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There are several complaints that riders have with regard to their daily commutes. Whether it is tiring traffic, unsteady roads, or even construction, riders have several obstacles to overcome. However, in this rush of every day, it is essential to be mindful of your safety.

With the rising number of road accidents in the country, every bike owner must secure themselves appropriately with a helmet and comprehensive bike insurance online.

Contrary to popular opinion, both bike insurance, as well as a full-face helmet, can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Considering this, let’s explore some of the best helmets in India under 3000. But before that, let’s understand why a helmet is important.

The Importance of a Full-Face Helmet

The human brain is a delicate organ that can be significantly injured by a severe impact. To prevent such a scenario from hampering your life, it is vital to invest in a full-face helmet.

A helmet is designed to handle a significant crash and generally comprises a crushable foam layer. When the wearer is involved in a crash and hits a hard surface, this thermos-foam part of the helmet is crushed, thereby controlling the energy of the crash. Additionally, a helmet helps extend the stop time to your head to control peak impact on the brain.

Considering the aforementioned, it is easy to understand how essential a helmet is for every rider. Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 helmets under 3000.

Best Helmets in India Under 3000 Rupees

To find the best full-face helmet under 3000, you need to be aware of all the factors that must be considered. These include:

  • When you buy a helmet, ensure it is DOT approved. DOT is an abbreviation of the Department of Transportation and it is responsible for ensuring the safety of a helmet through several parameters.

  • The helmet should fit you in a way that is neither too tight nor too lose

  • Ensure that the build quality of the helmet is well-suited for impact

  • The inner padding for the helmet must be of good quality

  • Finally, check the quality and the vision through the visor

  • Having understood the important parameters, here are the top helmets under 3000:

LS2 Helmets

You need not compromise on style when purchasing a helmet. Whether cruising through traffic or looking forward to a long bike ride, you can look smart while being protected with LS2 helmets. It is easy to find LS2 helmets under 3000, especially when ordering online. These helmets come with excellent padding, providing superior comfort to the rider without compromising safety.

SB-42 Bang Silt Motocross Aerodynamic Matt Finish Helmet with Inner Sun Shield

This is the best bike helmet under 3000, especially for an off-road bike. Its sleek Italian design boasts breathable padding to ensure comfort for the rider. It also has a high-impact material shell to protect the rider appropriately in an accident. The visor is anti-scratch to ensure great vision.

Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Dashing Full Face Helmet and Detachable Handsfree Device

If you are looking for the best helmet under 3000 with features, look no further. This helmet comes with a detachable hands-free device, and its straps ensure that the head is well-protected during a crash. However, it is important to remember that this helmet is designed for lesser impact. The ABS hard shell comes with a suspension headband that affords a good fit while leaving some space inside for air circulation.

Steelbird SBA-2 Full Face Helmet

When it comes to helmets, safety must be a priority, and this helmet comes with a high-impact ABS material shell. It comprises a multi-layered high and low-density EPS for enhanced safety. The upper section of the helmet uses an air booster system for comfortable ventilation, and the breathable padding further assures the rider's comfort and safety.

Royal Enfield Open-Face Helmet

It is not for nothing that Royal Enfield is complimented for its distinct style. When you buy a Royal Enfield, you can rest assured that you have invested in the best bike helmet under 3000. The outer shell of this helmet is heat moulded and made from high-grade ABS. It also comes with a stylish visor designed like an aviator face shield with micro-metric stops made from polycarbonate material.

LS2 Unisex Full-Face Helmet

Curated remarkably with comfort, style, and technology, this helmet easily makes it to the list of excellent full-face helmets under 3000. It is lightweight, a priority for several riders who spend a lot of time on traffic-congested roads. Its aerodynamic shell is made from a robust Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA). For ultimate protection, the helmet also comprises a dual-density EPS.

Steelbird Air SBA-2 Dashing Helmets

This is another one of the top helmets under 3000 and comes with a high-impact ABS shell. It is designed for both high and low density, along with air channels for breathability and comfort. The helmet also has an odourless mouth guard for increased safety and an anti-scratch-coated visor for better vision.

Steelbird Exclusive SBA-2 7WINGS Full Face Helmet

Whether you like to cruise the roads during the day or night, this helmet will accompany you for all your journeys as the visor is equipped with night vision for both day and night. In addition to great vision, this is also one of the best top 10 helmets under 3000. This helmet also boasts an anti-scratch visor, and its interiors are comfortable and breathable, making it the best full-face helmet under 3000.

Steelbird SBA-2 7WINGS Full Face Helmet

One of the prominent features of this helmet is that it is designed to be well-vented for optimum airflow. It comes with an anti-scratch coat visor for improved vision. The interior of this helmet is both breathable and comfortable, making it one of the best helmets under 3000 with ISI certification.

Steelbird SBA-2 TANK Full Face Helmet

While exploring a list of great full-face helmets under 3000, this one is unmissable for its range of benefits. It comes with a high-impact ABS and is also certified by ISI for enhanced safety. It affords great comfort to the rider owing to its interiors which are crafted with an air booster system.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have explored fantastic helmets under 3000, it is important to note that your safety is complete with comprehensive bike insurance. To legally ride on Indian roads, riders must have third-party insurance for bikes; however, for wholesome safety, it is advisable to invest in comprehensive bike insurance.

Comprehensive bike insurance protects the individual against accidents and other damages such as theft or natural disasters. The comprehensive insurance for bikes by Tata AIG secures the insured member by covering the cost of damages to the bike, third party, and in some cases, even the bike owner.

It is advised to buy bike insurance online so that you can compare different policies with ease. If you don’t want to worry about the hassle of renewing your cover, you can even choose to invest in long-term two-wheeler insurance.

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