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Best Helmets Under 1000

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 26/05/2022

Indian roads are not the best when it comes to driving. From congestion to pot-holes, it is an open invitation to road accidents. Now, the Indian government is doing all in its power to improve the conditions of the roads and reduce the incidence of traffic.

But, this responsibility is not of the government and traffic authorities alone. The onus also falls on the drivers who are out on the roads. We will have to agree that Indian drivers are not the best drivers. We are always in a hurry and want to move first. This is especially true for bike riders, leading to an exceedingly high number of bike accidents.

Keeping this in mind, the Indian government has implemented new laws that two-wheeler drivers must adhere to. Among these laws is the law stating that all two-wheeler drivers and pillion riders must have helmets on when they are on the bike. While this law has always been in effect, the motor vehicle act of 2019 has made the implementation and repercussions of breaking the law much stricter.

Now, if a bike driver is caught without a helmet, the fines are ₹1,000 per offence, and if you are a repeated offender, the authority has the power of withholding or cancelling your licence for 3 months or indefinitely, in addition to the fine. All of the laws are being implemented to decrease accidents and increase road safety.

Another law under this same amendment is the law regarding insurance for 2 wheelers. According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, you must have a bike insurance policy that insures third-party accountability to ride on Indian roads. A bike insurance policy protects you monetarily in the case of an accident or major tragedy and any third-party losses caused by your motorcycle. If you are caught driving without insurance for 2 wheeler, you may face a fine, or your licence may be revoked. This is one of India's most essential two-wheeler traffic rules.

Tata AIG’s insurance for 2 wheelers is the best amongst its class owing to its superior coverage and affordable prices. We provide you with a comprehensive cover and a network on over 3300 garages nationwide. You also get the trust of Tata. You can also opt for a bike insurance renewal online once your policy expires. It is easy and has been simplified.

Thus, now that we know what we need to do to avoid insurance-related fines, let us see how we can avoid helmet fines without breaking the bank. Here is a list of the best helmets under 1000 rs.

Best Helmet Under 1000 Rs

It is very easy to buy cheap helmets online in today's day and age of online shopping. First, you need to search for the kind of helmet you want and input the price range you are willing to pay. The apps then show the different cheap helmets online. You can then choose any bike helmet under 1000 as per your choice.

  • Studds Chrome Economy

On the Indian market today, Studds is among the earliest made and most popular helmet brands. When most individuals were not even considering wearing a helmet, the brand Studds was already on the market, and they have since evolved to be among the top-rated helmet manufacturers. So if you're seeking the best bike helmet under 1000, this is the helmet for you.

  • Sepia Muscle Rider

The exterior shell of this helmet is made from quality ABS plastic that will endure any extreme stress or shock. This helmet's greatest feature is its aerodynamic shape, which provides the user with optimal stability. The total weight of this helmet is fairly low, and the helmet is also assured to be sturdy. The helmet's interior includes superb cushioning for optimum comfort and safety, and it is ISI approved.

  • Vega Cruiser

If you are looking for the best open face helmet under 1000, this is the right fit. The Vega Cruiser has a partially built-in visor open from the chin front. Keep in mind that you won't be able to use your usual helmet locking system to secure this open face helmet. But, it's lightweight, comfortable, and attractive in every way.

  • Habsolite HB-ESBG Ecco Star

Another great option if you are looking for the best open face helmet under 1000, the Ecco Star offers superior quality at an extremely low price. It has an aerodynamic shape for maximum stability and comes in two colour options. The exterior shell of this helmet is made of high-grade polycarbonate for maximum protection against any unanticipated incidents. It also has a large frontal hole that allows for an unimpeded view.

  • Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Classic

Steelbird has a 50-year history of developing and selling high-quality helmets and auto parts such as rubber and filters. If you want a Steelbird helmet under 1000, this is the helmet. Unlike most helmets on the market, this one has a sophisticated ventilation system that enhances airflow and provides optimum comfort to the wearer. In addition, the chin strap included in this helmet is simple to apply and provides maximum safety.

  • ABP Nitro

This matte blue-black helmet has a tough construction and a large visor that serves as effective dust and pollution protection. It also includes an air boosting system and various air passages for improved ventilation. This helmet also includes dual-port discharge vents for better airflow and breathability. Moreover, it is one of the best helmets under 1000.

  • Dass Getz

The brand produces and sells a high-quality helmet with unique characteristics that no other budget-priced helmet can match whenever it concerns Dass helmets. It is an open-face helmet that is appropriate for both men and women. The outer layer is nylon inserted for maximum shock resistance and is composed of high-quality polycarbonate. Therefore, it is one of the best open face helmets under 1000.

  • Virgo Airzed

This helmet is both light and tough at the same time. The padding included in this helmet is one of the aspects that is the most liked by consumers. It is incredibly soft, and it may be able to shield the user from the greatest stressors while also providing a higher degree of comfort. In addition, the scratch-resistant and anti-foggy visor included with this helmet are a great feature. Another advantage of this helmet is that it is available in 11 distinct colour combinations, giving consumers many choices. Moreover, it is one of the best helmets under 1000.

  • O2 Max DLX

The O2 Max DLX full-face helmet is among the most highly rated full-face helmets today. This helmet is available in a standard size to accommodate a head circumference of 58 cm and is ISI approved for quality. One of the best features of this helmet is that it is composed of a long-lasting material, specifically polycarbonate. In addition, the exterior shell is built to withstand significant force and stress.

  • Gliders Jazz

This helmet is ISI certified, and the complete helmet is compact and sturdy. In addition, this helmet includes a scratch-resistant polycarbonate windshield which is one of its better features. Another feature of this helmet is its innovative visor clamping system that provides the visor with optimum stability.

Bike Helmet Under 1000 Prices

The prices of the helmets mentioned above are given in the table below.

Model Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi*
Studds Chrome Economy ₹916
Sepia Muscle Rider ₹799-849
Vega Cruiser ₹919
Habsolite HB-ESBG Ecco Star ₹650
Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Classic ₹849
ABP Nitro ₹810
Dass Getz ₹781
Virgo Airzed ₹799
O2 Max DLX ₹899
Gliders Jazz ₹799


From steel bird helmets under 1000 to other renowned brands. You know how much you need to shell out for a good helmet, which is not much. This means you have no justifiable reason to drive without a helmet. As you are buying your helmet for protection, do not forget to get your bike insurance policy.

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