durable chin strap, breathable and comfortable cushioning, and an overall stylish look make it a great choice. The adjustable head size also makes the helmet stand out. We love this lady’s pink helmet.

Studds Riding Full Face Helmet for Women

Studds is another popular helmet brand for men and women. This black ladies’ open-face scooter helmet is suitable for women. It comes with scratch-resistant technology that won't fade over time. The outer shell provides strong protection while still being lightweight and comfortable for women to wear every day.

Steelbird White Full Tough Helmet

If women are looking for a very sturdy helmet, this women's full-face helmet from Steelbird is perfect. It provides 100% protection, guarantees safety, and is very durable. However, it provides a comfortable and breathable space despite the overall feel. This full-face helmet for women is ideal for highway drives and long bike trips.

Sage Glossy Half Helmet for Ladies

The Glossy Half Helmet is designed for women and girls and is perfectly designed in a stylish shape and sleek look that is modern and perfect for scooter riding. It has beautiful cushioning and a soft interior that comfortably protects the top shell. Try this women’s scooter helmet for a minimalist look and maximum comfort.

Dass Getz Open Face Helmet

This open-face helmet for women by Dass is a catchy and sturdy one. This helmet is available in pink plus size. The inner material of the supplied product is made using A-Okay EPS polystyrene and rigid ABS plastic. This women's helmet is highly acclaimed for its thermoplastic outer shell, scratch resistance, and lightweight.

Anokhe Collections Lively Helmets for Women

Anokhe Collections presents this rugged women's helmet. This women's helmet is medium-sized, and the colour is pink. This exclusive women's helmet is designed to absorb shock energy upon impact. In addition, it comes with sturdy inner padding for added security.

Women’s Helmet Prices at a Glance

Women’s Helmet Model Price
Vega’s Open Face Helmet for Ladies ₹857
Sage Square Glossy Scooter Helmet ₹449
Vega Lightweight Pink Ladies Helmet ₹1,103
Studds Riding Full Face Helmet for Women ₹1,240
Steelbird White Full Tough Helmet ₹1,332
Sage Glossy Half Helmet for Ladies ₹489
Dass Getz Open Face Helmet ₹799
Anokhe Collections Lively Helmets for Women ₹399


Choosing the right helmet is essential to ensure safety. However, having all the information mentioned above in mind will help you make the right decision. And just like helmets help cover the risk of damage to one’s face, purchasing a robust bike insurance policy from Tata AIG will also help you financially if there is an accident on the road. So, invest in a good helmet and put that head guard on while hitting the road. And yes, you shouldn’t forget to buy online insurance for two-wheelers to keep yourself financially protected from other risks.

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